This bar shows the actual causes of human deaths over this long historical period. From the origin of our species some 200,000 years ago in Africa to 1900 in the USA, deaths were mainly (90% or more) from infectious diseases. After we initiated wide spread public health measures to limit infections and obtained better diets with more fresh vegetables and fruits, we then gained longer lives. Unfortunately we are now in an era of dying from Age-associated diseases that rob us of a Longer Healthy Life. Our lives now almost always end in age-associated diseases (Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and various dementia's).  All of these are partly initiated, promoted and accelerated by increasing chronic inflammation. This is avoidable (like infectious diseases) AND you will learn how to avoid this at this site (for free!). While each age-associated disease appears to have different underlying causes ( LDL oxidation in cardiovascular diseases, Epigenetic or DNA damage in cancer, degradation of insulin sensitivity in Type-2-Diabetes, and so on), all of these are subject to acceleration by this slowly rising chronic inflammation   (ongoing, not declined) in the last half of all mammalian lives - including humans.

Infections typically ended our lives from our origin till after 1900 in the USA, now slowly rising chronic inflammation accelerates our end. We will cover the sources of this slowly rising inflammation and the means to 'temporarily' massively decline it so that we gain time to reverse the underlying causes. Our advantage here is that we can largely block this slowly rising inflammation with components of ordinary diet foods that will give us time to fix the underlying problems (reverse them to normal). In almost all cases these age-associated diseases are a consequence of physiological insults the destabilized what tissue specific normal genes are transcribed by our genome in each tissue. This alteration of what genes are transcribed from the range of each tissue type - without damage to the DNA (no mutations or alterations in the DNA sequence) is the definition of this epigenetic change that is now recognized as involved in the origination, maintenance, and accelerated worsening or these age-associated diseases that claim most of our lives now. You will learn how to make a simple Super Anti-Inflammation Hot Cocoa Drink or alternatively a cool Yogurt shake that has the same Anti-Inflammatory action. Either will greatly lower the flames of inflammation. This is covered in the free:  InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF.