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 LOW COST DIET- how to get the highest nutrition our of minimal resources



Our purpose here is to find ways to eat a delightful high nutrition diet without any sugar or easily available carbohydrates. This relates to our interest in keeping insulin levels low, but also benefits our total nutrition because we are using very high nutritional value greens (kale, collards, spinach) as well as unconventional sources of very high minerals and nutrition like seeds (Pumpkin (king of protein among seeds), chia (king of w-3 lipids and better than milk for Calcium) as well as protective spices (italian seasonings) and various probiotics (yogurt etc) to gain real nutrition, not fast food nightmares of sugar-fat-salt that are marginal below minerals and B-vitamins.  Much of our obesity problem in the modern world arises from bad choices of nutrition, the rest likely from stress and insecurity.


This recipe should be done with the first meal of the day to give you the 'Ty's ALL DAY ENERGYTM'. You should have a mixed meal with proteins, fats, vegetables, and carbohydrates because this slows release of this meal from the stomach. Chewy very quick, partially cooked grains (long 7-10 hours satisfaction - actually more like 12 hours)- @ 1/2 to 3/4 ounces (2-4 heaping tablespoons full, in grams 14-20 grams) of a equal mixture of Hard Red Winter Wheat, Oat Groats (whole uncrushed oats), hulled or pearled Barley < if gluten sensitive substitute short brown rice > (all available at Whole Foods Markets or other health food stores). Put the mixture (or rice) into a thermos or double walled cup and pour @ 1 pint (@ 500 ml) of boiling water over, let set 20 minutes (30 minutes for rice - keep both closed to keep heat in). Test with spoon to try some of grain. If just past crunchy to hard chewy, then can eat. Should be ready to eat by 20 minutes or less depending on container. DO NOT USE MILK as you will have to wait much longer (can add milk after done, simply pour off liquid and add milk)! If you are gluten intolerant (wheat,oats,barley is unacceptable), then use short grain brown rice that has no gluten.. Eat the cooked grain with sauces or milk or what ever, spicing of your choice in a full mixed meal (Preferably your breakfast - remember this is carbohydrates for the whole day ! - other meals are PROTEIN + VEGGIE + FRUIT). Notice that you will have continued energy and satisfaction for 7-10 hours (or more) AND you will have an uplifted mood.

Note: A smart alternative to heating these grains is to just soak them in cool water overnight (about 8-12 hours) and then eat. This avoids any AGE formation.

Gluten intolerant individuals can heat short grain brown rice in place of the other grains.

Note that after preparation of just chewy HARD grains, you can drain the water and then freeze in serving aliquots, keeps for months in freezer - just take out and thaw or add boiling water to warm gently, drain and serve- no further cooking required). Do not chew these grains to paste, rather just gently and incompletely crush the grains, then wash down with fluids. You are using partially cooked 'Chunkers' as a time delayed delivery mechanism. One of the benefits you will notice eating this 'time delayed chunker' delivery with 7-12 hours of energy from carbohydrates is that you also have an even temperament, and are maintained in a relatively good mood for this entire period. This suggests that it may also have remarkable potential for mental pathologies that may relate to nutritional problems or be amplified by such.

Notes on Timing of Partially cooked Whole Grain consumption: One should not eat the grain mix late at night because it will disrupt our cyclical pattern of fasting over the night time period. That is why Breakfast is Break fast! Nightime is when we recharge our neurotransmitter levels and have regular hormonal releases -  of growth hormone to release fat. Fat is what most of our body uses during this Night time period (except the brain). You will only need to eat carbohydrates once a day in the morning. This argues for a very light lunch of protein an vegetables+ fruit (you just won't be hungry) and a relatively light supper that is NOT accompanied by carbohydrates (at least not much). Very late supper meals should not be high in fat sources as this tends to disrupt our normal nightly growth hormone release that favors burning our fat. This means no ice cream at night if you wish to have a normal night time growth hormone release. One can eat some fat 4-6 hours before you retire, as this will not be a big problem. Eat the bulk of your meals at breakfast and reserve the modest evening meal for protein and salad with minimal (but not necessarily zero) carbohydrates. We cannot casually interfere with long established biological cyclic patterns of our species, we must respect them.

