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Life-spans of mammals (such as our selves), are PLASTIC, not fixed


Practical cultural knowledge already has understood that doing stupid nutritional (poor nutrition while consuming dangerous junk food and burnt foods) and behavioral activities(Darwin awards) will lessen life span. Despite this general understanding, what is surprising is how little people know about optimizing their health via excellent nutrition, appropriate exercise behavior, and psychological well being that impacts on overall health and well being. Correcting that is one of the main goals of this site.

Science has established that the healthy life span of a wide variety of animals including mammals and even primates like ourselves can be expanded substantially above the life span of the longest living normally ad libitum (as much as wanted) fed mammal. This has be reconfirmed and extended  repeatedly over the 79 years since it was first published in 1931. Despite this long period of repeated confirmations, the "science of aging" has not added a single second to the human life span. We are now in a position to add many healthy YEARS, not mere seconds.

We humans have made A MAJOR BREAK THROUGH in understanding how our life spans are limited NOT by the INTRINSIC AGING PROCESS OF HEALTHY AGING. Instead we are ended by an "INFLAMMATORY CATASTROPHIC DETOUR" via "increased in the belly fat" that accelerates all the "age associated diseases" that claim our lives. This understanding did not arise from the so called "scientific study of aging". The whole field of scientists in the aging process have been left in the dust. This is much like the "Willie E. Coyote" (Road Runner) mode of jaw dropped to the ground in disbelief and disorientation by this new understanding.

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Even the field of aging is slowly and belatedly  coming around to the recognition that gradually rising chronic inflammation is accelerating if not initiating the multiplicity of age-associated diseases.

To review findings from major epidemiologic studies regarding risk factors for and consequences of elevated markers of inflammation in older adults... Most large, current epidemiologic studies of older adults have measured serum interleukin-6 (IL-6), C-reactive protein (CRP) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) and some studies also include more extensive batteries of measures including soluble receptors. There are few defined risk factors for the modest elevations in inflammatory markers seen with aging. These include visceral adiposity, lower sex steroid hormones, smoking, depression and periodontal disease. Of the markers assessed, IL-6 is most robustly associated with incident disease, disability and mortality.... Though correlated with age, the etiology of elevated inflammatory markers remains incompletely defined. Inflammation, especially IL-6 may be a common cause of multiple age-related diseases or a final common pathway by which disease leads to disability and adverse outcomes in older adults. Inflammatory markers in population studies of aging. Singh T, Newman AB. Ageing Res Rev. 2011 Jul;10(3):319-29

This inflammation understanding arose out of the conceptual connection of inflammatory events as DRIVERS for ALL MAJOR AGE ASSOCIATED DISEASES. This understanding has been followed by the early 2010 finding that overloading fat cells inside the abdominal cavity cause macrophage immune cells to release inflammatory cytokines messengers that travel the whole body inciting yet more inflammation. At the same time a very smart group of researchers were uncovering the effects of AGE  (high cooking heat created crosslinked molecules ) in this inflammatory process. his "INFLAMMATORY DISASTER" from a Longer Healthy Life can NOW BE ENDED. We now understand the underlying mechanism of how increased whole body chronic INFLAMMATORY ACTIVATION are created by the various sources of inflammation described in the How & Why Section . This understanding allows us to AVOID THIS "INFLAMMATORY DISASTER" THAT SHORTENS OUR LIVES. This slowly rising chronic inflammatory processes due to this all these sources listed in the can both be AVOIDED and REVERSED. Augmenting with anti-inflammation foods in our diet and the supplements listed in the InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF) work well TOGETHER WORK WELL. It is still an open question whether we can extend our life spans by ONLY ATTEMPTING TO  DIMINISH THIS RISE IN CHRONIC INFLAMMATION (and of course the improvement in glucose handling) by anti-inflammatories without decreasing our weight to trim youthful levels. THE BEST SOLUTION TO THIS IS TO DO BOTH. BECOME YOUTHFUL TRIM AND DIMINISH THIS CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY PROCESS BY FOOD COMPONENTS. An even better method is to include regular Calorie restriction with it's periods of preferential removal of damaged proteins that lowers the oxidized protein load. Go back to the Orientation page and take a look at the difference between the Rhesus monkeys., this really works. 

We now have a working "paradigm" of how these various sources of chronic inflammation trigger an innate immune system "self-reinforcing systemic inflammation" .  This self reinforcing inflammatory state in tern, drives all the diverse diseases that END OUR LIVES. This precise understanding of our "INFLAMMATORY DISASTER" allows a solution to be formulated rather quickly. In fact, that solution is already present NOW. As I stated in the Calorie Restriction presentation at the bottom of the page in the Orientation section, one becomes accustomed to this reduction in calories. It is not some ongoing nightmare. It does not diminish mental abilities, INSTEAD IT LEADS TO THE RETENTION OF MENTAL ABILITIES WITH AGEWe will not only have a Longer Healthy Life, but we will have the mental and physical abilities to enjoy it.

