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Please note that there are TWO LEVELS 1& 2 with LEVEL 1 the First 3 steps (1, 2, & 3) should all be done together to postpone problems so we get some time for LEVEL 2  steps (4 to 9) to fix the underlying problems. SUBSCRIBERS WILL GET FURTHER LEVELS.

LEVEL 1 ( steps 1,2,3) - get control of glucose handing & lower inflammation, cut down AGE intake, Exercise, ingest long lived Antioxidants to suppress damage and use Adaptogens to optimize body metabolic status (prevents catastrophic worsening!)

1. Improve Insulin Sensitivity  and Glucose Handling  & Lower Rising Chronic Inflammation ( READ this free InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF first)

We are doing this before addressing the underlying causes because it buys us time. Steps 1 to 3 are so crucial that the later steps will do almost no good if these problems are not postponed. See below Read More... for more detail and a table of how to improve Insulin sensitivity and read and do the free InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF to lower inflammation. Steps 1 to 3 are  critical in delaying the acceleration of age-associated diseases by these very negative processes. There is no point in later steps if these are not done. These two processes (increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering inflammation) are what has been found in the oldest humans (centenarians - living over 100 years) and in long lived Calorie Restricted animals. Read MORE about increasing insulin sensitivity.

2. Alter Diet to Lower Dietary Ingestion of Cooking AGE's - When any two or more of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates are heated, they form abnormal cross linked molecules called AGE's (Advanced Glycation End Products). Our body does not have enzymatic means to get rid of these AGE's. Cooking caused AGE's and ALE's are a major (if not the major) cause of elevated chronic inflammation in otherwise healthy trim humans. This has a profound negative effect on life spans. We know this from an experiment on rodents where Calorie Restriction leads to a 20-30% increase in maximal life span over freely feeding controls. When the CR animal's food was heated 15 minutes. at 120°C  (248°F) this extension of life span was completely removed in spite of still being CR. Thus, the benefits of CR are completely abrogated by just heating the food for a short period of time. Note that this was just over the temperature of boiling water ( 100°C , 212°F).This does not mean that CR benefits are due to just lower AGE's, rather that a doubling of AGE exposure can nullify the real benefits of CR. Also, rodents fed lower levels of exposure to AGE's in their food than normal chow - lived longer. At even higher temperatures of baking, broiling, and grilling - formation of these AGE cross linked molecules is much greater. AGE injury to our health is by inducing a rise in chronic inflammatory status. This elevated inflammatory status can nullify CR benefits that extend life span For Type-2-Diabetics (T2D), this AGE  injury is even more devastating because T2D is a strongly inflammatory driven disease. This Step 2 action should be done at the same time as  Steps 1 & 3. These together will greatly improve your health status. You will learn in the Diet Section of LHL to choose foods that minimize this NEEDLESS lessening of a LHL.  The inflammation & Hot Cocoa or Cool Yogurt Anti-inflammation drink is available for down load  (InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF  . There are also more advanced methods to more rapidly remove AGE's and to remove a similar group of intracellular trapped crosslinked proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates called Lipofuscins (see AGEs & ALEs & LIPOFUSCIN REMOVAL PDF for SUBSCRIBERS ). These lipofusins accumulate in our various cells and can displace > 50% of cell volume with serious consequences to cell function.     READ More about AGE's.

3. Ingest daily special long lived Antioxidant supplements and Adaptogens &  slowly increase your Exercise level. 

  (See Antioxidants Special & Adaptogens.PDF for SUBSCRIBERS and the Exercise&Z's Section Chapter in the left Menu Section)

Like improving Glucose Handling, Lowering Chronic Inflammation, and lowering AGE intakes, this is a temporary lessening of the acceleration of this whole process - this is not curing the problem but buying us time to get to that without a faster physiological decline.).  This Step 3 action should be done at the same time as  Steps 1 & 2.  



