What we think of as "cooking" is an often damaging process of heat damaging our food. Some food components like oils with polyunsaturated fat components should never be heated. This is especially true about heating to high temperatures in open air rather than lower temperature boiling under water that excludes oxygen.  

There are only a few useful purposes of cooking food:

• Hydrating & Breaking Down Hard Physical Structures to Enable Digestion

• Unique Flavors that people have come to enjoy and expect

• Destroying Toxins that require heating to Inactivate (trypsin inhibitors in dried beans, avadin (biotin vitamin binding) molecule in uncooked eggs), 

• Destroying Potential Bacterial, Fungal, Nematode, or viral contaminants. Boiling eggs is to ensure salmonella bacterial death. Cooking most meats and fish are for similar reasons that may include worms and worm cyst cases.

• Preserving foods by canning, etc.

You will notice I did not include FLAVOR in purposes of cooking

Flavor can and should be gained by spicing and use of flavor enhancer's that are not toxic to us. This should be mostly spices, never non-naturally occurring chemical compounds that are possible epigenetic poisons. This prohibition also includes monosodium glutamate because of its excitotoxic effects on brain neurons (brain cells) on a broad number of humans !

What are the Disadvantages of Cooking?:

• Loss of substantial vitamins, other cofactors and various less well known nutrients (carnosine, etc). The higher the temperature, the more loss !

• Induction of a Body Immunologist reaction called Leucocytosis or activated White blood cells that are activated by the body because of heating caused cross linked carbohydrate -protein & -lipids molecules that are much like bacterial carbohydrate linked molecules and are treated by the body as an indication of infection. Thus, our immune system is activated every time we eat a cooked meal. More so the larger the amount of heat used to damage foods during the cooking. It gets worse, we do not well get rid of these improperly or biologically un-degradable  molecules easily. The normal mechanisms of conjugation and removal are much less effective with these AGE & ALE components.


AGE  (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) and ALE (Advanced Lipid (Glycation) End products are only part of this list of crosslinked molecules that our body treats as foreign (bacterial) products. We can form these crosslinked molecules from heating any two or more of  proteins,fats, and carbohydrates. We can even make them from just heating sugars (carmel).

These crosslinked molecules that will will collectively call AGE's are somewhat like the guest from hell. They check in and take some time  to leave. Worse yet, we replace them every day when we repeat the process of eating cooked foods. As they circulate around the body, they trigger a receptor called the RAGE receptor that is altered by exposure to them. This alteration leads to activation of circulating lymphocytes to generate a profound elevation of inflammatory cytokines that trigger further secondary inflammatory events in the body. This creates a systematic whole body inflammatory response that we already know accelerates our death by accelerating the age-associated diseases This process is probably more important than the excess in the belly fat excess that also triggers a similar inflammatory cytokine inflammation in the case of obese (and especially type 2 diabetics). Type-2-Diabetics are at great risk of accelerating their disease by eating high heated cooked foods. All of us should minimize this needless cause of premature early death. Our atavistic (primitive, ancient) ideas about cooking are killing us. 

The process of burning our foods is an artifact of our long history as a primitive. This is not a healthy or positive way to eat most food. While heating and burning food can create pleasurable flavors and odors, we can gain these without this process of of injuring the heath giving qualities of our food. I call this "less cooking paradigm" the "COOKING HERESY" to indicate the divergence with our atavistic, disease inducing, and life shortening past of burnt cooking practices. When our species only lived to much less age due to infectious diseases, it did not matter as much that we were injuring our later years that we did not much have.


Imagine the sauces made in classic French Cooking. A French Academy of Medicine award in 1914 was made to Luis-Camille Maillard for his studies on the damage to molecules that classic French Cooking entailed. When we cook proteins or unsaturated fat in the presence of reducing sugar, we cause the formation of biologically unnatural cross linked molecules called AGE's and ALE's. Reducing sugars are glucose, fructose, lactose and any sugar that has immediately an available keto or aldehyde group. Sucrose (a disaccharide) for all its problems, is not a reducing sugar (until it is split in the body). AGE's are Advanced Glycation Endproducts and ALE's are Advanced Lipid  Endproducts. These are proteins or unsaturated lipids that are chemically bonded in a "un-biological" way to glucose or some other reducing sugar. Additional crosslinked AGE like molecules can be formed by heat between any two or more of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. These biologically abnormal crosslinked AGE's and ALE's are now recognized as significant sources of long term injury and perhaps the most significant promoters of the pro-aging inflammatory elevation that drives all our age associated diseases (Cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, auto-immunity, dementia, etc.). This inflammatory promotion is also likely to be the most important process in determining our lifespan. As you already know, Calorie restricted animals live some 20-40 % longer maximal life spans than genetically matched animals that are allowed to eat as much as they wish. If one just heats the food of calorie restricted animals to double the exposure to AGE's, they lose all this increased longevity and fall back to that of the unheated food controls or slightly below them.One should not assume that AGE exposure levels are the primary benefit of Calorie Restriction (CR), however, high levels of AGE's can nullify the benefits of CR. On top of this, animals fed a lower AGE exposure live longer than animals with the higher normal mouse chow AGE exposure.. This should convince you that this is a prime (and for humans, probably the PRIME) determinant of our life span .

