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Skin is our primary interface with the outside world, it is the largest organ in humans. As such it protects us from externals, but also has many other functions like being the site of generating a precursor for Vitamin D, allowing heating and cooling of the body by peripheral vascular tightening or loosing to control heat flows, and being a delaying structure for any pathogen that seeks to enter our body. The uniqueness of the skin as a major site of immunological learning and response is critical to our survival.  

Direct experience has shown that the quality of our skin is dependent upon a proper diet sufficient in essential fatty acids (the w-6 and w-3 FA we covered in DIET section) as well as a generous sufficiency of various other sources of fatty acids like those from olive oil, butter, an coconut oil. Not so much oil to put on weight, but enough for good skin. Good sources of Zinc and a rich supply of antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, D, E, ,and carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.) as well as a rich source of B vitamins are required. For the skin exposed to sunlight, carotenoid protection is very important as carotenoids scavenge a type of free radical called singlet oxygen which is a common production from direct sunlight. Otherwise this singlet oxygen free radical is stable enough to travel into the nucleus of the cell and oxidize DNA. This process is blocked by moderate to high levels of dietary carotenoids. A regularly scheduled undisturbed good nights sleep in total darkness is also important to deliver the profound antioxidant melatonin that greatly lowers free radical damage as well as the normal restorative benefits of sleep. Skin is also benefited by a wide variety of dietary antioxidants from fruits and vegetables. Many of the high antioxidant fruits like unsweetened prunes and fresh unsweetened cranberries are excellent sources of natural antioxidants for skin care.  Other good sources are freshly  extracted unsweetened vegetable juices. Many physicians have been struck by the lesser occurrence of wrinkles in older women who juice vegetables regularly . Most of this information was covered in the ANTIOXIDANT section. Additionally, sufficient Zinc (Zn) is another major requirement for good skin, remember not to over do this. Excess zinc is harmful to your immune system as is too little.

Going into any drugstore or market will allow you to examine a huge number of various skin care products with long lists of ingredients that are supposed to perform some benefit. We will examine the various types of ingredients and their "benefits" here.

Body Lotions
Some harsh environments with freezing or extreme hot & drying (very low humidity) climates can take a toll on skin quality. When possible, protect exposed skin against both very cold or dry heat by using the simplest skin care product  possible.

Beware of most skin care products as the FDA does not require safety testing before they are sold.  
Even seemingly safe widely used compounds like the parabens group are potential problems. Parabens is a very effective antimicrobial that greatly extends shelf life, but evidence is accumulating that it also appears to have a weak  estrogen mimic effects which one scientist has suggested as a potential cause of breast cancer . The FDA does not oversee safety of most cosmetics, and has stated that they see no threat "at the at the present time" . The broad class of these types of compounds are often called "gender benders" as they may feminize males, but they also increase the total estrogen exposure of females. We do not have enough certainty to rule this possibility out right now. We will more extensively cover these "gender benders" in the DON'Ts section. Be aware that various parabens formulations are found in shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and sunscreens, These may not be dangerous, but we should have studied long term effects before dumping them on people.

A further listing of the potential stew of potentially dangerous chemical used in beauty and external care formulations is much too large to list here. A partial listing with the reasons why can be found here

I particularly agree with Dr. Mercola's argument that "what ever you put on the outside of your body is something you should be "willing to ingest" (This is because your skin will take it into the body. This sets the hurdle high enough so that you will not be using dangerous compounds on your skin that will certainly be absorbed through the skin. I like and use Dr. Mercola's Body Butter product as I think this is the best and safest of formulated skin care products. Another equally good skin care product that has different composition and different directions from Dr. Nan Fuchs is an alternative . Things that are safe enough to eat, and have a long history of safety in human usage are things we need not worry about.  They have been tested for  a long time, and we know the results.

