#9                                              Supplements
Most supplements should not be taken in excessive amount, but work best when available as needed. Our bodies contain and possibly use some 74 elements in a periodic table of 103 elements. There are some extremely toxic elements we should never ingest (Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Uranium (U) etc.) These will all be covered in the Supplements Section of LongerHealthyLife.net .

Vitamin C 1000 mg of time released with/ Citrus bioflavonoids   - Slow all day delivery of protective Vitamin C, not a rapidly voided big intake.
B100 Stress level B vitamins time released - Provides all day long B Vitamins for each meal, this excess is harmless and protective.
Vitamin B12 - sublingual 5000 IU once a week
Vitamin E - Mixed  natural tocopherols and tocotrienols 100 mg/day - required for protection of lipid membranes (easily damaged).
Vitamin D3 -  Critical deficiencies in the USA & Europe. Lacking sunlight skin exposure at noon at low latitude, optimize at 5000 IU/day !
Vitamin A - Insufficient levels in
most of the world that is rare in US. Need 5000-10000 IU per day, DO NOT TAKE MORE - VERY HARMFUL IN EXCESS
Zinc (Zn) 15 mg+ 1 mg Copper(Cu)/day (Cu need to balance Zn) -Zinc critical for Immune system function & others, often deficient in many soils.
Selenium 400 micrograms (ug)/day - Anti-oxidant 'gluathione' production and thyroid T4->T3 reaction - often deficient in various soil).
(Multi-minerals(including Calcium & Magnesium)+ trace elements - The healthy human body contains a huge range. May not Needed if eat a variety of sources of Sprouts and consume dairy yogurt that supply a wide range of minerals ! )

WHAT YOU SHOULD USE AS A SALT MIXTURE( LHL) (in USA& ECU Lite salt  & regular salt contains Iodide to prevent Iodine deficiency )
4 parts 'Lite' Salt (1:1 ratio of Sodium chloride & Potassium chloride NaCl & KCl)- available at almost any major grocery store
1 part MgSO4 (Epsom salt is fine- approved for human consumption - Mg as few get enough green leafy vegetables
1 part NaHCO3  (Sodium Bicarbonate - approved for human consumption, this will help with Acid-Base Balance in your body)
This gives you a lower NaCl (blood primarily) level that adds KCl (intracellular needed ion mostly from plants), an extra bit of Mg++ that is needed for energy generation and is primarily available from leafy green plants. Sodium bicarbonate that somewhat buffers against the primary 'meat and carbohydrate' 'acidic' consequences diet that does not have enough fresh leafy green vegetables (and other wide rainbow color of vegetables). Magnesium is so heart protective that it is often administered to any potential heart attack victim that comes in to an Emergency room. Much more details and Scientific References at Supplements Section.

Adaptogens - Adaptogens are biological substances that harmonize the regular normal changes in body physiology and lead to longer life by better integration of systems.
Special biological based Anti-oxidants & Adaptogens Massively reduce almost all pathological processes. These special biological anti-oxidants have a long half life in human blood of some 12 hours. Most biological flavonoid anti-oxidants last only about 1/2 hour in the human blood stream. Cocoa is an exception in providing a slow release of the flavonoid quercitin that can take place over a 4-6 hour period. A hot or cold Cocoa drink is nearly ideal as a time released antioxidant and is also featured in the free Super-Hot Cocoa Anti-Inflammatory Drink  (Inflammation & Cocoa Drink PDF) on the first page of LongerHealthyLife.net . The special antioxidants are so potent that many of age-associated free radical involved diseases improve. Adaptogens are biological substances that harmonize the regular normal changes in body physiology and lead to longer life by better integration of systems.This is covered in the Anti-oxidants Special &Adaptogens.PDF
) for SUBSCRIBERS to Longerhealtylife.net that will massively lower almost all age associated diseases so you can have some time to fix the underlying problems before Inflammatory Acceleration of wrecks or ends your life. 
Anti-Infection 'firewall' biological substance that elevates mucous membrane immunity to prevent entry of virus or bacteria by increasing defenses at these mucus membranes. These include the entire gastrointestinal tract, the nasal passages, the eyes, literally all openings of the body. This is the first of 3 major immune enhancing substances that are available in the ImmuneEnhancement.PDF for
SUBSCRIBERS. Additional to these immune enhancements, there is a another set of two different substances that can literally 'save your life' when faced with extremely dangerous infections or parasites. I only take the AntI-Infection 'fire wall' daily but keep all of these other inexpensive things 'just in case'. In light of conventional medicine's problems with anti-biotic resistance, the real possibilities of 'out of control' natural and man made plagues, and drug companies seeing more profit in continued sales of marginally effective treatments rather then cures, you should know how to protect yourself.
Don't expect much help from the US government in such a calamity, think of New Orleans during Katrina hurricane - your government does not consider you important !
Neuro-Active Brain Cognition Enhancing supplements You can return your mental cognition to near youthful to mid-age levels. These cognitive aiding supplements are detailed in the Brainwork's II.pdf for SUBSCRIBERS. This Subscriber PDF also includes ways to improve thinking and creative imagination. With better mental abilities, your success in life will massively increase. You can forget about being old and poor, be older, wiser, sexy, healthier and wealthy !
Berry Extracts - While eating a small amount of fruit each day, we would like to get a much larger intake of extremely beneficial berries - the only problem is that they would contribute too much sugar. This high sugar level is not natural in wild berries, it took long periods of agricultural selection to produce super sweet berries. This problem is solved by taking extracts of various berry flavonoids and Proanthocyanidins (most of the benefits of berries). This has enormous brain/cognitive benefits. Get the best and widest range of berry benefits for your mind. Covered in the Diet II Section of LHL.net
Vision Supplement - Good vision maintenance requires several carotenoids (Lutein, Zeaxanthin,and Meso-Zeaxanthin), some antioxidants, as well as a newly discovered 'low' light vision enhancing compound that massively improves age related problems in reading or object recognition in low light. This is a major break through in restoring better low light vision in older individuals.
Carotenoids (mixed) - There are @ 400 various carotenoids in nature (including the Luetin and Zeaxantin above) and the human body stocks at least 5 major types with known importance to the human body, beta-carotene alone is not good ! We simply don't know if many other protective carotenoids are important in ways we have not yet discovered. Covered in the Anti-oxidant Section of LHL.net.
AGE & ALE Remover & Lipofuscin Removers - There are specific compounds that remove the inflammatory producing cross linked molecules in our diet or those formed in our body. It is also possible to remove damaged cellular debris that accumulates over our life time to be almost 50% of some neurons and other cells. The AGEs & ALEs & LIPOFUSCIN REMOVAL.pdf for SUBSCRIBERS describes how to removal of this lipofuscin which returns brain neurons to a more rapid firing as seen in younger cells ! - potentially rejuvenation of neuron firing speeds that decline with age and especially in the brain structure that directs storage of memories

Green Concentrate Insurance Policy - A daily modest intake of Spirulina and Chlorella algae can provide a very wide range of needed and beneficial substances that make up for our oversights in choosing vegetable sources to provide what we need (that we may not know fully even yet !). This will not make up for a profound lack of responsibility for eating a rainbow plant diet , so do not imagine you can junk the healthy vegetables intake and just swallow some pills.                                             

Healthy Colon Insurance Policy - As with the Green Concentrate Insurance Policy, it is relatively easy to ensure a healthy predominance of 'beneficial bacteria' in the colon. We do this by a few simple minor intakes and eating the right mix of beneficial bacteria that help to keep inflammation and colon cancer at bay. This information is in the PREBIOTICS and PROBIOTICS PDF for SUBSCRIBERS.
Anti-Inflammatory Hot Cocoa//Cool Yogurt Drink - Lowering your inflammatory exposure. This is available for free to download from the first page (first paragraph) or hereInflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF ).