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The riddle of a Longer Healthy Life is exemplified in the Japanese Sacred Knot of Longevity  (Nade-Takara-Nusubi that appears flanking the title of this site. This is a continuous interwoven, interconnected knot without ends that represents the complexity needed to assure longevity (a Longer Healthy Life). This represents an interacting complexity of wise judgments. One must act in a way to do the correct things and avoid needless damaging things. While this sounds simple, it is not. We will detail in this section what (literally the 'How & Why') science has established as beneficial for a Longer Healthy Life and highlight those other actions that rob us of this prize. This will not be some monastic isolation nonsense, but things you can put in practice immediately. What you will find is that you are aging slower than the others around you and you will retain your physical and mental strength. This puzzle can also be compared to the attaining different levels of protection and understanding that "progressively" lengthen your Longer Healthy Life with each further Level. We will refer to these successive steps as Level 1, Level 2, etc.

Please note that there are TWO LEVELS 1& 2, with LEVEL 1 the First 3 steps (1, 2, & 3) should all be done together to postpone problems so we get some time for LEVEL 2  steps (4 to 9) to fix the underlying problems. SUBSCRIBERS WILL GET FURTHER LEVELS.


LEVEL 1 ( steps 1,2,3) - get control of glucose handing & lower inflammation, cut down AGE intake, Exercise, ingest long lived Antioxidants to suppress damage and use Adaptogens to optimize body metabolic status (prevents catastrophic worsening!)

1. Improve Insulin Sensitivity  and Glucose Handling  & Lower Rising Chronic Inflammation ( READ this free InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF first)

We are doing this before addressing the underlying causes because it buys us time. Steps 1 to 3 are so crucial that the later steps will do almost no good if these problems are not postponed. See below Read More... for more detail and a table of how to improve Insulin sensitivity and read and do the free InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF to lower inflammation. Steps 1 to 3 are  critical in delaying the acceleration of age-associated diseases by these very negative processes. There is no point in later steps if these are not done. These two processes (increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering inflammation) are what has been found in the oldest humans (centenarians - living over 100 years) and in long lived Calorie Restricted animals. Read MORE about increasing insulin sensitivity.

2. Alter Diet to Lower Dietary Ingestion of Cooking AGE's - When any two or more of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates are heated, they form abnormal cross linked molecules called AGE's (Advanced Glycation End Products). Our body does not have enzymatic means to get rid of these AGE's. Cooking caused AGE's and ALE's are a major (if not the major) cause of elevated chronic inflammation in otherwise healthy trim humans. This has a profound negative effect on life spans. We know this from an experiment on rodents where Calorie Restriction leads to a 20-30% increase in maximal life span over freely feeding controls. When the CR animal's food was heated 15 minutes. at 120°C  (248°F) this extension of life span was completely removed in spite of still being CR. Thus, the benefits of CR are completely abrogated by just heating the food for a short period of time. Note that this was just over the temperature of boiling water ( 100°C , 212°F).This does not mean that CR benefits are due to just lower AGE's, rather that a doubling of AGE exposure can nullify the real benefits of CR. Also, rodents fed lower levels of exposure to AGE's in their food than normal chow - lived longer. At even higher temperatures of baking, broiling, and grilling - formation of these AGE cross linked molecules is much greater. AGE injury to our health is by inducing a rise in chronic inflammatory status. This elevated inflammatory status can nullify CR benefits that extend life span For Type-2-Diabetics (T2D), this AGE  injury is even more devastating because T2D is a strongly inflammatory driven disease. This Step 2 action should be done at the same time as  Steps 1 & 3. These together will greatly improve your health status. You will learn in the Diet Section of LHL to choose foods that minimize this NEEDLESS lessening of a LHL.  The inflammation & Hot Cocoa or Cool Yogurt Anti-inflammation drink is available for down load  (InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF  . There are also more advanced methods to more rapidly remove AGE's and to remove a similar group of intracellular trapped crosslinked proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates called Lipofuscins (see AGEs & ALEs & LIPOFUSCIN REMOVAL PDF for SUBSCRIBERS ). These lipofusins accumulate in our various cells and can displace > 50% of cell volume with serious consequences to cell function.     READ More about AGE's.

3. Ingest daily special long lived Antioxidant supplements and Adaptogens &  slowly increase your Exercise level. 

  (See Antioxidants Special & Adaptogens.PDF for SUBSCRIBERS and the Exercise&Z's Section Chapter in the left Menu Section)

Like improving Glucose Handling, Lowering Chronic Inflammation, and lowering AGE intakes, this is a temporary lessening of the acceleration of this whole process - this is not curing the problem but buying us time to get to that without a faster physiological decline.).  This Step 3 action should be done at the same time as  Steps 1 & 2.  



LEVEL 2 ( steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, &9) - fix underlying problems, improve stem cell function and muscle-brain feedback with Calorie Restriction & Exercise, remove heavy metal and organic toxins, yearly purge of 'abnormal' cells and also minimize parasite load, avoid needless foolish Darwin Awards, and mentally prepare or the consequences of a Longer Healthy Life

4. Correct the underlying Causes of Chronic Inflammation

   (Each gradually developing age-associated disease has a different set of causes. For example, cardiovascular disease often starts with oxidation of circulating  LDL lipid clusters that then stick to the artery wall where the immune system tries to clear away the damaged lipid cluster but just enlarges this problem with higher levels of local and systematic inflammation, Type-2-Diabetes elevation of blood glucose levels cause a cross linking of the sugar glucose to Hemoglobin as well as creating systematic inflammation. In each case we need to target the underlying inflammatory problem cause .  See the  CORRECTING UNDERLYING INFLAMMATORY CAUSES PDF for SUBSCRIBERS. These different problems have diverse sources and must be handled by more detailed information.  