LEVEL 2 ( steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, &9) - fix underlying problems, improve stem cell function and muscle-brain feedback with Calorie Restriction & Exercise, remove heavy metal and organic toxins, yearly purge of 'abnormal' cells and also minimize parasite load, avoid needless foolish Darwin Awards, and mentally prepare or the consequences of a Longer Healthy Life

4. Correct the underlying Causes of Chronic Inflammation

   (Each gradually developing age-associated disease has a different set of causes. For example, cardiovascular disease often starts with oxidation of circulating  LDL lipid clusters that then stick to the artery wall where the immune system tries to clear away the damaged lipid cluster but just enlarges this problem with higher levels of local and systematic inflammation, Type-2-Diabetes elevation of blood glucose levels cause a cross linking of the sugar glucose to Hemoglobin as well as creating systematic inflammation. In each case we need to target the underlying inflammatory problem cause .  See the  CORRECTING UNDERLYING INFLAMMATORY CAUSES PDF for SUBSCRIBERS. These different problems have diverse sources and must be handled by more detailed information.  

5. Improve Stem Cell Function and Maintenance of the Muscle-Brain Feed Back Loop to Rejuvenated Both by CR! CR turns out to not only extend life but it allows a much improved stem cell function as well as all the other life span extensions. Our brain and muscles are intimately linked by an newly discovered mutual feed back system that maintains and repairs muscle as well as stimulating brain connections and mental ability. To maintain this muscle-brain freed back loop you must be calorie restricted and exercise your muscles. There is no need for excessive workouts. Overdeveloped muscle building will mostly injure muscle tissue leading to stiffening fibrous collagen deposits. Additionally, body builders must eat high levels of protein almost constantly to gain muscle mass. They just want bigger muscles, but to get them they give up the fasting period that helps to turnover damaged proteins and recycle the useful amino acids. The oxidized amino acids are discarded. This fasting period forces each cell to preferentially chew up damaged proteins that in a well fed or over fed situation would not be broken up. A young man has about 10% oxidatively damaged cellular proteins while old men have some 50% oxidatively damaged proteins. This 50% creates unresponsive cells and impaired cell function. In addition to the exercise, you will need the daily period of fasting to prime stem cells and  cause a turnover of damaged proteins and cellular garbage. This understanding of the benefits of CR and the muscle-brain feedback loops is critical to maintaining the healthy youthful status of both. This is a mutual feed back system is also critical to decreasing the build up of oxidized proteins    Read MORE

6. Remove (Detoxify) Heavy Metal and Organic Poisons - Over the span of our life times we accumulate certain toxic heavy metals from living in a developed country and also ingestion in our food and water. This has been made worse by the scandalously unreported radioactive fall out from the Japanese Fukushima disaster. These heavy metals (except strontium-90) are easily  removed by a simple paring of two nutritional foods that remove the heavy metals through the gut tube. Some persistent organic poisons and many more 'less persistent' organic toxins are also accumulated in our body . These heavy metals and organics can alter our epigenome (control of what proteins are built) by triggering the inflammation 'master switch' gene NFkB activation. Then the inflammatory cascade promotes epigenetic changes facilitating development of age-associated diseases AND then accelerates all the age-associated diseases that hasten our death. This is detailed in DETOXIFICATION OF HEAVY METALS & ORGANICS PDF for SUBSCRIBERS.