AGE type compounds are a factor in human inflammation:

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are a heterogeneous group of compounds that form continuously in the body. Their rate of endogenous formation is markedly increased in diabetes mellitus, a condition in which AGEs play a major pathological role. It is also known, however, that AGEs form during the cooking of foods, primarily as the result of the application of heat... We also present preliminary evidence of a direct association between dietary AGE intake and markers of systemic inflammation such as C-reactive protein in a large group of healthy subjects. Together with previous evidence from diabetics and renal failure patients, these data suggest that dietary AGEs may play an important role in the causation of chronic diseases associated with underlying inflammation. Diet-derived advanced glycation end products are major contributors to the body's AGE pool and induce inflammation in healthy subjects. Uribarri J, Cai W, Sandu O, Peppa M, Goldberg T, Vlassara H Ann N Y Acad ScAnn N Y Acad Scii. 2005 Jun;1043:461-6.  

These cross links are not structured like normal mammalian biological covalent molecular binding sites. Our body cannot remove them by enzymes. This is like the guest from HELL. They check in and we cannot get them to leave fast enough . Worse yet, this guest injures us on a continuous ongoing basis that elevates inflammatory activation. There are several ways to produce these damaging molecules: heat protein or unsaturated fats in the presence of reducing sugar, heat ordinary reducing sugars even in the absence of protein or lipids, heat protein and lipids together, and finally - allow the government to permit widespread irradiation of our food that creates a huge number of wildly unnatural cross-linked unique radiological byproduct molecules - just to aid "shelf life" for profits. 

Why is this COOKING HERESY Important for our Healthy Nutrition (AND OUR LIFE SPAN)?

If you remember that almost all of us die needlessly and prematurely from INFLAMMATORY DRIVEN AGE ASSOCIATED DISEASES. This AGE/ALE guest is not here in our interest - it greatly increases the inflammatory responses of our body (REREFF). Since we have little means to disassemble these injurious guests in the normal biological fashion, they keep making things worse. To illustrate how bad this really is, we can examine normal calorie restriction (CR) which typically extends mammalian life spans by some 20-40% greater than freely fed animals (eating as much as they wish). Understand that animals have a set point, they will not eat over this even in the presence of available food.  We have to do genetic engineering to make grotesquely over weight animals ! This  20-40% increase in life span is completely removed from Calorie Restricted (CR) animals by just feeding them a doubled level of AGE and ALE products. From a 20-40% increase in life span over normal animals, these ALE & AGE fed CR animals actually were reduced to slightly less life span than normal animals fed as much as they want. The very real benefits of calorie restriction are not just a reduction of ALE intake. What is happening is that doubling the AGE intake OVERCOMES the benefits of calorie restriction. If your diet includes high levels of AGE & ALE, well you already know the result.

"Non-enzymatic modification of proteins by reducing sugars, a process that is also known as Maillard reaction, leads to the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in vivo. It is now well established that formation and accumulation of AGEs progress during normal aging, and at an extremely accelerated rate under diabetes, thus being implicated in various types of AGE-related disorders such as diabetic vascular complications, neurodegenerative diseases and cancers. Further, there is accumulating evidence that AGEs and their receptor RAGE interaction elicits oxidative stress generation and subsequently alters gene expression in various types of cells < causes an epigenetic change in types of proteins expressed via elevation of NFkB activation and higher inflammatory events >. In addition, digested food-derived AGEs are found to play an important role in the pathogenesis of the AGE-related disorders as well. Indeed, restriction of diet-derived AGEs not only blocks the progression of atherosclerosis and renal injury, but also improves insulin resistance in animal models. AGE-poor diets reduce serum levels of inflammatory biomarkers in patients with diabetes or chronic renal failure. These observations suggest that the restriction of food-derived AGEs or the inhibition of absorption of dietary AGEs may be a novel target for therapeutic intervention in the AGE-related disorders."   Food-derived advanced glycation end products (AGEs): a novel therapeutic target for various disorders.  Yamagishi S, Ueda S, Okuda S.    Curr Pharm Des. 2007;13(27):2832-6. 