5. Improve Stem Cell Function and Maintenance of the Muscle-Brain Feed Back Loop to Rejuvenated Both by CR! CR turns out to not only extend life but it allows a much improved stem cell function as well as all the other life span extensions. Our brain and muscles are intimately linked by an newly discovered mutual feed back system that maintains and repairs muscle as well as stimulating brain connections and mental ability. To maintain this muscle-brain freed back loop you must be calorie restricted and exercise your muscles. There is no need for excessive workouts. Overdeveloped muscle building will mostly injure muscle tissue leading to stiffening fibrous collagen deposits. Additionally, body builders must eat high levels of protein almost constantly to gain muscle mass. They just want bigger muscles, but to get them they give up the fasting period that helps to turnover damaged proteins and recycle the useful amino acids. The oxidized amino acids are discarded. This fasting period forces each cell to preferentially chew up damaged proteins that in a well fed or over fed situation would not be broken up. A young man has about 10% oxidatively damaged cellular proteins while old men have some 50% oxidatively damaged proteins. This 50% creates unresponsive cells and impaired cell function. In addition to the exercise, you will need the daily period of fasting to prime stem cells and  cause a turnover of damaged proteins and cellular garbage. This understanding of the benefits of CR and the muscle-brain feedback loops is critical to maintaining the healthy youthful status of both. This is a mutual feed back system is also critical to decreasing the build up of oxidized proteins    Read MORE

6. Remove (Detoxify) Heavy Metal and Organic Poisons - Over the span of our life times we accumulate certain toxic heavy metals from living in a developed country and also ingestion in our food and water. This has been made worse by the scandalously unreported radioactive fall out from the Japanese Fukushima disaster. These heavy metals (except strontium-90) are easily  removed by a simple paring of two nutritional foods that remove the heavy metals through the gut tube. Some persistent organic poisons and many more 'less persistent' organic toxins are also accumulated in our body . These heavy metals and organics can alter our epigenome (control of what proteins are built) by triggering the inflammation 'master switch' gene NFkB activation. Then the inflammatory cascade promotes epigenetic changes facilitating development of age-associated diseases AND then accelerates all the age-associated diseases that hasten our death. This is detailed in DETOXIFICATION OF HEAVY METALS & ORGANICS PDF for SUBSCRIBERS.

7. Conduct Yearly Abnormal and Cancer Cell Purges by the Parr Protocol (Cancer-Alternatives.pdf for SUBSCRIBERS ) and Yearly Bacterial/Parasite Purges to Ensure Minimal/Absent Parasite Burden (DETOXIFICATION & KILLING/CONTROLLING  INTRA-CELLULAR PARASITES PDF for SUBSCRIBERS. While these may sound excessive, medicine has no ability to eliminate abnormal cells that are progressing toward cancer (save surgery as in hysterectomies, etc.). With the Parr Protocol, you either revert to non-dividing normal or just kill abnormal cells. This is done once a year for a period of two weeks with minimal effects on normal life, The Parr Protocol uses non-toxic food components that are our normal protections - only here at higher levels.  In the same manner, while public health has largely succeeded at preventing horrendous plagues of infectious bacterial diseases, we have not been nearly so effective at other parasites. A combination of mycoplasma and other bacterial intracellular parasites as well as various single and multiple cell eucaryotic parasites still infest our species. Experts don't even have a good estimate of the number of people in the USA population that are infected by this profoundly inflammatory intracellular 'bacterial like' mycoplasma, but we are seeing connections to a variety of diseases. Other intracellular eucaryotic (nonbacterial) infection are estimated at 88% of the French population by the single celled eucaryotic parasite 'Toxoplasma gondii' (USA has estimated > 10%). Pinworms are estimated to infect some 10% of people in the USA. We can and should minimize these unwanted 'critters' . A large body of medical and scientific experts now believes these intracellular  parasites and worms are causing a significant  amount of disease. Inflammatory stimulation by these 'critters' adds on to the inflammatory AGE burden. Any needless sources of chronic  inflammation that creates further pathology and shortens our lives need to be avoided or ended for a LHL. Read MORE

8. Lower Chance Events that can Profoundly Lower A Longer Healthy Life No stupid actions or ego driven Darwin awards please ! Ego should be in the service of a LHL (rational self interest), not a foolish demonstration of potentially dangerous folly. In the same way, long established habit may become life threatening when be do not reexamine what is occurring and how these habits fit into this. A classic example of this are the people who read this and understand that high temperature cooking caused food AGE's are prematurely ending our live's, but cannot bring themselves to give up such damaging behavior. Our whole life is a learning and readjustment process. Learn to have foresight and awareness and you will achieve a LHL. You can still have delight, but avoid the needless stupid dangers.

9. Mentally Prepare for the New Social, Political, Sexual and Psychological Changes that a Profoundly Longer Healthy Life will Bring.  Marriage and reproduction will be a smaller proportion of our life spans. We need to become much more flexible in making new friends, dealing with new ideas, understandings, and  adopting what is good.. This is especially so for the early pioneers of this new LHL who will lose old friends who did not believe this possible and died in the old stupid inflammatory disease driven way.  We will need to construct a genuinely 'humane' human life, not one driven by the insanity of profit above the health of life on this earth. We are part of a larger Ecosystem, destroying that for short profit gain is not in our rational self interest. The current relentless rat race toward mostly meaningless goals under a equally meaningless 'hierarchal oppressive financial-political system' is dangerous for our species and the health of our earth.This is currently the system that turns all such as values and integrity into mere financial requirements that accelerate the rat race without adding to human joy or serenity. This is a system that does not encourage the the fullest development of each human for contribution to this human enterprise, and we must leave it behind. This also applies to the meaningless wars and oppressions occurring around the world. As you will see in the Ecology Section, the earth is bountiful an can be made much more so. What is occurring now is just further elaboration of the 'evil rich' arranging artificial scarcity, so they can accumulate more of the effort value of others. These too are a part of this desperate need to fleece or control others for exploitative advantage. Fundamentally an exploitative vision of human interaction. Our country was not imagined by our founders to be a relentless war state that uses the 'lies of terrorism' to 'create' terrorism at home and violence, occupation and destruction around the world. What is the point of a LHL if we are in a out of control, insane political war state?  Come, my friends, there is a better way. Read MORE

WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM ALL THIS: Our biological body is not so much failing us, rather we are abusing this biological body ! PRIMARILY, WITH COOKING CREATED AGEs in our FOOD and intake of toxins, heavy metals, etc. - and so hastening our own untimely end. At the same time, various un-addressed stealth parasites are wrecking havoc in a substantial portion of the human race - including the USA. In one form or another these processes are going on all over the planet in a way that limits our life span.