Notes on the adaptability of soaked Whole Grains as a survival food: The mix of wheat, barley, & oats (or any one or more alone) can be prepared to just HARD 'chewy' without adding heated water. Timing will expand to 3-8 hours depending on the grain and ambient temperature of the water added. This is not easily possible with the short (or long) grain brown rice which takes much longer time to partially hydrate.




1. MAPLE SYRUP (xylitol) FLAVORED GRAINS - the best of both worlds, taste delight and high nutrition of 'ALL DAY LONG ENERGYTM'. ..........Protein can be hard boiled or microwave omelet(includes egg lipids and fruit, etc) - much like traditional breakfasts, Alternatively Cottage cheese and Fruit (with spiced seeds). Vegetables, especially dark leafy green (Spinach, kale) would be ideal with this to balance the acidic character of carbohydrates and proteins.

2. CHOCOLATE FLAVORED GRAINS (KIDS LOVE THIS, LEVERAGE FOR PARENTS)- Optional Nutmeg + Cinnamon antioxidants (can expand to make into a whole meal with just with some fruit or just minimally boiled eggs). Vegetables, especially dark leafy green (Spinach, kale) would be ideal with this to balance the acidic character of carbohydrates and proteins.

3. LEMON FLAVORED GRAINS AS BIG TABOULI (lemon juice, lots of parsley (cilantro if you wish), olive oil, antioxidant spices(oregano/basil/thyme)), toss in some Greek yogurt  and you have a balanced meal very high in nutrition.

4. MORNING ITALIAN DELIGHT - Grains sprinkled with Sour->Sweet->''Herb'' Tomato sauce (lycopene & antioxidant italian spices) served with minimally cooked eggs (quick omelet) and chopped Radicchio (Italian cabbage, highest vegetable in ORAC antioxidant value !


SAUCE 1  ITALIAN TOMATO 'CHUTNEY' DELIGHT (antioxidant italian spices and huge servings of lycopene carotenoid to protect your body !)

ITALIAN TOMATO 'CHUTNEY' DELIGHT (can also be used as pizza or spaghetti sauce - just add meat, garlic, and olive oil and warm for a short time !)- Experience a Sweet->Sour->Herb Flavor Change over the short time after ingesting. This is full of Lycopene & ANTIOXIDANTS:.... Can add provolone or mozzarella cheese and a mini salad and have a compete ' fast' high nutrition meal

Sauce:. tomato paste and italian seasonings(Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, others to suit, about and equal volume of organic tomato paste) and white vinegar to dilute to the consistence of ketchup (can use part of vinegar as Balsamic Vinegar but beware that Balsamic Vinegar has sugar added and is often high in lead (Pb)! An alternative to this is the use of 1 packet of xylitol or one packet of Sweet Leaf stevia/Truvia with regular unsweetened vinegar. When prepared properly, this mixture has a unique slightly sweet taste that then turns sour and then 'somewhat bitter or herb form the Italian spices'. An interesting succession of tastes in your mouth. Acetic acid in the vinegar preserves and protects the powerful antioxidant flavonoids in the mixed Italian Seasonings (much like the acidity of wine preserves and protects the resveratrol flavonoid). Sauce keeps at room temperature for at least a month

How to Make It:


Use 6 ounces (170 grams) of organic tomato paste (typical small bottle or can of tomato paste - cans are not the best because of the leaching of BisPhenolA from the lining by the acetic tomato sauce) and 0.65 ounces (19 grams) of mixed Italian herbs (Oregano, Marjoram, Savory, Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, and Sage -diverse mix of differently protective flavonoids, good companies are Spice Islands, Spice Hunter, etc.), add add 25 ml of White Vinegar or Balsamic  vinegar(has sugar - or can use 1 packet of xylitol or one packet of Sweet Leaf stevia/Truvia in place if you cannot tolerate sugars), then add white (best) or apple cider vinegar (from glass bottle (same problem with plastic containers of leaching out the BisPhenolA or phthalate gender benders-mimic female estrogen) . This mixture in a glass bottle must be violently shaken to mix and vinegar added as needed to get to a ketchup like consistency and flow. Will not go bad in ordinary ambient temperatures and away from direct sunlight (keep sealed in glass bottle - old Olive oil bottles with a constricted flow top are ideal). Make sure to tightly close top so you don't lose vinegar to evaporation. This mixture gives this condiment a 1st slightly sweet & then 2nd a Sour flavor with 3rd the rich background of somewhat bitter antioxidant rich Italian Seasonings that compliment grains & many other foods and provides useful acidity to GI tract. (Alternative that must be made up and used, not stored: Try mixing into the Sauce1 some olive oil for a richer flavor and taste and needed lipids.) .