This accomplishment alone would give each of us many more years of healthy life. We can do even better when we understand that the calorie restricted (CR) animals are also putting on fat as they age. After the first year of profound body fat loss and metabolic readjustment, they become so much more fuel efficient that they begin to put on fat again. In the second and succeeding years, the more efficient use of fuel and behavioral adaptation allows them at the end of their life to come up to almost 70% of the percent body fat of the "eat as much as you want" animals that live so much shorter. Naturally, this putting on fat PREMATURELY ends the lives of the CALORIE RESTRICTED ANIMALS by the same "INFLAMMATORY DISASTER", but at far greater maximal and mean life spans. This means that the current 30-40% increase in the maximal life span of calorie restricted animals is A PROFOUND UNDERESTIMATE OF WHAT LIFE EXTENSION CAN BE. What is needed is to document this is an initial step down to 60% of ad libitum calories that lasts a year or so to acclimate the animals and then further small decrements to ensure an absence of fat accumulation (especially "in the belly" fat  accumulation). 

It must be remembered that evolutionary instructions via feedback mechanisms that prevents almost all normal animals from becoming obese. This does not prevent a storage level of fat that will trigger this "INFLAMMATORY DISASTER". This understanding forces us to focus on why our evolution seems to predispose us to this INFLAMMATORY DISASTER to end our lives. Natural selection is concerned with survival until successful reproduction, not with the fate of the individual after this . Nature is so unfamiliar with the presence of constant high levels of food availability and a big brained  animal with insecurities that he attempts to allay with more eating (humans), that it was never forced to develop the accommodation to this problem -  other than the quite negative consequences of epigenetic silencing of genes in the usually obese type 2 diabetes examples described in the Orientation section. This problem  is largely for domestic animals and humans. Life  in the wild is risky with long periods of food scarcity and occasional times of considerable bounty. The need to store fat was a survival requirement in such a chancy situation - regardless of the longer term consequences. Nature selects for successful reproduction and adaptation to changed circumstances, not to optimize long term survival when predation and infections made life so very fragile and short. Recall the survival curve for 50,000 years ago that was an exponential decline. The very public health benefits that removed so many of these bad diseases also allow us to advance in age where death by age associated diseases replaced bacterial infections as the primary cause of death. This was not so long ago, in 1900 some 90% of deaths were infections that claimed life. Now this is around some 2%. Our long training in natures hard school prepared us for scarcity by eating to add fat that would be needed for survival at some future date of scarcity. Nature only selects for traits that can affect the success of the overall reproductive effort, post reproductive periods do not contribute any direct genetic selection. 

We need to realize we could gain a nearly "age associated disease free aging" like that found in some centenarians. That would still come up against some limits due to real intrinsic rates of aging rather than this INFLAMMATORY DISASTER into needless premature death by self induced inflammatory diseases. As far ago as the 1950's, tissue transplant operations that grafted "old" (genetically identifiable tagged but compatible) tissues into identical younger animals led to "old" tissue survivals that massively exceeded the life span of the original donor. Something about the internal conditions of a younger recipient  host led to this profoundly longer "old" tissue survival than the original donor. We now can understand that this younger recipient had lower inflammation. These serial transfers of tissue from  "old" donor->young host 1--->now older host 1 -> donates same original tissue to yet another younger host 2, etc. . were  largely a curiosity  at that time. A similar understanding can be made for the "parabiosis experiments" that joined the circulatory system of a young  animal to a much older animal (genetically compatible animals). These parabiosis experiments noted that the younger got physiologically older and the older appeared to improve in age specific indicators.  Again the same control of inflammation and other possible blood born substances explanation.

"Taken as a whole, the work in this area shows that a large number of tissue types are capable of functioning normally well beyond donor life spans when transplanted from an old donor to a young recipient. ... Tissues that have been capable of performing some of their functions for longer than the donor life spans include the following: adrenal cortex, skin, pituitary glands, mammary epithelium, kidneys, and stem cell lines producing erythrocytes and lymphoid cells. There is evidence that even the thymus and the ovary may decline in function with age at least partly due to factors outside themselves. Therefore, theories predicting that all tissues age intrinsically must be modified to recognize that in many cases tissues do not age as rapidly as the animal from which they came."  Cell and Tissue Transplantation: A Means of Studying the Aging Process  DE Harrison  IN:  The Handbook of the Biology of Aging 2nd Ed, Editors Finch, CE,  Schneider, EL (1985) Page 322-356, Van Norstrand and Reinhold Co.  

It must be realized that whole classes of what are considered current problems of age like mitochrondrial DNA mutations and deletions are the probable consequences of inflammatory triggered declines in cell maintenance abilities. Similar understandings may apply to stem cell inactivity with ageALL OF OUR "AGING STUDIES" TO DATE MAY HAVE MERELY DOCUMENTED THE MAINTENANCE DEPRIVATIONS THAT WERE CONSEQUENCES OF THE INFLAMMATORY DISASTER. This also explains the Nathan Shock linear decline data in work outputs of organs and oxidative work capabilities documented in the How & Why section.

Given this wide open potential for a massive increase in the mean and maximal human life span, what will be the new rate limiting steps that we will have to surmount ?  It is possible that the ideas of Aubrey de Gray of a rapidly leap frog type of large benefit rather than slow incremental improvements in life span will massively increase the human life span beyond present comprehension.  I was long doubtful, but now I think this may will occur !  I doubt that it will occur from  some biochemical tweak or some magic drug molecule, but the guidelines listed here are very likely to do the job. Remember that these will be longer healthy lives, not sickly hanging on. If you doubt this, go back to the Orientation page and look at the difference of 20 years of calorie restriction in Rhesus monkeys. You must over come your disbelief or unwarranted doubt. Calorie restriction has proven that our healthy life spans are significantly expandable. Now our understanding of inflammatory driven diseases that kill us and the calorie restricted animals allows new opportunities.

After we have limited the INFLAMMATORY DISASTER, the next rate limiting step in our life spans may be the decline in lung capacity that normally occurs with age by lack of the proper exercise. We can prevent this by the PACE exercise in the EXERCISE&Z's section. No other system of exercise has such a benefit on retaining our lung capacity. Without this retention of good breathing capacity, we will slowly lose our ability to respond to stress by the large elevation of organ function that allows us to survive occasional ordinary stresses like colds and flu. This is one of the reasons older individuals are so susceptible to succumbing to these minor ailments. This rather simple understanding will deeply disappoint  the researches in Aging that are pursuing molecular explanations to solve aging. This is much like the misguided belief that having the human genome sequence would open all sorts of new drugs. Did not happen some 10 years later ! Diseases like aging is multifunctional or multi-genetic, not some simple thing that we can do a techno-wiz kid fix on. Higher level integration is sometimes much more important that the latest "cool" molecular details. Integration of  fine molecular details into a well understood larger integration is not a strong point of recent American science, probably because of the grant "bite sized" focus or the 'mediocrity of meritocracy'.

The purpose of the LONGEVITY  PDF for SUBSCRIBERS  is to deal with these next steps into a yet further for a yet  Longer Healthy Life.

I hope you take away from this discussion the possibility of massive potential increases in health and human life span in the not distant future (likely within our life spans). We shall gain a truly Longer Healthy Life. More details, understandings, and focus on identifying and overcoming the next rate limiting steps of human life span extension are available to SUBSCRIBERS who get the full LONGEVITY  PDF.

One might argue that living in health far longer  might cause problems for our pension fund and Social Security systems. Note that the out of control rich interests are about to cut Social Security and most private pension funds are so under funded that they will surely fail in the not distant future. Governments are already defaulting on their obligations to citizens, in favor of idiotic wars of no possible use to our country - except for the rich who gain from them. For this we pay in blood, treasure, and a growing police/national security state. Our concept of a proper relationship between a government of the people is already in tatters. After we turn out these pathetic war mongers and return limited government, then we need to revitalize our country with productive enterprises and a workable social net. Some may see this as SOCIALISM, but now we have EXTORTION CAPITALISM & IDIOT WARS for the few rich and powerful (no matter how much they make bad bets, your taxes are used to keep them solvent while our country turns into a war state to serve the greed and evil of these powerful). Opposition to human progress (Longer Healthy Life and others that seek a better longer life for human beings on this planet) to serve the interests of the powerful few is beneath contempt - IT IS A SUBHUMAN CHOICE . The Internet has shown us that useful information just flows around the blocks put up by the powerful.

Despite the present being a time of political and social depredations caused by our EVIL RICH, the economic depression they have caused, the insanity of needless and stupid wars that are not the wishes of ordinary people, the potential of massive disruption of our climate by the folly of British Petroleum (see ECOLOGY section), and the desires of the banking elite to turn us all into debt bound slaves in a nightmare technological hyper-security state -  despite all this, the improvement of the human condition is making great strides. Let us make sure these benefits are not exclusively for the EVIL RICH. (Not all rich are evil !). Each of you acting in political concert have the power to deliver a TIPPING POINT (the 100th MONKEY EFFECT - see DON'Ts GM foods Section). A TIPPING POINT is when a small but persistent fraction of the population that are well but informally organized can indirectly force changes by threatening to width support (buying from companies that sell Genetically Modified (frankenfood), etc.. A similar TIPPING POINT can take place when the electorate sickens of needless wars for the elite and refuses to elect congress people who support any such. Not Republican war mongers in place of Democrat warmongers. One does not have to "risk" or be a "revolutionary", only a good citizen proud of a constitutional "people" controlled state rather than the top down dictatorship of the EVIL RICH. It's not hard to imagine a huge groundswell of support for such a wide spread peaceful but angry revolt. and in larger areas like needless wars and squandering of the public treasury on wild gamboling bankers seeking world control (BANKSTERS NAZIS). If we do not stop them, the enslaving BANSTERS will be the only people allowed to benefit from these hard won life extension knowledge treasures belonging to humanity.

This entire section, other then this small introduction,  is a continually updated LONGEVITY PDF exclusively reserved for SUBSCRIBERS. CONTINUAL updates to this PDF will be MADE WHENEVER NEW OR ALTERED SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS OCCUR.

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