We need to have some background about what has limited our species longevity here-to-fore. Our species from our early history (some 200,000 years ago) all the way to 1900 AD died primarily of infections, with a lesser level of starvation, accidents, and human conflicts. Most premature deaths were due to needless infections that prevented a Longer Healthy Life. The gradual rise in life span of humans has largely been due to improvements in public health. These are:personal space not shared with infected others, clean water, sewage removal, quarantine of dangerous infectious individuals, removal of conditions that breed or support infectious agents, better food and healthy exercise,and a very modest benefit from vaccination and medical care. These processes excluded the very lethal bacterial, protist, and viral pathogens that claimed many lives. It did not, however, remove all potential pathogens. We routinely still get colds and flu as well as some other minor and some not so minor stealth diseases. In spite of these diseases, the average life span in the developed  world has greatly expanded from as little as 200 years ago.

The focus of public health intervention is to prevent rather than treat a disease through surveillance of cases and the promotion of healthy behaviors... During the 20th century, the dramatic increase in average life span is widely credited to public health achievements.  Public Health   Wikipedia

In the developed countries, we mostly die now of age associated diseases. These are cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia, autoimmune diseases, etc.. All of these are accelerated by an underlying gradual  rise in chronic inflammation that promotes these age-associated diseases to curtail our life span. Remove the rise in chronic inflammation and and then the underlying causes and we will not have an acceleration of these diseases. Just as with the ending of infection as cause of our deaths, so too will we end the process of gradually rising inflammation that now accelerates the death of almost all of us. This is the next major expansion of a Longer Healthy Life for our species. It will come with prolonged mental and physical strength and a much more healthy aging process. This site is about how to bring that about for you NOW and what to do to gain yet further extensions of a Longer Healthy Life.


In order to have sufficient background about the over all picture of what leads to longevity, I have organized a figure below to show what aides and what can derail a Longer Healthy Life. Over almost all the history of our species, we have died of infections. Since we have better food and public health we now die of inflammatory diseases. We really must understand this before going to elaborate on the specific Levels. We would be as helpless as the 'Middle Age's victims of the Black Plague' if we let down our guard of Public Health.

Our long human effort to expand the human life span has been very successful as judged by the figure below.

Changing our focus from what we died from to what has extended our lives, we see in the above graph the history of human life span at different historical epochs. The vertical axis represents the percent of a cohort of humans remaining alive (all born the same year in a particular historical period). The horizontal axis shows the different human ages which they achieved. Some 50,000 years ago humans were mostly dead by age 20 with a rapidly declining graph that mimics typical deaths of wild animals. Europe of 15,000 years ago was much improved but still had not "rectangularized the curve" so that most humans lived a similar longer life span. By the time we get to the USA in the 1970, most humans get to some 70 years of life or more with a much broader survival of all humans (rectangularize curve). The dashed curves further out are the range we could achieve with the benefits of limiting calories to some 60% of what we would freely eat in the presence of abundant food (extrapolated from animal CR experiments). We already have experimental evidence that this works in primates like ourselves. See the pictures in the third slide upcoming slide of this introduction to LHL.net to see the difference this makes for 27 year old Rhesus monkeys (primates much like us).

In a similar way, we must avoid health damaging foods like the GMO disaster (Genetically Modified Organisms).There is always some level of chance in life, but our job is to minimize needless limitations on our Longevity. Below is a overview of what major inputs to longevity are needed.


Most humans who have lived to great age never planned nor took any care to maximize their longevity. All came from relatively long lived genetic stock, but their achievement was neither expected nor were many vices abstained from. Marie Calmut, the oldest documented human to live on this earth (122 years)  smoked and drank till 100 years and then stopped while claiming that dark chocolate was keeping her alive (she might have been right !). Our studies of long lived Calorie Restricted animals (CR)  have born fruit  to allow us a Longer Healthy LifeLHL ). Instead of this completely haphazard method, we now have good understanding of the 'how to' live a LHL, but to also massively increase the mental and physical health of this greater LHL. The schematic above is an overview of this process of increasing our LHL. We must understand the larger picture of what is required to come together for this LHL.

In order to understand the this process we can turn to the two shining examples of extension of human and animal life spans. These are the humans living over 100 years (centenarians) and animals subjected to Caloric Restriction.

Centenarians (Read More... ), living over 100 years, are both extremely rare and show almost no common behaviors like food types or even much similar genetics, besides usually coming from families that were generally long lived to begin with. Centenarians neither planed nor were extremely careful to act in a biologically wise age protecting manner. In short, the arrived at long life by the luck of genetics and chance. Most centenarians suffer from some or many age-associated diseases but not as much or as early as their shorter lived fellows. Despite their diversity, two fundamental processes are delayed and occur to lesser extent in centenarians. First, they retain better glucose handling by insulin in their bodies. Second, they have a slower and delayed rise in chronic inflammation.