If you think this does not have relevance to humans, then take a look at how your food is prepared. Barbecuing, broiling, frying, roasting, to say nothing of cooking and burning toast, breads, and even extremely health giving vegetables are cooked or burned for "taste".  It is as though we are incredibly stupid about the heath consequences of our primitive atavistic "taste" preferences for burning and damaging foods. We don't seem to listen to any reason. Almost all of these rich flavors and good food taste can be obtained without damaging our food and ourselves. But somehow, in some dark corner of our psyche,  we just want to pretend that this damaging atavistic ritual of burning food ensures some connection to our ancestors. Well guess what, it does! It permits us to prematurely join them in the grave.  Bon Appetite ! I'll stay with excellent taste, excellent health, and a Longer Healthy Life.

Assuming that some individuals will have the wisdom to understand that eating burnt (or even just high heat treated) food will needlessly shorten their health and life, I have compiled a listing of the WORST offenders and the least damaging AGE and ALE cooked or uncooked FOODS. This listing is incomplete because there has not been enough research in this critical area. Following this incomplete listing is a set of general guidelines to help people choose low AGE & ALE food choices.

AGE Values for Various Food PREPARATIONS      

Source: Advanced glycoxidation end products in commonly consumed foods. Goldberg T, Cai W, Peppa M, Dardaine V, Baliga BS, Uribarri J, Vlassara H.  J Am Diet Assoc. 2004 Aug;104(8):1287-91.   


DON'T COOK !  EAT RAW IF NOT HARMFUL !, IF YOU DO COOK, BOIL AT MOST for the shortest possible time ! ( Cut meat/fish into small pieces  and cook in copious water to dilute effect of concentration in cross linking). If fat rises, chill and remove fat. Fat containing unsaturated  fatty acids is the highest cross linked ALE source. AGE PRODUCTS FORM BEST UNDER BASIC CONDITIONS. TRY TO COOK UNDER ACID CONDITIONS - THIS WILL LARGELY PROTECT AGAINST AGE (BUT NOT ALE)  REACTIONS


Eat Uncooked vegetables and fruit , uncooked nuts and seeds, and uncooked grains (can be soaked or warmed) SEE: Ty's ALL DAY ENERGY   

Consume unheated oils like cold pressed virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil. - when you observe how high heated fats are in AGE/ALE, you should realize that we simply should not be heating any fats that contain unsaturated bonds - almost all do !

Spices are fine, but not irradiated spices (common now in USA and elsewhere)

Eat As much low fat or full fat milk plain Yogurt as you wish . The Greek variety of yogurt has about double the protein because it is drained of fluid in cheese cloth. You may have to switch to european dairy yogurt if the radioactive Cesium (Cs137) and Iodine (I131) levels rise from Fukushima contamination. Extremely healthy yogurt can also be made from oat grains that is widely recognized from Finish sources to be amazingly nutritious and healthy. Probiotics such as yogurt bacteria are a great source of protein, vitamins ,minerals,and other cofactors from living beneficial bacteria.

(TIP: make and eat oat yogurt as yet lower in AGE & ALE) - can add fruit, & Xylitol/stevia and spices, but use plain non-fat yogurt to start, not commercial mixes of yogurt and fruit.

Whole uncooked soaked or slightly warm soaked grains are excellent ways to get grain with slow glucose delivery SEE:Ty's ALL DAY ENERGY at ) 

Use non-reducing sugars (sucrose) sparingly due to there burden on insulin production and at high levels, damage to your healthy insulin production and insulin sensitivity. They also tend to increase hunger in an inappropriate way. Substitute xylitol or stevia  which is used at very low concentration - never reducing sugars (glucose, fructose) or artificial sweeteners commercial chemical sweeteners (see Diet Section). Most drugs and synthesized non-biological organic molecules are to be suspected of being epigenetic poisons until proven not !)

