Optimal DIET for a LHL

Diet has not shown any correlation in the very widely varying diets of Centenarians, but we know that high levels of carbohydrates (especially simple sugars) are very negatively correlated with a LHL. This negative correlation of carbohydrates with longevity extends even to primitive worms. While not everyone wishes to cut out all carbohydrates, the best choice would be to consume no carbohydrates. This may sound radical, but our body can produce all of our needed carbohydrates from our protein intake. This does not mean that we can never have carbohydrate or simple sugars, but we should keep them to a very minor amount of our diet. I have presented  below a 20% carbohydrate and 0% carbohydrate diet. Please remember that non-starchy vegetables and many protein & oil sources (nuts and seeds) do have some carbohydrates - so it is not really zero !

Do not think that you will become diabetic by lowering or completely removing carbohydrates from your diet. What you will notice is that you do not go through cycles of tiredness or low feelings (both physical and mental) during the course of the day.Tis is because your body is maintaining blood sugar at it choice level, this contrasts with a huge meal fed rapid delivery of a large blood sugar that is followed by a huge need for insulin. This will eventually degrade your ability to produce such huge outputs of insulin. Think of the candy bar high followed by the crashing low. If you insist on some carbohydrates, then try 'Ty's All Day Energy' technique of very slow release of merely soaked (not cooked) whole grains that you just gently crush with your teeth to open small holes that turn the otherwise intact grains into a very slow time release capsule of carbohydrates over the whole day period. This slow delivery of carbohydrates is also ideal for type 2 diabetics who are never challenged to high insulin levels to accommodate this very low slow delivery of glucose.

Pre- and Probiotics are very important to the maintenance of health and the avoidance of colon cancer in humans. We must feed our bodies foods containing soluble fibers that can be digested by the beneficial bacteria in our colon. These soluble fibers are usually oligo (several) chains of fructose that are indigestible for the human system, but can be digested by beneficial Acidophilus group of bacteria in our colon. Oligofructose chains found in bananas, garlic, and onions, and Jerusalem artichoke. When you chose a dairy based (yogurt, kefir) based Probiotic, you need to feed these bacteria some of these oligofructose soluble fibers (or other soluble fibers like pectin) to ensure they have competitive advantage in growing to tip the balance in favor of low inflammatory, cancer avoiding beneficial bacteria. An alternative common in Finland is an oat based 'bifido' bacterial type of yogurt ('Yosa' brand from Bioferme) that grows on the highly nutritious oat grain. A similar oat yogurt can be made from just untreated oat grain soaked in water to allow the growth of bacteria to begin the fermentation process.This oat yogurt is covered in the Diet II Section.

Oils should be obtained from raw vegetables, raw nuts, raw seeds, and minimally cooked oily fish.The reason we are not consuming 'cold pressed oils is that these oils are heated by the "cold press' technique (in Europe limited to 80-140oF, the USA has no temperature limit level for 'cold pressed oils'). The compression process elevates the temperature and damages the oils by allowing reaction with reducing sugars (have an available aldehyde or keto group) that produces ALEs (Advanced Lipid(glycation) Endproducts) that promote chronic elevated inflammatory status. We could in extract oils from oil seeds under extreme cold with liquid carbon dioxide to prevent ALE formation, but this is expensive and still problematic. The natural repository is seeds and nuts and fresh oily fish. Oily fish are chosen despite having to be cooked because of the dearth of sources of the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from land or available sea plants. An alternative to this is to have the Omega 3 oils extracted from fish or arctic krill and taken as supplements. Plants only supply linoleic (Omega 6, 18 carbon oil starting material) and a-Linolenic Acid (Omega 3, 18 carbon starting material). We do a rather good job of converting the Omega-6 fatty acids to the higher carbon number variants like Arachidonic acid (22 C). Adults and elders do reasonable job of producing the Omega-3 EPA (20 carbons), but a poor job of converting to the very important Omega-3 DHA (22 Carbon) fatty acid. DHA is critical for a child's mental development and is stocked in our adult brains at about 45% of the lipid's in neurons. DHA is found to be anti-cancer, health maintaining when ingested in balance where Omega 3 : Omega 6 is in a ratio 1:4 to 1:1. Virgin coconut oil is an excellent addition to the diet because this oil (even though heated in pressing) has a very minimal amount of the potentially dangerous polyunsaturated oils that are easily oxidized by the cold press (but hot) method. This cross linked inflammatory causing AGE & ALE damage also is at high levels in various flash pasteurized milk products. This is due to the high level of the reducing sugar lactose. This includes milk, half and half, cream, cheese, and butter. We should only consume these occasionally.

Fruits are excellent sources of a very wide variety of antioxidants and other protective compounds, but also usually have substantial level of simple reducing sugars that add to our load of potential insulin stress and crosslinking.One should eat a few high quality fruit every day, but avoid over intake of sugar. A good friend of mine found that eating too many wonderful fresh sweet blueberries led to the beginning of metabolic syndrome. The best fruits are berries, apricots, citrus, even some dried  fruits like plums. One can get much of the benefits of berries by taking a berry extract supplement that supplies most of the benefits in the form of flavonoids and proanthocyanidins. We should generally avoid drinking squeezed juice of fruit as it is usually a massive fast amount of sugars that often go to fat !