Centenarians better glucose handling is accompanied by a lower ratio of mass to height (a variable called BMI or Body Mass Index  , meaning that they are more slender than the average population. All of us can gain much of this better glucose handling by a choice what and how we intake carbohydrates in order to lower the burden on our  pancreas insulin production and other hormonal systems. Minimal disturbance of these hormone interrelated glucose handling systems are fundamental in gaining a longer healthy life. Details of how to do this are covered in the DIET and DIET II sections of this site. Disturbance of this "good " glucose handing invariably also leads to higher inflammation rates and a much more rapid rise in overall chronic (abnormal ongoing) inflammation.

For an understanding of the declines in age in human beings, see:  Read more...

A lower level and delayed development of increases in chronic (constantly ongoing) inflammation is the second important shared characteristic of all centenarians. A consequence of this lower and slower rise in inflammation is the lower and slower rise in age-associated diseases.

When we look at the experimental evidence for the most profound life extensions ever found for mammals, we are looking at calorie restriction (Read more..  COMING SOON). What extends life by this simple limitation of calories with sufficient proteins and required lipids, vitamins, and minerals ? It turns out that it is the same characteristics seen in Centenarians (good glucose handling, low inflammation ). CR animals do these more powerfully. For a long time the free radical theory of aging focused on the formation of these highly reactive unpaired electron molecules (free radicals) that react to damage other biological molecules. Despite this long period of dominance of the "free radical theory of aging", no amount of supplemental (exogenous) antioxidants nor even genetic augmentation of the level of endogenous (body produced) antioxidants has led to across the board extensions of life. Free radicals are problems and they are dangerous when they rise above the levels the body uses for information as a feed back system.

If inflammation is accelerating our age-associated disease death, where dose this inflammation come from?

# 4    Sources of Chronic Inflammatory Elevation and Actions to End

Please note that all of these trigger the NFkB gene activation and subsequent production of inflammatory cytokines. All physiological insults to body trigger this mechanism. Many pathogens have also learned to use the inflammatory process to aid their survival and further multiplication.

Heavy metal contamination It is widely understood in science that toxic heavy metals lead to activation of NFkB activation and production of inflammatory cytokines that can produce a chronic inflammation problem.You must get rid of these by detoxification, if you have silver filings, you have slowly leached out mercury (Hg) that is extremely toxic and thereby inflammatory. Toxic heavy metals lead to the activation of NFkB production of inflammatory cytokines. Toxic heavy metals should best be removed by two diet components that trap these in the gut tube and are evacuated as feces. This lowers the burden on the kidneys. See DETOXIFICATION OF HEAVY METALS & ORGANICS PDF for SUBSCRIBERS.
Organic molecules/drug contamination Abundant evidence indicates that enviromental poisons (toxic heavy metals, many organic chemicals, etc.) cause epigenetic changes that parallel the epigenetic changes in our various age-associated diseases, Epigenetic change is changes from normal tissue proteins expressed to another often pathological pattern, without damage to the DNA itself. in general epigenetic changes are always associated and likely caused by chronic inflammatory conditions. You must get rid of these by detoxification with binding structures and body's own oxidation-coupling to glutathione for voiding. The safest way to remove these persistent toxic organic molecules is via a slow process through the kidney, but this takes time to avoid injuring the kidneys. See
Gingivitis (bacterial inflammation of gums) by inflammatory bacterial lipopolysaccharides Bacterial inflammation of the gums also results in release of bacterial lipopolysaccharides and other and inflammatory molecules. Absorption of these into the blood to travel the whole body leads to higher whole body inflammation and often severe cardiovascular disease consequences. To end the bacterial gingivitis, see Tooth Care under the Externals Section of LHL.net.
Oxidation of LDL in the Arteriosclerosis process The need for powerful long lasting protective antioxidants cannot be over stated here. The whole process of inflaming the blood vessels and heart leads to yet further whole body inflammation and damage. Long lasting antioxidants are covered in the

Elevated blood homocysteine levels  Homocysteine is a intermediate amino acid between methionine and cysteine. Both Methionine and Cysteine are put in proteins, but homosysteine is not. Homocysteine is a danger to all long lived proteins because the thiol gorup (SH) damages structure and irreversibly damages the functions of various enzymes and long term structural proteins that ensure proper action of the blood vessels. This also leads to a profound inflammation that can feed back to yet more damage and possible autoimmune reactions to altered proteins. Long periods of high exercise exertion (over a hour) elevate homocysteine levels out of the normal range, as does high consumption of alcohol. High homocysteine levels leads to constriction of blood flow and occlusion of blood vessels. Once we have high homocysteine levels, only the stroke aspect is diminished, not the artery disease consequences. We must take enough Vitamins B6 (Pyridoxine), Folate B9s, and Vitamin B12 (cobaltamine) to ensure we avoid this problem. This is one of the reasons that I urge peole to take S-100 stress level of time released B vitaimins in the Supplement Section. Timethylglycine can also be protective here, but take the higher B6,B9, & B12 Vitamins as well.

In fact, a bi-directional link seems to connect Hcy <Hyc = homocysteine > and the immuno-inflammatory activation characterizing AD (auto immune diseases), in which immuno-inflammatory activation may contribute to Hcy increase, and Hcy, in its turn, may act as a pro-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating molecule putatively cooperating to the injury of the disease-specific target organs, at least in rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Moreover, Hcy may be also a trigger of autoimmune reactions through its capability to bind and structurally modify specific proteins, then resulting in neoantigens formation potentially relevant either in the onset of specific AD and in the progression of the associated cardiovascular damage. Hyperhomocysteinemia, inflammation and autoimmunity.  Lazzerini PE, Capecchi PL, Selvi E, Lorenzini S, Bisogno S, Galeazzi M, Laghi Pasini F. Autoimmun Rev. 2007 Aug;6(7):503-9.

