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Everything in this site will be at a level you can understand and use. Most MENU Chapters have a "Summary" and a "What You Need to Do" sections before the "Detail section". UNITING CONCEPTS are highlighted in VIOLET. While details and scientific references are given, emphasis is on understanding UNITING CENTRAL CONCEPTS so that you don't have to remember ever silly fact. There will shortly be an entirely audio-visual way to learn this material for people who don't like to read or are so short of time that they need a fast track. Look for the EASY BUTTON .

If I have a bias here (besides good science to back up suggestions), it is to use products derived from natural substances to alleviate conditions that afflict us. These natural products have been used by humans for thousands of years and we know the beneficial effects. Many spices and compounds from them do a better safer job of lowering inflammation than the latest flash in the pan pharmaceutical drug that is on borrowed time before being recalled for dangerous or lethal side effects. This is particularly true about NFkB anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs, almost the whole medical profession is searching for some better solution.The doctor-drug juggernaut has become harmful without evidence for restoring health. Health is not profitable for either doctors or drug companies, endless costly treatment is. This has become a high level medical-drug scam. You need health and longevity, not dozens of drugs with bad or lethal side effects. Drug companies are to medicine what Goldman Sachs is to finance - both for the same reason.

Take your time, there is a wealth of information on this site, it is intended to be a one stop location for all your health & prevention information. One only needs to read a section at a time. If you can't learn how to protect your life before making big needless mistakes, then the endless doctors and medical costs will be your reward for a small attention span. Unfortunately, the economically driven future rationing of medical care will greatly injure those people who don't take care of their own health. This choice is always yours.

Because we build on previous understandings, it's best to go through the upper left hand MENU in sequence. Even more specific information is available to those who SUBSCRIBE. Subscribing is $ 30/US ($2.50/month) for a full year of report PFD's listed in this site (see SUBSCRIBE section for a listing of initial PFDs - Portable Document Format articles that can be viewed on any computer) and all other PFD's created during that year sent to the email address of your choice. As you go through the MENU sections, you will be alerted to different PFD's covering a variety of ways to ensure an even Longer Healthy Life. An example of this in depth detailed information is the PDF on "Type 2 Diabetes - Live Normal Again". This PDF details discoveries published this year that allow you to thwart the progressive decline nature of this needless disease - and to potentially regain normal insulin sensitivity and leave Type 2 diabetes behind. Your doctor is not going to tell you about this - because he probably doesn't know. This is the difference between emphasis on recovering and maintaining health (which doctors know little of) and endless medical (drug) treatment (which is the major emphasis of doctors).

Please take the minimal time to look through the list of PDF's in the SUBSCRIBE section to realize what benefits you,your family, and your other loved ones will gain from SUBSCRIBING .

URL HyperLinks are blue with underline and already visited links are in Burnt sienna with underline.

Compelling facts you need to know are highlighted in bold or bold Italic or more important in red and extreme importance in BLUE without underline.

When I need to annotate some quote to explain better or clarify, i will use the form < current authors comments > .

Welcome to a Longer Healthy Life. I am Ty Parr, Ph.D.(University of Chicago, Biology). I have published multiple peer reviewed papers & reviews in the field of aging, in addition to other papers in biology and immunology. These are primarily related to the influence of insulin and growth factor exposure on longevity. I welcome your suggestions and questions ( see CONTACT menu in upper left red bordered menu area). Topics will be added according to the number requesting them or when new or revised information becomes available. The menu items SURVEY and USER COMMENTS are designed to allow users to help guide this site toward better service - please feel free to suggest what you think about it and what you want to see/find out about.

Only by our knowledge are we entitled to a Longer Healthy Life.


B. S. Chemistry              California State College,  Northridge (1969)

M.S. Chemistry                California State University, Northridge (1976)

Ph.D. Biology                   University of Chicago (1984)

Research Associate      Case Western Reserve University (1984-1986)
Post Doctoral Fellow     (Department of Human Genetics)

Research Associate      Children's Hospital Los Angeles
                                          (Department of Research Immunology)

Post Graduate                 University of California, San Diego
 Researcher                      (Immunology) Dept. of Medicine (1990 - 1993)

Research Associate      University of Southern California
                                            Los Angeles   (1993-2000)

During  my Post-Doctoral studies, I became interested in the field of Anti-Aging and Health Maintenance

I have spent considerable time and resources learning and publishing in the field of Aging Research

LongerHealthyLife.net is a direct result of this investment of time and effort.


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Raz E, Carson DA, Parker SE, Parr TB, Abai AM, Achinger G, Gromkowski SH, Singh M, Lew D, Yakauckas MA,
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Parr T. Insulin Exposure Controls the Rate of Mammalian Aging.Mechanisms of Aging and Development. 1996;88:75-82.

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Parr T. Insulin Exposure and Unifying Aging. Gerontology. 1999;45:121-135.

Parr TB. A New Technique to Elevate of Night Time Growth Hormone Release and a Potential Growth Hormone Feedback Control Loop. Med Hypotheses. 2001;56:610-613. < this work was undertaken in an attempt to improve the altered Insulin : Growth hormone ratios with age (shifts toward higher insulin and lower growth hormone in part by rising body weight and part by defects in hypothalamic stimulation). while the proposed technique does work in non-hyperlipedimic men( > 60% American adult males are hyperlipidemic= high levels fat in blood) and most women, (irregardless of whether obese or not) the fundamental problems is the need to restore this insulin: GH balance by lowering both insulin and Growth Hormone outputs (higher sensitivity) which will restore a proper Insulin : Growth Hormone ratio. We cannot hope to do this by elevating GH alone, despite the real benefits from elevated GH alone (with accompanied disadvantages that are significant!). Literally a wrong direction. > The whole reason I revised my similar named site is the gradual understanding that people who professed an intense desire to live longer had no idea of what was the best diet to sustain their life and no deep knowledge of what was the cause of aging. Without a good diet and exercise and restful sleep, you can forget anti-aging.>

Parr TB, Hoffman FM, Kiener PA, Stohl W. Cell Cycle Phase-Specific Survival of CD95 Ligand-Challenged Jurkat Cells: Upregulation of Heat-Shock Response. Cell Immunol.Cell Immunol. 2001;211:21-29.



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