Most humans who have lived to great age never planned nor took any care to maximize their longevity. All came from relatively long lived genetic stock, but their achievement was neither expected nor were many vices abstained from. Marie Calmut, the oldest documented human to live on this earth (122 years)  smoked and drank till 100 years and then stopped while claiming that dark chocolate was keeping her alive (she might have been right !). Our studies of long lived Calorie Restricted animals (CR)  have born fruit  to allow us a Longer Healthy Life. Instead of this completely haphazard method, we now have good understanding of the 'how to' not only live a Longer Healthy Life, but to massively increase the mental and physical health of this greater Longer Healthy Life. The schematic above is an overview of this process of increasing our Longer Healthy Life. We must understand the larger picture of what is required to come together for this Longer Healthy Life.