Results of a large population-based study have suggested that inflammatory markers are the major determinants of Hcy and vitamin B(6) concentrations. This association, independent of the leading factor, may explain, at least in part, why subjects with high concentrations of Hcy and low concentrations of vitamin B(6) have a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Association between homocysteine, vitamin B(6) concentrations and inflammation. Gori AM, Sofi F, Marcucci R, Giusti B, Franco Gensini G, Abbate R. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2007;45(12):1728-36.

Elevated blood glucose levels Elevated glucose levels aggravate multiple sources of inflammation. Lower blood sugar levels by improving insulin function to clear excess glucose from blood and also avoid intake of readily available carbohydrates (or any carbohydrates). This especially includes simple sugars. The How and Why Section has a
Read More section to Improve Insulin Sensitivity which will greatly lower blood glucose levels. For more advanced cases (eg. Type-2-Diabetes) there is the Type2Diabetes-LiveNornalAgain.PDF for SUBSCRIBERS. Type-2-diabetics usually are not told that even perfect glucose maintenance will not prevent, only delay the worsening of this VERY inflammatory disease that drastically causes organ misdirection in 8 separate organ systems. Eating a diet extremely low in AGE's is an absolute requirement. This is where cooking foods is greatly accelerating the negative consequence of T2D.
Dietary intake of AGE & ALE components AGE's & ALE's
(Advanced Glycation/Lipid End Products) are cooking heat caused cross linked components made of two or more of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Our body has no enzymatic ways to correct these profoundly inflammation causing molecules. Note that AGE come from both cooked foods in our diet or those we internally form from our blood sugars reacting with proteins and lipids. These AGE's & ALE's are able to engage the vascular RAGE receptor. This receptor is then activated to alert passing lymphocytes to produce inflammatory cytokines. This is a secondary mechanism of triggering a systemic inflammatory bacterial alert (besides the macrophage presentation of samples of a foreign invader that alerts our body to the probable presence of a bacterial infection). This AGE & ALE misdirection can produce a very large inflammatory response that continues every day we eat cooked foods that trigger this response. To solve this, we can start by eating our vegetables and fruits raw, and cook to no higher than the boiling point of water (212oF or 100oC). Eating uncooked safe foods like yogurt (dairy and oat) or sprouted beans eliminate the cooking requirement. Much more details in the subsection READ More for AGE's and ALE's. Ways to get rid of both AGE and ALE as well as the long term garbage collected in our cells called 'lipofuscin' are in the AGE&ALE & LIPOFUSCIN REMOVAL.PDF for SUBSCRIBERS. Lipofuscin is a complex cross linked mess of discarded mitochondria hulks and other proteins and lipids. Nerve cells in our 'memory routing' hippocampus can accumulate 50% of cell volume as this lipofuscin. When this is removed by the technique described in the PDF, the cell has a nerve firing rate of a younger cell. This process may account for much of our brain decay, and it can be reversed safely !
Excessive belly fat that 'stuffs' our fat cells inside the gut. These stuffed fat cells become distressed and signal that to nearby macrophages. Both cells then produce inflammatory signals (mainly inflammatory cytokines) that go systematic (all over the body). When systematic, they can trigger further inflammatory cytokine production. This is part of the problem of a big belly. You are setting your self up for an onslaught of inflammatory acceleration of various age-associated diseases. See the
WEIGHT REDUCTION AND LEAN MAINTENANCE PDF for SUBSCRIBERS. With the right diet and supplements you are not hungry and drop weight in a healthy way - while learning to exercise & eat foods that maintain stable weight.
Unfavorable balance of bad to good (beneficial) bacteria in the colon The large intestine 'colon' is where over 90% of the some @ 10^14 bacteria that live on us or in our gut tube are located. This is ten fold greater than the number of cells in a human being (@ 10^13). By the time food gets to the colon, almost all protective antioxidants are already absorbed. What protection that is left consists of proanthocyanidins (circular chains of covalently linked flavonoids that are too large to absorb) and compounds like phytates (a six member carbon ring of that can have up to six phosphates attached). A great secret of the colon is that beneficial bacterial can eat some of plant oligo-fructose compounds (humans can't digest them) that the bad (dangerous, inflammatory,& pathogenic to us) bacteria mostly cannot use.  In this way beneficial bacteria can out compete them and out reproduce them. The result is a shift in numbers toward higher beneficial bacteria to pathogenic one. This means less inflammation as well as the production of butyrate (a 4 carbon saturated fatty acid found in milk, cream, and butter). Butyrate is a compound that feeds our colon cells and also reverts abnormal cells to normal or leads to their death. Since we usually don't eat enough of these soluble plant fibers, colon cancer is undergoing a massive rise in our country. Different cancer types  (stomach, colon, prostate, and many others) rise or fall with changes in our diet. Many of the changes of our diet have been very bad. Once you understand what to do and what not to, you are greatly protected. See the
Highly oxidant conditions in the body   Insufficient sources of antioxidant intake and/or a pathological high level of free radical production will tip our system to high inflammation status. This can be largely offset with higher levels of both supplemental antioxidants and increased production of you own body made antioxidants. See the Antioxidant & Supplement Sections of LHL.
Auto-immune Reactions   Autoimmune diseases are a aberrant immunological attack response to our own body. Suppressing this is important, because autoimmune diseases often lead to yet further reactions to different normal proteins in an expanding nightmare. Autoimmune reactions very often lead to high levels of free radical damage to bystander cells that produce more inflammatory cytokines that generate chronic systematic elevation of overall inflammation. There are many ways to lower the levels of autoimmune reactions, one of which requires a specific good gut bacteria to help this process. This gut bacteria suppresses abnormal immune responses and modulates the over all immune system in a cooperative way in mammals. The suppression of bad auto-immune reactions caused by this beneficial bacteria may be the reason why autoimmune diseases wax and wane - all you need is to fail to support this bacteria and its suppression is lost. See the
Acute or Chronic Bacterial Infection  Bacterial infections not only produce lipopolysaccaharides that are 'direct' 'high level' inflammation causing substances, but some chronic infecting intracellular bacteria (mycoplasmas) turn on the inflammatory process in our cells to defend themselves and also to benefit from the problems caused by this. A strong immune system and dealing with the very common place mycoplasma bacteria is critical to avoid unwanted rises in whole body inflammation. All diseases are intrinsically disease elevating (encourage further diseases). This is covered in the IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PDF
Acute or Chronic Viral Infection Viruses that only are 'alive' when they infect a living cell. They can cause profound inflammatory elevations. Many viral infections are long term chronic disasters that massively raise inflammatory events and even trigger cancers and organ degradation. A robust response from our (AUGMENTED if need) immune system is required to eliminate both acute and chronic viral infections (if possible). Immune system enhancement is covered in the IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PDF
Acute or Chronic fungal infection Fungi are also dangerous smart players in this game of either blocking our immune system from eliminating them and often turning our own intracellular inflammatory defense system on for their benefit. A robust response from our (AUGMENTED if need) immune system is required to eliminate both acute and chronic fungal infections. Immune system enhancement is covered in the IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PDF
Acute or Chronic Protist infection Protists are eucaryotic single cells, which means they have internal mitochondria and a membrane bound nucleus like our cells. Some protists are very toxic to us and can rapidly kill or sicken us unless recognized and treated. Please realize that LHL is not against needed medicine, only against stupid and exploitative medicine.
Larger Parasites (Worms, etc.)  Large parasites can often overcome our immune system by being large enough to limit the damage our immune system inflicts on much smaller critters. Sometimes this 'escape from our immune system attack' is so perfected that we need to use rather dangerous drugs targeted at these parasites. Experts estimate that over one tenth of the US population is infected with pin worms, so this is not a hypothetical concern. Worms usually impair our energy, our mental drive, and make us more susceptible to other infections from bacteria and viruses. One of the options covered in the IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PDF
for SUBSCRIBERS is functional as a treatment.  Alternatively, medical drugs (despite toxicity) and natural remedies are also suitable.
Misfolded Proteins A habitual misfolding of a otherwise normal protein structure can elicit a free radical response, and then generate an inflammatory immune reaction. A whole class of pathogens that are protein (not DNA based) are called 'prion' proteins. Basically, these aberrant proteins act as templates to cause a misfolding of their target protein. This misfolding continues and forms toxic aggregates called amyloid plaques that are injurious to cells as well as elevating inflammation. These 'protein' pathogens are not killed by cooking, nor subject to any other medical techniques. We must learn to avoid ingesting them, no other solution works here ! More details at Prions (COMING SOON)on LHL.
Radiation Exposure    Exposure to external or internal radioactive material activates the usual NFkB 'central master switch' of body inflammation. This is best avoided. Unfortunately, Fukushima has and is delivering growing levels of radioactive Cesium (Cs137) (gamma emitter) and Iodine (I 131 beta electron emitter) as well as potentially more Plutonium (Pt139) and alpha emitter). Fortunately we have not yet seen high levels of Strontium (Sr 90) which stays in our bones for a lifetime.