Benefits: This is a super sauce in terms of nutrition that is EVERY RICH in lycopene (protective carotenoid for whole body and brain) as well as a wide variety of italian spices antioxidant flavonoids.

SAUCE 2  SPICED Italian BUTTER Tomato Sauce  - perishable, make and use up (can be frozen)

( 1 Tablespoon Butter per person, Olive oil (2 Tablespoons per person), Italian spices 1/2 gram = about 0.02 ounces or a hearty large pinch (about 1/2 teaspoon) of mixed Italian Spices, grated cheese (parmesan?) as well as thin sliced fresh garlic gives a very RICH tasty sauce that makes a 'white' good spaghetti  or grain  sauce - combines with ALL DAY ENERGY GRAINS well)

Add butter and olive oil + italian spices and/or cheese and other spices + vinegar - and whatever else your imagination and likes want. Exploration will guide you. Drizzle this over over GRAINS on a fresh romaine lettuce bed, add some torn up leaves(not stems) of uncooked kale) and uncooked fresh spinach salad (with variety of other salad veggies as wish). Can add a small amount of xylitol or Sweet leaf stevia to moderate acidic nature from vinegar - but don't overdo. To this you can add pumpkin seeds, chia seeds (soak for a few minutes then decant most liquid and pour on salad), hulled sesame seeds, sliced almonds or other nuts.

Benefits: Butter supplies butyric acid (a histone deacetylase inhibitor that SUBSCRIBERS know can protect against a wide variety of diseases of age) and vaccinic acid that is a precursor to conjugated linolenic acids (CLA's) that are known to avoid obesity, improve immune function, and in general augment health. Olive oil that has unique flavonoids well known to be extremely protective against a very wide variety of age related diseases. Fresh Romaine supplies excellent w-3 lipids and B vitamins as does fresh uncooked Kale and spinach (can overcome the bitter taste of kale by the romaine), other veggies (chopped green onions, chopped parsley, mushrooms, carrots , and whatever else you like ! - are all good for your heath and tend to give a basic nature to salad that balances the acidic consequence of Meats/fish/carbohydrates in a meal. Seeds and nuts provide protein, excellent w-9 monounsaturated fats as in the olive oil,some w-3 (walnuts, chia seeds) and w-6 (most other nuts) lipids.

How to Make It:

Per  person, add 1 Tablespoon of butter, 2 Tablespoons of olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of mixed Italian spices, 1-2 Tablespoons of grated romano or parmesan cheese, about 1 Tablespoon of vinegar and 1Table spoon of water to the consistency you desire (suggest 1-2 ounces) and shake or mix violently till suspension, then drizzle over salad as  or grains/pasta .



LOW COST HIGH NUTRITION FAST MEALS (all designed to be tasty, nutritious, & satisfying as well as fast)

1, Spiced Tuna/sardines/salmon (or barely hard boiled eggs), salmon is best protein/$ value, but eggs are best nutrition overall) on all Raw Spinach, Romaine, raw chopped Kale, with chopped green onions, raw mushrooms, etc.with on the side cooked Grains and Raw Seeds and nuts (pumpkin, almonds, sunflower, filbert, etc.) and a Tablespoon of olive oil per person (@ 15 minutes to prep(max, probably less) and eat, excellent nutrition - high in w-3, B vitamins, lutein, Zeaxanthin, vitamin K, &E, etc.) N.B. can substitute just soft boiled eggs (very inexpensive and most biologically available and nutritious source of protein ! Each AA large egg has about 6 grams of protein, unless you have cholesterol problems, ignore the cholesterol - REMEMBER THAT CENTENARIANS WERE ALL OVER THE MAP IN CHOLESTEROL LEVELS)

Either soak grains 3-8 hours in cool water or prepare Grains by heating as above 'Chewy very quick partially cooked grains' , then soak 1 level teaspoon of chia seeds in water(2-3 oz of water is fine) for 5-10 min.