Moving on to vegetables, eat many different types - Eat a rainbow of colors with some greater attention to leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli. If possible eat them raw intact or cut to make a salad. Vegetables are among the most protective (antioxidant and mineral) supplying foods you can obtain short of more sugar filled fruits. You should get good vegetables and wash them off carefully to rid them of potential contaminants. Don't cook unless required (dried beans, rhubarb, etc.). We will cover the reasons for this in the protein section. In light of Fukushima radioactive contamination of large swaths of North America, we may have to modify our choices of vegetables. Very high value vegetables are kale, spinach, tomatoes (nominally a fruit, but usually treated as a vegetable), and fresh sprouts you grow yourself from reliable suppliers (detailed in Diet II Section).  If possible avoid cooking these. Avoid starchy vegetables as they place a large burden on your insulin production and must be cooked that causes AGE and ALE formation.

Proteins should be obtained from omega-3 supplemented non-GMO fed (organic) chicken's eggs, small to medium sized  relatively short lived small salt water fish (salmon, sardines, etc.), raw nuts, raw seeds, and beans (that are only cooked to boiling temperature or better yet sprouted and uncooked) and yogurt that has bacteria that can remove AGE's & ALE's. The reason for this low temperature (to boiling only) heat treatment is that we otherwise cause a more massive cross linked protein-reducing sugar, protein-lipid, or lipid-reducing sugar molecules called AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) and ALEs (Advanced Lipid Endproducts) . These AGE & ALE molecules are not degraded by mammalian enzymatic actions because we do not have those enzyme. They must be coupled and removed by filtration into the urine. Before our normal detoxification systems get rid of them, they travel around the body. In blood vessels they interact with a specific receptor called RAGE. This receptor is designed to detect bacterial products, and sound alarm by causing profound inflammatory cytokine production in lymphocytes that are subsequently triggered by the activated RAGE receptor. Thus we have a dietary way to greatly elevate chronic inflammation, that we trigger daily with our cooked food. After AGE or ALE binding to the RAGE receptor, the altered receptor signals all white blood cells that pass to begin secreting inflammatory cytokines to signal a whole system bacterial infection. This is because this molecular structure  of AGE and ALE is like that of many bacterial products, but unlike our own. The process of AGE & ALE formation is amplified higher by a higher cooking temperature and the presence of reducing sugars (glucose(dextrose), lactose, fructose, & many other monosaccharides, but not sucrose). If you do not eat 'carbohydrates', you will need a higher level of proteins from which the branched chain amino acids are used by the body to produce glucose and other needed sugars.

This AGE & ALE problem with heating our foods is likely to be the most important and powerful source of chronic inflammation in an otherwise healthy trim human being. Experiment with rodents show that the profound life extension of Calorie Restriction - some 20-30% extension of maximal life span of a species with a 50--80% increase in the mean life span - can be completely lost if the CR animal's food is heated to 50oC (122 oF) for as little as half an hour. Think of this in terms of your potential LHL period lost. This is why we are not interested in Barbeque, Roasting, Braising, Frying, or heating in microwaves* - ANY of our food. The entire human experience of 'sophisticated' cooking with high temperatures has been and is a nutritional, health, and longevity disaster. This was not important when we died early, but now it is the limitation on a LONGER HEALTHY LIFE. All this for flavors that are often direct AGEs and ALEs that are accelerating our needless premature disability and death. We have a real heath need to produce biologically healthy acceptable flavors that delight our taste buds without the complications of artificial (drug) substances that may (very likely) have epigenetic activities that also cause elevated chronic inflammation and potentate the development and acceleration of age-associated diseases.

You may notice that I have not included Beef, Pork, Chicken meat, or similar problematic 'farmed fish' in this list of acceptable protein. The reason for this is the potentially sickening and deadly 'animal farming' that is commonplace in the USA. Farmed fish are often fed Genetically Modified Foods with Omega-6 lipids rather than the mixture of omega6:omega-3 fatty acids that occur in normal wild animals. Industrial farmed animals are usually kept at extremely cramped density (elevating their stress levels and thus inflammatory consequences) and often in their own filth. Worse yet, they are fed a diet not of their natural food of 'grass' (all herbivore grazing ruminants), but of unnatural 'grain seeds' which are typically GMO (genetically Modified Organism) corn and soy crops. If that is not enough,' farmed animals' are also heavily treated with antibiotics for 'growth' that allows incubation of a very wide variety of pathogenic bacteria including the human 'flesh eating' Escherichia coli O157:H7 that is best grown when feeding 'grains' that induce abnormal acidity in the stomach of ruminants (grass is very basic in nature). These then go through not well inspected slaughter houses. Worse yet, many forms of ground meat are mixtures of hundreds or thousands of different animals from all parts of the world (whatever is cheapest), greatly increasing the likelihood mixing a bit of one infected animal with every ones food. A little reflection will make even the most voracious carnivore a little apprehensive about this 'farmed' animal source. Our grand fathers ate beef from cattle grazed on grass when moved across the country. These grass fed cows, like similar current grass fed cows, have little of this modern methods danger. We will find that a huge amount of processing and temperature elevation actions to artificially ripen fruit are creating problems including higher AGE & ALE levels (avacados,etc.). Do remember, these are shortening your healthy life !

Our ancestors lived without needing to take expensive 'basic mineral waters' or extremely 'alkalinized water' to balance the acid-base balance in their bodies. They did this by eating a great deal of vegetables (almost all are basic in body chemistry). We can do the same thing when we eat a high fresh raw vegetable diet.

In a similar way we can use the 'long used' safety verified sweeteners xylitol and stevia (covered in Diet II Section) for our sweet tooth wants. We do not have to suffer to gain a Longer Healthy Life. The choice is yours !