The body senses “danger” from “damaged self” molecules through members of the same receptor superfamily it uses for microbial “non-self”, triggering canonical signaling pathways that lead to the generation of acute inflammatory responses. For this reason, the biology of normal tissue responses to moderate and clinically relevant doses of radiation is inextricably connected to innate immunity... Although this is an oversimplification, it is certainly true that the pathways are restricted and the target genes for NF-kB and AP-1 activation are pro-inflammatory cytokines...    Links between Innate Immunity and Normal Tissue Radiobiology  Dörthe Schaue and William H. McBride  Radiat Res. 2010 Apr;173(4):406-17.   

Smoking - Smoking damage like other physiological insults is found to be mediated by NFkB activation. NFkB is the 'master switch' for inflammation and leads in these pathological cases to high levels of inflammatory cytokines that accelerate age-associated diseases., This  NFkB activation by pathological physiological insults is likely also the master switch for the process of epigenetic (changes in expression, not damage to DNA) that can directly lead to a pre-cancer and then cancer, as well as other age-associated diseases. Which one is likely dependent on genetics and environmental exposures over the life time.

Smoking is reported to effect a number of biological mediators of inflammation through its effect on immune-inflammatory cells, leading to an immunosuppressant state. Recent evidence strongly suggests that the molecular mechanisms behind the modulation of inflammation by smoking mainly involve the nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB) family...   Impact of smoking on inflammation: overview of molecular mechanisms.  Gonçalves RB, Coletta RD, Silvério KG, Benevides L, Casati MZ, da Silva JS, Nociti FH Jr.  Inflamm Res. 2011 May;60(5):409-24. 

In order to decrease or mostly eliminate the source of our chronic inflammatory problems we must get some idea of the source(s) of them. Intake of AGE & ALE cross-linked molecules is common due to our cooking of foods, with higher temperatures generating higher levels of these AGE & ALE molecules. The classic genesis of arteriosclerosis and heart disease is oxidized LDL's (Low Density Lipoproteins) that are due to insufficient antioxidant protection, that then become inflammation related artery plaques that begin the process of occluding arteries. Obesity in the absence of type-2-diabetes can elevate inflammatory cytokine production. Elevated glucose levels leading to type-2-diabetes are certain to elevate inflammation by multiple mechanisms. Over 50% of the people over 50 year of life have a gum inflammation by bacteria (gingivitis) situation that can leach highly inflammatory bacterial lipopolysaccharides into the blood stream were they will incite highly inflammatory consequences. Many if not most have some level of heavy metal contamination or drug/organic chemical exposures that need be detoxified by removal. Chronic infection with  bacteria or viruses (or parasites) always leads to a chronic elevation of inflammation. Even misfolded cell surface proteins (B-amyloid proteins in Alzheimer's disease) are a focal source of inflammation.

