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CANCER - ALTERNATIVES - <   MinPREVIEW > Scientifically established alternatives you should know about . This information is so critical that every cancer patient should know how to defend their lives by this.   200 page PDF
What you need to know about real scientific facts & dangers vs. "BS" that occurs on both sides of this question. Learn what science can tell us about this.     8 page PDF
< PREVIEW > Not just stabilizing blood glucose levels (absolutely necessary !), but ending the progression of the disease before it kills you. IF YOU ARE AT PERFECT GLYCEMIC CONTROL, YOU WILL ONLY DELAY PROGRESSION OF THIS DISEASE TO PRE MATURE DEATH ! New published scientific information (last 3-7 months) allows us to block the progression ! Literally to stop and reverse.   44 page PDF
works for me, low cost and easy to try   3 page PDF


AGEs & ALEs & LIPOFUSCIN REMOVAL - How to get rid of the cooking (dietary) & endogenous (formed in your body) cross linked AGEs & ALEs as well as the life long accumulation of only partially degraded cellular debris that accumulates in our cells (Lipofuscin). In brain cells this lipofuscin can be almost 50% of cell volume. When removed, the brain cell fires like a younger cell.
ALLERGY - How to minimize by various techniques
ALZHEIMER's DISEASE - Information on new method to stop & reverse in early to mid stages(never before possible !)
ANTIOXIDANTS SPECIAL & ADAPTOGENS - Long half-life antioxidants (12 hrs, most others last < 1 hour in bloodstream). Adaptogens integrate our system.
AUTOIMUNITY - How to suppress this with specific diet modification and supplements - and why we need specific gut bacteria on our side in this battle. Autoimmunity is a big problem in that one can become immune to more further natural parts of the self.
BRAIN WORKS II - Nutritionally & Supplement optimizing  of mental abilities and fostering creativity (supplements & mental agility techniques to keep you smart and insightful). Not only will you get smarter, but you will be able to better seek your own goals.
CORRECTING UNDERLYING INFLAMMATORY CAUSES - Different branching of the inflammatory driven process with different underlying age-associated diseases, emphasis on the needed actions for each particular age-associated diseases.
DAMAGE REPAIR - Multiple PDF's on many areas needing repair -more advanced information (diverse group) - ongoing updates here as new data arise. Many of these will be due to Subscriber requests !
DETOXIFICATION OF HEAVY METALS & ORGANICS- Simple food based technique that takes the ongoing damage causing heavy metal poisons and potentially toxic organic chemical out your body. The heavy metals are removed through the gut and the organics are removed more slowly by bound molecules that are lost by kidney filtration . One should only get rid of things slowly via the kidneys, but can get rid of things quickly via the gut -> feces.
DETOXIFICATION & KILLING/CONTROLLING  INTRA-CELLULAR PARASITES -it is a little known fact that our bodies are often infested with intracellular microbe parasites - how you can get rid of them or at least control them by rather simple non-drug means along with one other needed action.
EMF PROTECTION - A future "asbestos" like cancer causing scandal & how to protect yourself NOW. Those most at risk - your kids with cell phones, but your own life is being affected by this dangerous EMF irradiation. Cell phones are the Iikely reason that brain cancers on rise.
EPIGENETIC  DAMAGE TO YOUR OFF SPRING - When we unwisely degrade or insulin sensitivity to become a type-2-diabetic, or when we are exposed to dangerous organic chemicals or heavy metals, the consequences affect not just us. We are inadvertently choosing to impose on our offspring for many generations- a fore shortened life span with increased susceptibility to disease and death. Literally , we are decreasing the life span of our children and our grand children, our great grand children, and so on. This has been found to  involve as much as 7 generations before being corrected. This  arises from a process of silencing some 300 genes in the human genome of about 25,000 genes. These changes can come about in as little as a year of unwise living. The good news is that you can undo this  process for yourself and spare your offspring this fate. Don't reproduce without avoiding this horrible legacy to your offspring.
FOODS TO AVOID -  Many so called health foods hiding unhealthy long term consequences. Soy is one on many examples.
FUNGAL INFECTIONS - How to rid yourself of them- internally and externally.
HYPERTENSION - Drug companies REALLY don't want you to know this. Also a substantial number of non-obese/non-CVD hypertension is due to a misalignment of a critical spinal bone that you can reset your self, rather than big $$ from chiropractors.
