Changing our focus from what we died from to what has extended our lives, we see in the above graph the history of human life span at different historical epochs. The vertical axis represents the percent of a cohort of humans remaining alive (all born the same year in a particular historical period). The horizontal axis shows the different human ages which they achieved. Some 50,000 years ago humans were mostly dead by age 20 with a rapidly declining graph that mimics typical deaths of wild animals. Europe of 15,000 years ago was much improved but still had not "rectangularized the curve" so that most humans lived a similar longer life span. By the time we get to the USA in the 1970, most humans get to some 70 years of life or more with a much broader survival of all humans (rectangularize curve). The dashed curves further out are the range we could achieve with the benefits of limiting calories to some 60% of what we would freely eat in the presence of abundant food (extrapolated from animal CR experiments). We already have experimental evidence that this works in primates like ourselves. See the pictures in the third slide upcoming slide of this introduction to LHL.net to see the difference this makes for 27 year old Rhesus monkeys (primates much like us).

We humans have two primary problems that are 'primary limiting' factors for extension of our healthy life (active and mentally, sexually, and physically fit ). These are 1.)the degradation of our insulin sensitivity and 2.) the rise of chronic inflammation that accelerates all these age-associated diseases. What we can learn from the example of the Rhesus monkeys experiment showing a profoundly decreased aging that parallels the increased life span of all calorie restricted mammals. This is when restricted to only 70% of what the freely eating as much as wanted (ad libitum fed). The profound aging differences despite being the same chronological age should alert you to the new reality of a LHL. Human life spans are not fixed but extensible in both directions (shorter and longer life spans). Since a longer life span is now available to us, this site will provide you with the understanding and means to achieve this. A Longer Healthy Life  (LHL) with excellent maintenance of our physical and mental abilities is within reach. It is even possible for those who are older, but without some minor changes in your life it will not be gained. These minor changes will also make you 'feel better' in the present than the slow declines you can and should avoid. Every human now has the possibility to have a slender, smart, sexy, playful and delight filled life that can add to this human endeavor. The choice is yours !