Eat minimally boiled eggs (10 minutes or less, cooking to just 12 minutes increases AGE by 50%  from a 10 minute boiled egg !)

Eat canned salmon or canned sardines (boiled  usually  at  121o C for salmon and 89oC for sardines in canning process) - do not heat up !

Beans are higher than Eggs or Salmon or Yogurt in AGE & ALE, when cooked, but far lower than other Meats and Poultry - learn the proper way to cook beans so that you never get gas or smelly problems. See Diet II in

Small beans sprout well (Lentils, Mung Beans, Azuki beans, Garbonzo beans) can be sprouted without high AGE exposure. This is the ideal way to get the protein benefits of beans without the AGE's.

AVOID THESE  (REMEMBER, You can't Protect Yourself from AGE/ALE with simple antioxidants)

BUTTER  (this is the worst of all, ghee is probably even worse as heated extensively) - butter is also a major source of pesticides & herbicides

Barbecued, roasted, Braised, Grilled, fried- meats , poultry or fish or VEGETABLES

Roasted NUTS or seeds  (roasted cashews are horrible! que lastima !)

Highly Toasted Breads or oven crisped bread and crackers

ALL Pre-PREPARED  Frozen or Easy Make Foods.Most will contain GMO components. ALL PROCESSED FOODS SHOULD BE AVOIDED!

Practically everything you could find to eat out of house or at any restaurant !  Most restaurants will reheat food in a microwave. Lower end restaurants will microwave cook much of your food  for lower expense and time.

"Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are a heterogeneous group of compounds that form continuously in the body. Their rate of endogenous formation is markedly increased in diabetes mellitus, a condition in which AGEs play a major pathological role. It is also known, however, that AGEs form during the cooking of foods, primarily as the result of the application of heat... We also present preliminary evidence of a direct association between dietary AGE intake and markers of systemic inflammation such as C-reactive protein in a large group of healthy subjects. Together with previous evidence from diabetics and renal failure patients, these data suggest that dietary AGEs may play an important role in the causation of chronic diseases associated with underlying inflammation."  Diet-derived advanced glycation end products are major contributors to the body's AGE pool and induce inflammation in healthy subjects.   Uribarri J, Cai W, Sandu O, Peppa M, Goldberg T, Vlassara H    Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2005 Jun;1043:461-6.

How do we overcome our human addiction to health damaging burnt flavors?

We can overcome it by eliminating and by substituting . 

We eliminate the worst offenders immediately and cease eating such life shortening and health injuring poisons. We find alternative spicing methods with super antioxidant spices to flavor our foods without searing them with heat. We have to grow out of our atavistic delight in emulating our ancestors. They lived short and often highly damaged lives. When humans learned that they could make root plants sweet by merely heating them, they gained a wonderful sense of control over sweets, but rotted out their teeth. This is exceptionally well documented in the anthropological data.


Don't use a microwave to cook or heat up any food . Microwaves create a “molecule local” higher than boiling temperatures due to the way they reverse polarities of polar compounds (mainly water, but also some charge separated (zwitterions) or polar biological compounds). Most important biological compounds are partly polar, but can be greatly damaged by the local microwave caused rapid rotation/vibration of water molecules. This higher than boiling environment is not taking place by heating water with a normal boiling heat source. Microwaves actually generate damaged and degraded nutrition and damage complex compounds in foods being heated. This extends well beyond vitamins to flavonoids and curcumin as well as larger molecules. More information on this can be found in the Cooking Subsection of DIET Section at Microwave cooking is a time saver but a nutritional disaster almost as bad as irradiated foods. Please understand that 'microwaves' used to cook and Terahertz radiation (and ionizing irradiation together) used by the TSA for airport scans are not normally present on the earth. Microwave radiation is mostly absent by absorption of our atmosphere which also strongly absorbs Terahertz radiation. Biology has not had to develop protection defenses against them because they were absent in our evolution. They were especially absent at the high levels they are currently present. AVOID MICROWAVE (and terahertz exposure) ! More of this information will be covered in the DIET Section of Longer Healthy In addition to our “too smart by half” pharmaceutical companies and medical CAT scan irradiation, some (much) of our technology is injurious to our health and the maintenance of a healthy ecology on this planet. This can only be pushed so far before it collapses our biological support systems. Americans, due to their fascination with any new technology, untested for long term biological harmful effects, are at the forefront of injuring the biological stability of our planet.