INFLAMMATION - More in depth details about avoiding this needless accelerator or aging. This process is the 'acceleration force' behind all the major killers in the developed world (Cardiovascular disease, cancer , type 2 diabetes, dementia, autoimmune diseases, etc.)! Forget about future "magic" drugs that will allow us to continue with no consequences - it won't happen. Our bodies are unfortunately engineered to accelerate these needless diseases when we expose ourselves to dangerous toxins/poisons, and physiological insults.
IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT - Three methods to beat any attacker and one final non-immunological method to take out pathogens when in extreme danger. The first excludes pathogens from access to our body (I use it every day), the other two work on massive improvement of your bodies natural direct killing of attacker and massively augment your T-cell (against virus and intracellular parasites) and B-cell responses (mostly bacterial). The last is a non-immunologial last ditch 'save your life'  treatment that  massively protects against bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasite attacks.
LONGEVITY - What we can do and expect (goes far beyond what already described in this site). Integrates understandings of glucose handling, mTor gene, inflammation, and various other avoidable stimulus to decreased maintenance of our bodies. Enhancing maintenance is the principal way we will massively extend the human life span. Much of the current theoretical thought on anti-aging has lost sight of this in a sort of fascination with technology. Understanding the biology, not more sophisticated gene technology will prove to be the way to massive life span extension.
MAGNETIC THERAPY - Use of static magnetic fields to lower inflammation and/or improve blood flow depending on need.
PREBIOTICS and PROBIOTICS - What you will not hear about protecting yourself - some of what is now described by self interested suppliers is hype, but good pre-biotic's and pro-biotic's are good for you. Choose the right ones and you massively benefit. Fail to, and your chances of colon cancer go sky high.
STEM CELLS - The future of targeted repair, that we can activate and benefit from today. This is one of the reasons CR animals are so able to have longer healthy lives.
SYNDROME X (METABOLIC SYNDROME)- Don't progress from this to diabetes - how to stop this NOW
VEGETARIAN (vegan) NEEDS - If you are a strict vegetarian (vegan), please learn how to protect yourself from serious deficits (ideology about not harming animals won't help when you are in deficit of these critical health required components! )..
VISION RETENTSION & RECOVERY - what you need to know about keeping and improving your vision, recent scientific discoveries will restore your low light vision that fades with age !  Most older people have difficulty reading in low light - that is now completely correctable by an augmentation of your rhodopsin system with a biological substance that enhances it. Most people do not get the needed levels of critical carotenoids needed to prevent vision loss.
WEIGHT REDUCTION AND LEAN MAINTENANCE Solutions rather than long winded BS and unworkable programs - NEVER AGAIN THE YO-YO WEIGHT LOSS-GAIN. How to MASSIVELY LOWER YOUR DESIRE FOR FOOD DURING WEIGHT REDUCTION AND LEARN TO EAT HEALTHY FOODS THAT WILL KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. You can get trim as you should have been in youth without suffering or misery. This may not work on people who are eating because they are emotionally unable to deal with the world. These people need to read BRAIN WORKS II  which should help them get their "S" together. Get it together or Die EARLY. Remember, I not imposing this on you, YOU ARE ! With very little effort, you can become the trim sexy, smart, delightful person you were meant to be !
YOU ARE YOUR BROTHERS KEEPER - PUBLIC HEALTH EXTENDS TO ENSURING NUTRITIONAL HEALTH OF OTHERS OR THEY WILL ACT AS INCUBATORS TO GENERATE NEW DISEASES THAT YOU WILL BE SUSCEPTIBLE TO.  A scientific experiment shows that a single animal that does not get enough of the mineral selenium in his diet will act as a incubator to mutate his current pathogens into yet more dangerous and potentially lethal pathogens that can and DOES infect well fed similar animals nearby. Please, no extreme radical nonsense of the absolute sovereignty of individuals (as if they could avoid diseases generated by profoundly unhealthy humans in a world of jet travel and nearly 7 billion humans!).Even Ayn Rand was for 'rational self interest'. Health status of the most marginal individual in a human culture can generate a deadly plague (or many pathogens causing many plagues). The healthy well fed individuals will not be protected by denial or distance - as jets circle the globe so quickly. With human populations so high , this is not longer something we can deny or even escape.