Evaluating which of these applies to you is something that should be considered with a physicians guidance. Read more...   COMING SOON

After you have greatly reduced the underlying sources of your inflammatory problems and improved both insulin sensitivity and lower the stress you place on your pancreas, then you can go on to a level of rejuvenation. This instead entails a simple treatment that corrects the problems underlying the age-associated diseases and preserves your muscle and Brain functions with age.

Remember the long lived Calorie Restricted (CR) animals that like the human Centenarians showed superior insulin sensitivity and glucose control along with lower inflammatory status? They have also taught us something very profound about maintaining muscle and brain ability.The CR animals have only minor mental loses with age and do a much better job of keeping their muscles in good state, despite little exercise. Both of these last two are profoundly lost in older humans who seem to waste away muscle and lose brain sharpness and ability. Fasting CR animals are able to retire damaged proteins back to amino acids that are reused, and replace damaged or dead cells with 'stem cells'. Stem cells are uncommitted cells that can replace damaged or dead cells in various organs - something that we could do all our lifetime if we did not gradually lose the ability to activate these repair and rejuvenation stem cells. The secret is simple, both turnover of damaged proteins, mitochondria, and stem cell recruitment and repair/replacement of damaged organs (including the brain and muscles) REQUIRES a process of daily fasting to be optimized. This process of fasting leads to a turnover of oxidized (damaged) protein, of damaged mitochondria, and recruitment of stem cells to repair and rejuvenate various organs. There is a profound brain-muscle feedback loop that is maintained and strengthened by the intermittent fasting  READ More... COMING SOON

Over the human life span there is a gradual rise in the percent of cellular proteins that are oxidized. A 20 year old man will have only 10% of his cellular protein oxidatively damaged, while a 70 year old man will have about 50%. This 50% oxidized is a very serious impediment to cell function. The same is true of damaged mitochondria. Stem cell recruitment and replacement of  damaged or dead cells in an organ depends on this low level of nutrients as a required process of recruiting stem cells. So, now you know part of the process of repair and rejuvenation of our tissues with age, but it requires a fasting process to be maintained in later years. This process is even more augmented by fasting and exercising when fasted. The payoff here is better maintenance of our tissues and the proper interaction of various systems in a cooperative fashion. In particular, it means that mental abilities can be retained and physical strength can also be retained. It is very probably that all organ functions are benefited by this same process because it results in reconstitution and rejuvenation of organ function. Forget the nonsense of resveratrol and pterostilbene 'replacing' calorie restriction, they don't do the fasting that is needed to turnover damaged proteins and organelles as well as recruit  stem cells for repair & rejuvenation. Now we can more profoundly understand why CR animals can live 20-40% longer than the ad libitum (as much as you want) matched pairs. CR results in profound improvements in insulin sensitivity that translate into lower insulin and glucose levels, profoundly lower and delayed rise in chronic inflammation with age, the fasting process results in turnover of oxidatively damaged proteins that leads to new "good" proteins and mitochondria, while the same fasting process recruits stem cells to repair and rejuvenates not only muscles and brain but all organs. This combined effect cannot be achieved by such stupid interventions as supplemental or induced endogenous growth hormone (GH) that does create more muscle while decreasing body fat, but ignores this fundamental need to recruit new stem cells for repair and rejuvenation of all organs and tissues as well as turnover of damaged proteins to avoid a buildup of damaged ineffective proteins. The use of supplemental or augmented endogenous GH will not extend to a Longer Healthy Life, but may 'short term' satisfy the vanity of some confidence needful males for better muscles. Read more...  COMING SOON

Another problem with living on this earth is that we are exposed to various heavy metal poisons and even mores so organic and drug toxins. While some of these are naturally eliminated by our bodies detoxification system, some are long retained in the ecosystem to be an ongoing threat (often called 'persistent'). We can remove long retained heavy metal toxins in a safe way that does not go through the vulnerable kidney, but uses the intestinal tract instead. We can also slowly remove dangerous organic poisons with a modified citrus pectin. Thus we have safe ways to detoxify our body from it's long accumulation of organic toxins, drugs, and heavy metals.

Over the course of our lives we are inadvertently exposed to a very wide variety of dangerous toxic heavy metals that take up permanent residence to continue to injure us. At the same time, we are bombarded by various drug and organic poisons in our food , water, air, and our home and work exposure. This includes herbicides and pesticides (that are almost all 'epigenetic poisons') as well as the huge untested number of organic chemicals released without proper long term testing for generational damage. The USA is a great big uncontrolled experiment in dangerous toxin exposure due to ingestion of GMO DNA that takes up residence in our gut bacteria and then produced toxic pesticides in our own gut. This is almost as bad as our exposure to radiation principally due to the insanity of nuclear power plants that are now seen by most intelligent people as a horrible greed driven human disaster that is likely to deeply damage our genes and the future of our children.

While we cannot get rid of these dangerous GMO plasmids in our gut bacteria without some sort of antibiotic purge, we can remove the heavy metals (including  such radioactive ones as 239 Plutonium an Uranium) and similarly remove most organic (drug and pesticide/herbicide) poisons that we have unknowingly been exposed to. 

While we are on the subject of detoxification, we can also remove almost any parasites, unhealthy bacteria, yeast, protists, and the like of unwanted and dangerous (biological) living organisms. While we can inactivate blood stream floating viruses, we cannot easily get rid of viruses that integrated into our cellular DNA in the nucleus of the cell (HIV, cold Viruses, etc.). Along the same lines, we do have simple non-toxic methods to protect ourselves in the event of biowar or epidemics ! See IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PDF for SUBSCRIBERS   Read more... about surviving biowar.  COMING SOON

When we cook food, we inadvertently cause inappropriate cross linking of reducing sugars (glucose, fructose, etc.) with proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. These biologically inappropriate products are called AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts) and ALEs (Advanced Lipid(glycation) Endproducts). These are molecules that our body does not do a good job or detoxifying. Worse yet, a vascular located receptor called the RAGE receptor responds to the presence of these molecules in our blood as if they were products of some invading organism. This triggers massive whole body inflammation that then causes problems we have already detailed.