Food irradiation seems like just another benefit of technology, but it comes at a very high health cost. These irradiated foods are greatly favored by food producers, but are irradiated at levels 1000-10,000 times above the lethal limit for humans. Human beings suffer 100%  deaths at 7 Grays of radiation ( @ 700,000 rads in old terminology). This food is irradiated between 1000 Grays and 10,000 Grays - or more. This process will ruin the health of the foolish countries that do it. Do you really think this does no nutritional damage to foods? Vitamins and other critical but labile "needed cofactors" are reduced massively.  Additionally, irradiation causes the creation of "unique radiological products". Unique radiological products have inappropriate (non-biological) bonding attachments that have no place and no ability to be of any use in a biological creature. Worse yet, they cannot be broken down because we have no enzymes to handle such bizarre molecules.They are 'ready made' AGE and ALE exposures as well as totally bizarre damaged newly created molecules that have no biological counterparts. Radiation, because of its high energy ionization process, does far more abnormal cross-linking damage than just heating. Remember that cross linked molecules are problems for our biology that results in chronic systematic inflammation that accelerates all our age-associated diseases ! This is even admitted by cheerleaders for this extremely dangerous process. Do we really need this? Just for the profits that come from longer shelf life?  

We have done nothing since Maillard about protecting ourselves from cross linked molecules that are well established as profoundly inflammatory and PRO-AGING ! Additional to this Maillard Reaction between reducing sugars and proteins or lipids, there is also the protein-lipid cross linking  process (AGE creation) of heating and irradiation breakdown of normal biological molecules. Caramelization of sugars is also intrinsically toxic to biological systems (don't eat carmel anything !). 

This human addiction to good tasting but health damaging "flavors" must be overcome. This use of health damaging cross-linked molecules constitutes most of the basis of the current "flavoring industry". Think of that the next time you purchase almost anything you buy to eat in shops or buy frozen prepared food. Almost all of them have flavor additions. Your health is not the goal of marketing.  Capturing your purchasing power by "taste" is. It does not matter to them if it ends up shortening your life, though they will act surprised if this is proven to happen. This is common place in most fast food companies that are always seeking an edge of a little more "tasty". You are getting far more of these cross-linked AGE & ALE products without knowing it. Does this appear to be good for your health? We can find non-AGE/ALE substitutes for most of these flavors. Why poison ourselves and shorten our life span for some corporate profit ?  Oh, yes, we want to feel like we are cave men burning our food for "real flavor". 



* We can rapidly get rid these AGE's and ALE's, AS WELL AS LIPOFUSCIN CROSSLINKED MATERIALS THAT SLOWLY FILL OUR CELLS OVER OUR LIFE TIME.   LIPOFUSCIN REMOVAL requires an ingestion of two compounds that have been proven to also remove lipofuscin deposits that accumulate in our cells. This similarly cross-linked  lipofuscin material can end up 50% of the internal volume of cells in our brain. Lipofuscin is primarily formed from oxidation and cross linked damaged mitochondria and other AGE/ALE cross-linked material in our cells. When removed by these compounds,  the particular brain cells studied fire at normal (faster corresponding to younger) rates that of the pre-removal brain cells. THIS RESTORES FIRING SPEED OF BRAIN CELLS THAT IS  LOST WITH AGE !  BRAIN CELL FIRING RATE IS CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT FOR BRAIN SYNC AND FUNCTION. )  Both of these compounds benefit brain function as well as get rid of these cross linked molecules. I hope you are beginning to recognize the implications of this. While we cannot yet repair errors in our DNA, it is much more likely that our life spans are now limited primarily by our nutritional misbehavior and un-metabolizable debris that leads to the garbage we accumulate in cells which along with the gut fat cell obesity consequences trigger age increased whole body inflammatory exposure that DRIVES ALL OUR AGE ASSOCIATED DISEASES. We need to reduce our weight to trim exercised strong, cease eating damaging foods, and get rid of the damaging cross linked material we have already accumulated.

We can lower the existing level of trapped AGE and ALE products in humans by the ingestion of two safe commercially available supplemental compounds that are each separately known by animal experiments to improve brain function. Together they remove cross-linked lipofuscin. SUBSCRIBE and you will receive this and all of our currently available PDF's (see SUBSCRIPTION chapter menu for list of all presently available and planned). The AGE's & LIPOFUSIN REMOVAL PDF is currently IN PROGRESS. This AGE/ALE and LIPOFUSCIN removal information is available ONLY to Subscribers to LHL.