7. Conduct Yearly Abnormal and Cancer Cell Purges by the Parr Protocol (Cancer-Alternatives.pdf for SUBSCRIBERS ) and Yearly Bacterial/Parasite Purges to Ensure Minimal/Absent Parasite Burden (DETOXIFICATION & KILLING/CONTROLLING  INTRA-CELLULAR PARASITES PDF for SUBSCRIBERS. While these may sound excessive, medicine has no ability to eliminate abnormal cells that are progressing toward cancer (save surgery as in hysterectomies, etc.). With the Parr Protocol, you either revert to non-dividing normal or just kill abnormal cells. This is done once a year for a period of two weeks with minimal effects on normal life, The Parr Protocol uses non-toxic food components that are our normal protections - only here at higher levels.  In the same manner, while public health has largely succeeded at preventing horrendous plagues of infectious bacterial diseases, we have not been nearly so effective at other parasites. A combination of mycoplasma and other bacterial intracellular parasites as well as various single and multiple cell eucaryotic parasites still infest our species. Experts don't even have a good estimate of the number of people in the USA population that are infected by this profoundly inflammatory intracellular 'bacterial like' mycoplasma, but we are seeing connections to a variety of diseases. Other intracellular eucaryotic (nonbacterial) infection are estimated at 88% of the French population by the single celled eucaryotic parasite 'Toxoplasma gondii' (USA has estimated > 10%). Pinworms are estimated to infect some 10% of people in the USA. We can and should minimize these unwanted 'critters' . A large body of medical and scientific experts now believes these intracellular  parasites and worms are causing a significant  amount of disease. Inflammatory stimulation by these 'critters' adds on to the inflammatory AGE burden. Any needless sources of chronic  inflammation that creates further pathology and shortens our lives need to be avoided or ended for a LHL. Read MORE

8. Lower Chance Events that can Profoundly Lower A Longer Healthy Life No stupid actions or ego driven Darwin awards please ! Ego should be in the service of a LHL (rational self interest), not a foolish demonstration of potentially dangerous folly. In the same way, long established habit may become life threatening when be do not reexamine what is occurring and how these habits fit into this. A classic example of this are the people who read this and understand that high temperature cooking caused food AGE's are prematurely ending our live's, but cannot bring themselves to give up such damaging behavior. Our whole life is a learning and readjustment process. Learn to have foresight and awareness and you will achieve a LHL. You can still have delight, but avoid the needless stupid dangers.

9. Mentally Prepare for the New Social, Political, Sexual and Psychological Changes that a Profoundly Longer Healthy Life will Bring.  Marriage and reproduction will be a smaller proportion of our life spans. We need to become much more flexible in making new friends, dealing with new ideas, understandings, and  adopting what is good.. This is especially so for the early pioneers of this new LHL who will lose old friends who did not believe this possible and died in the old stupid inflammatory disease driven way.  We will need to construct a genuinely 'humane' human life, not one driven by the insanity of profit above the health of life on this earth. We are part of a larger Ecosystem, destroying that for short profit gain is not in our rational self interest. The current relentless rat race toward mostly meaningless goals under a equally meaningless 'hierarchal oppressive financial-political system' is dangerous for our species and the health of our earth.This is currently the system that turns all such as values and integrity into mere financial requirements that accelerate the rat race without adding to human joy or serenity. This is a system that does not encourage the the fullest development of each human for contribution to this human enterprise, and we must leave it behind. This also applies to the meaningless wars and oppressions occurring around the world. As you will see in the Ecology Section, the earth is bountiful an can be made much more so. What is occurring now is just further elaboration of the 'evil rich' arranging artificial scarcity, so they can accumulate more of the effort value of others. These too are a part of this desperate need to fleece or control others for exploitative advantage. Fundamentally an exploitative vision of human interaction. Our country was not imagined by our founders to be a relentless war state that uses the 'lies of terrorism' to 'create' terrorism at home and violence, occupation and destruction around the world. What is the point of a LHL if we are in a out of control, insane political war state?  Come, my friends, there is a better way. Read MORE

WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM ALL THIS: Our biological body is not so much failing us, rather we are abusing this biological body ! PRIMARILY, WITH COOKING CREATED AGEs in our FOOD and intake of toxins, heavy metals, etc. - and so hastening our own untimely end. At the same time, various un-addressed stealth parasites are wrecking havoc in a substantial portion of the human race - including the USA. In one form or another these processes are going on all over the planet in a way that limits our life span.