The higher the temperature at which we cook food, the worse this inflammation is. We can minimize this process for foods that need be cooked (fish like Salmon, eggs, and all other meats) by keeping cooking temperatures no higher than boiling water. We still get AGEs and ALEs but orders of magnitude (powers of ten) less that when we barbecue, broil, roast, etc. This also applies to the treatment of our carbohydrates that typically contain both reducing sugars and both protein and unsaturated fatty acids. When we heat these to baking temperatures, these reactions occur and generate AGEs and ALEs. Foods that might at first seem to be kept cool (oils,butter, cream, etc) are also massive contributors to our AGE and ALE levels because of food industry 'flash temperature processing' that trigger the same process.

If you imagine this contribution to the inflammation ACCELERATION of our death is minor, you are greatly mistaken. When calorie restricted animals are compared to normal eat as much as you wish (ad libitum), the CR animals get some 20-40% increase in maximum life span over the ad libitum. If you just heat the CR animals food (not that of the ad libitum controls) to temperatures that are well below below boiling, the CR process of additional life span is completely ended relative to normal (unheated ) food for the ad libitum. This is a profound loss of 20-40% extensions of  healthy life spans. Imagine what you are doing to yourself with barbecue, broiled, and roasted/baked foods that are at heated to much higher than the boiling point of water.

It is peculiar that the very quality of being able to keep meat around longer by cooking it (sterilizing) that allowed us to support our very active brains with high protein levels (5% of mass but uses some 20% of our energy) is now turning up to limit our life span by inflammation. Such is the irony of life. We need to find alternatives to cooking our food as this is now limiting us via this inflammatory process - even if we are otherwise healthy and trim.

Changing this dangerous atavistic burning of our food to produce shortened life spans can be corrected without loss of taste or delight in food. Read more...

Cancer is always a risk for a multi-cellular organism. We can minimize this risk by acting to destroy altered or transformed cells that are developing toward cancer. The simple and without risk protocol for ATTACKING Cancer Unique Vulnerabilities 1-3 described in the Cancer-AlternativesMiniPreview.pdf for SUBSCRIBERS  allows you to revert to harmless non-dividing cells or kill cancer cells. I routinely do this once or twice a year for a few weeks. This process is probably the principal way your body destroys not only cancer but abnormal cells that are progressing toward cancer but not yet there. Our current problems with the insanity of nuclear power plants (or nuclear weapons) entail massive risk because a 1 microgram speck of 239 Plutonium ( 0.000000035 ounce - not even visible to the eye) when inhaled will most likely result in lung cancer 5-20 years later. The only way to fix this is to revert damaged cells to non-dividing (terminal differentiated) cells or kill these abnormal cells. Read more...

The longer we live, the greater the likelihood of "chance events" being responsible for our demise. A fall that brakes bones, a minor cold that gets worse and worse, and many other major or minor events can injure or end our lives. What is very good news about the materials covered here is that one will massively put off the period of feebleness and fragile health status. This is because we will have maintained our stem cell repair and rejuvenation function and avoided the typical profound loss of glucose handling with age as well as the completely needless rise of inflammation with age that largely diminishes our ability to conduct good maintenance of our body. I am betting on the basis of extended life span and delayed rise in age-associated diseases of the CR animals, that this will do exactly the same for us - ONLY WE CAN DO YET BETTER. We still do not know how much of a Longer Healthy Life this will give us, but it is clear that these are the first steps. At the same time we must use our accumulated wisdom to avoid foolish 'Darwin awards'. Most of these behaviors are about vain or foolish actions that can easily be easily avoided by some mature judgment.  Read more...   COMING SOON

While human extended families have been common in human history, there was never a time when potentially 4 or 5 generations of the same family were alive. This is the likely consequence of extending the human life span by ending much of the current needless inflammatory limitations. This will bring other major changes related to expectations of single long term marriage partners for life and the full set of complications of a very large net of family relations.  Read more...   COMING SOON

Another gene involved in our process of aging is the TOR or mTOR (mammalian TOR) gene. Partial inhibition the TOR gene leads to increases in life spans that are very large in lower animals but more modest in mammals. Read MORE...

Absent infections and unfortunate genetic disease, WHY DO WE AGE? Why don't we just go along without an aging process?

What we have learned in this section is that too rapid and too high a delivery of nutritional support  drives "over stimulation" of the Insulin/IGF-1 and mTOR control systems along with the ensuing disease creating and accelerating chronic inflammation  that appears to be able to stimulate harmful epigenetic charges that set up and generate conditions for the various age-associated diseases. Thus, this nutritional excess "over stimulation" of the Insulin/IGF-1 & mTOR control systems are the principal causes, and set the rate of our human and general mammalian aging (absent infections, etc.). this combines with genetic and environmental influences to select which of the of age associated diseases develops first as well as setting the timing of onset and rate of development of these diseases. Extending the healthy period of life involves slow nutritional delivery of just enough nutrition to blunt the elevations of Insulin-IGF-1 and mTOR along with lessening the development of a rise in chronic inflammation.



We can lower  the elevation of the Insulin/IGF-1 axis, mTOR gene, and the ensuing rising chronic inflammatory sequence in humans by food components in our historic diet that have been used by humans for thousands of years ! Other specific components of our normal diet are able to rapidly undo the epigenetic changes created by this elevation sequence of unwise actions. See Longevity PDF for SUBSCRIBERS.

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