Size the amount of tuna/sardines,salmon (or eggs or mix) you wish to eat for protein (can be full meal or just a smaller meal (lunch or a 'European' type small evening meal) - be sure to realize that seeds and grains will also contribute protein as well as beneficial essential fatty acids

Put down 1 cup layer of washed raw baby or full grown spinach (remove big stems) on a plate or similar sized bowl, add Romaine, Kale, chopped green onions, etc.

Add tuna, add grains, spice with fresh or dried aromatic basil leaves, sprinkle on paprika, Top with 1 heaping teaspoon of: all raw pumpkin seeds(Zinc+2, (male prostate protection also needed by females who store high zinc levels in breast tissue), sunflower seeds (w-6 lipids), flax seeds (w-3 lipids), and the chia seeds (w-3 lipids -pour off excess water and dump on salad), then pour on 10-15 milliliters of ordinary white vinegar. You can also use the Sauce 1 or 2 above in place of the vinegar) . Drizzle over whole top  of salad.

NOTES: If adventurous, can substitute firm sardines in water that Break into pieces like the tuna (sardines high in CoQ10, calcium, etc. and VERY low in contaminants like mercury - Sardines are a secret super food of w-3 lipids, CoQ10, bone making Calcium material, and vitamin D)

Desert: 1 piece of high antioxidant fruit  + 1 oz of >70% cocoa -dark chocolate with tea/coffee/cocoa

2. Rapid Guacamole & Ceviche with grains -Slow refrigerator ripen (soft to touch) avocado, fresh (and/or dried) tomato, jicama, onion (green & red), cilantro, 1 large clove garlic, salt to taste, cayenne pepper to own choice level, fresh lime juice -Avocado goes well with almost any other dishes as nutritious source of lipid (w-9 and vitamin E in avocado that also makes for easier absorption of nutrients in food, black pepper has a similar but different mechanism of increasing absorption of nutrients). Avocado helps body to absorb many other nutrients in food due to emulsification that allows intestinal absorption. Goes well with pickled fish (ceviche) and partially cooked grains). Ceviche can be prepared days ahead and frozen if sealed in refrigerator, will be protected against spoilage by acetic acid content of vinegar or lemon juice. This is best made from long frozen fish (7 days) to avoid any possible worms in raw fish. Suggest you use raw shredded kale or raw spinach for balancing acid : base and getting very high B & C vitamins (Kale is king of lutein and zeaxanthin content). Desert frozen sherbet (flavor of your choice, minimal sweet) and or cheese and fruit or hard dark chocolate.

3. Invent you own - almost any pleasing combination of spices and some olive oil or butter with some fruits, etc.- try to stay away form sugar sources, use xylitol or stevia. Choose any source of protein except prepared meats (cold cuts and such - high nitrate for preservation that is transformed into carcinogens by stomach acid. High levels of any burnt meat are also to be avoided(burnt meat also means damaged fats that are often carcinogens). Use fruits and dark chocolate as deserts. Banana/dried fruit/berries/eggs- grain +fruit breakfast omelet/? + Nuts + butter +

Dinner (small) fish/egg + veggie(major)+ olive oil (if you are using 'Ty's ALL DAY ENERGY' you simply will not need more carbohydrate at lunch or dinner, concentrate on protein and veggies/salad + small amount of fruit & dark chocolate.

If you decide to have ice cream, get real ice cream (many 'ice creams' have no cream !). Remember that cream in small amounts gives your butyric acid and Vaccinic acids that are extremely healthful. Don't overdo this.

Children's Treat - once they try this, you will have leverage over them as they beg for a healthy treat. - cocoa flavored stevia cooked grains - VERY LOW GI grains. This is so good, you might as well spoil yourself for dessert

When you need to conserve resources, try variations of the following to attain very good nutrition:

USE WHOLE GRAIN (very inexpensive) as carbohydrate sources, flavor with low cost spices (grains can be anything form a side dish to a desert - use you imagination)

Eat low cost high nutrition green leafy vegetables (Kale, Collard & Mustard Greens, Spinach, Romaine lettuce , Parsley, etc.) - not only Vitamin C, Calcium, rich B vitamins, etc.(Cruciferous vegetables  (Kale, Collard greens, etc.) will supply relatively high levels of required carotene antioxidants like the eye needed Lutein & zeaxanthin)

(if your family eats a lot of cruciferous vegetables, take a very inexpensive kelp tablet/day to ensure you have enough Iodine for your thyroid - cruciferous vegetables can block iodine uptake)

Other Vegetables on a bargain price: tomatoes (lycopene carotenoid protects against a variety of cancers). If fresh tomatoes are too expensive, get tomato paste and make up the Sauce 1 in sauces - can be used also as a pizza and spaghetti sauce. Cook your spaghetti VERY al dente (very firm - this slows down the rate of delivery and does not give you a huge burst of glucose (avoiding high glycemic index problems)

Hearty soups during cold winter combine most of these ,dry beans, onions, garlic, sides of just barely cooked leafy greens ( only put green vergetables in at the last minute) and last minute add grains(avoid cooking too much in actual soup. Spices make the meal.

Get inexpensive sources of w-3 oils as in Flax seeds (never flax oil, too prone to oxidize!), Chia Seeds (high w-3 & Calcium)

Eat fruit sparingly, but low cost fruit sources like grapefruit, berries & other fruit in season,

Provide most of protein with Eggs and beans and low cost fish like Canned Wild Pacific salmon or sardines(both low cost), be creative - make omelets, salads with grains & hard boiled eggs,etc - fast and nutritious)


Healthy Deserts

1. 70-80% COCAO dark bitter sweet chocolate 1 oz + one or two selected fruits OR Several raw nuts (almonds, walnuts w-3), hazelnuts (choline), pecans(Vitamin E), Brazil nuts (Se), etc.) + fruit (no sugar sauce  or  fruit juices please), and avoid roasted nuts as this destroys and alters many lipids and Vitamins along with high AGE's)

2. You can make hot Cocoa from Cocao power (Black & Greens or Hershey's) and flavored stevia sweetening to taste ((French Vanilla, chocolate, etc), a drop or two of Oil of Orange (b-Limonene), and if you wish to be healthfully decadent, you can use whole cream (no more than an ounce!). Remember that cream has the same fat that is in butter fat that provides Butyrate and Vaccinic acid which have remarkable protective and health giving properties. If you wish, you can add some coffee or rum to give it a complex flavoring, but not too much caffeine or alcohol! If you don't want to use cream, you can almond milk replacement for cows milk/cream.

3. Probiotics like dairy yogurt (can make own so avoid costs) or you can MAKE an oat based probiotic oat based probiotic from whole oat grain(called oat groats - must be unheated so lactobacillus on oat outside hull are alive) that tastes almost exactly the same as sour cream. These probiotics are synergic with 'Ty's ALL DAY ENERGYTM'. Remember that ALL DAY ENERGY has hard red wheat berries, whole oat (groats), and hulled barley that will continue to feed the culture these oat eating lactobacilli and such in your intestine. Thus, you are giving them their preferred foods (complex carbohydrates) that allows them to take and hold the real estate in your gut. This means the bad guy bacteria can't get started. Most people in the world (>70%) cannot drink milk after adolescence (because that have become lactose intolerant). Eating dairy yogurt for these people is an excellent way to get active probiotic live protective bacteria in their gut. All this  and more is covered in the PROBIOTICS PDF for SUBSCRIBERS.  The Finnish company Bioferme makes oat yogurts (called 'Yosa') that have won many nutritional awards for probiotic benefits. Despite the American Dairy Council, we are not chained to dairy yogurt. Oat Yogurt Recipe.  Like all yogurts, you can flavor this Oat Yogurt with anything you wish (fruit (no sugars, please), shaved 70% chocolate, cocoa, instant coffee, brandy, shredded coconut, stevia, xylitol, various flavorings: spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, , orange oil, dried berry extracts(add stevia -gives a great mixed berry taste), etc.. Try your own imagination to find what you like.


Yogurt shakes    almond milk + cherries, chocolate +  brandy, cocoa + coffee + cream + stevia + cinnamon, ground coconut + banana, dried berry extract + stevia + crushed banana

Frozen Yogurt - Freeze instead of just cold




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