Other notable well formulated Skin care lotions for repair and reuvenation are:

   WELEDA Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream     http://www.weleda,com

   Heal Tastic - excellent for repairing cracked heel skin and removing dead skin and rejuvenating feet, use dark socks with this as it is a mixture of a variety of healing seed oils and will otherwise stain socks. You should see improvement in days  (this does have dimethicone at 1% as well as Neem and Kranaja Oils )

N.B. If you continually have cracked heel skin, you should find out if you have enough sources of Vitamin A in your diet. This is retinol Vitamin A, not b-carotenes that are Vitamin A precursors. Our bodies require some already formed Vitamin A (not just the precursor b-carotene). There is a needed balance between intake of higher supplement Vitamin D3 to augment immunity and health and Vitamin A levels as there is hormonal crosstalk and such between these two. DO NOT OVER DO THE VITAMIN A as this can be very dangerous in excess (permanent eye damage or blindness from gross excess).  This is covered in more detail in the Supplements section.

Insect Repellents
Along with skin lotions, you should be especially careful of any other substances you put on your skin. When  the summer insect season is in full swing, you may want to use insect repellents. Beware!  Recently, the long used insect repellent compound DEET has been found to be toxic to the central nervous system (spinal nerves and brain and eyes) . On top of a single potential risk, our use of multiple active components in our skin care products means we may be subject to far greater risk. The risk of TOXIC SYNERGY can arise from a biological multiplier (many fold rather than just a simple addition of risks) from many other neurotoxic compounds also found in insect repellents. TOXIC SYNERGY occurs when two or more components in a mixture have far greater damage together than a simple addition of their separate toxicity's would indicate.  You can think of this as the opposite of BENEFICIAL SYNERGIES that can greatly aid our benefit. These sort of things can have large multiples of benefit or harm. This turns out to be a generalized problems of how many separate exposures to potentially dangerous chemicals and minerals may produce a negative result of  far greater  magnitude than a simple addition of the dangers or benefits of each added together. This is now a very important subject of investigation in the world of government oversight, as we simply don't know enough about potential interactions to have much confidence that we will remain safe. DEET insect repellent targets the insect "acetylcholine nerve cell transmission" system. Unfortunately, we humans also have the same acetylcholine based nerve transmission system. This potential of a much greater damage than expected from each separately added toxic component in a mixture is a daunting problem to solve. This is so difficult a mechanism to test, that it is rarely ever tested for!  Testing for synergies gets complicated when you have multiple active compounds in a mixture, it takes a good deal of effort. While this may seem minor, consider its importance for young children whose neuronal systems may still be developing. Don't use DEET.
So, how can we protect ourselves?
Cultures have a long history of using essential oils of various flowers or plants to drive off insects.  This was done long before we had chemical industries making unnatural products. Thus, we have a long history with a lot of knowledge about safety and multigenerational exposures to humans to judge longer range safety. Essential oils of some plants completely repel most insects .In other cases we have to use more than one together to repel a particular type of insect. This long historical experience has been documented over the long course of human cultures.  Since we have a long historical knowledge of these fragrant  plant oils over the long history of our culture, we can reasonably expect to understand the levels of risk (or lack there of). Moreover, we have a whole group of people who have studied this knowledge and are expert on what works in your local conditions. With the reach of the INTERNET, we can contact experts in these areas immediately. The following list is only partial, but it gives you an idea of how you escape from the toxic poison systems that are now so badly serving both our selves, our children,  and our planet. LIST: Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5.

Other general insect repellents include citronella, cedarwood, lemongrass, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, peppermint, pennyroyal, lavender, and bergamot. A little goes a long ways.
I myself sip an extremely dilute mixture of water with some clove oil (1-2 drops per liter water, shaken violently or will not mix- not soluble in cold or ice water, use warm or room temp water) most of the day .  In summer - mosquito's seem to avoid me.

SunScreens and Protecting Your Skin from Damage
The whole idea behind sun screens is to protect your skin from damaging solar radiation. They DO NOT BLOCK THE HARMFUL UVA, BUT DO BLOCK THE USEFUL UVB THAT MAKES VITAMIN D ON YOUR SKIN). Of the many problems with this concept, one of the most extreme is that the typical sun screen blocks the lower energy ultra violet B spectrum that is needed for Vitamin D production on the skin by as much as 97.5 to 99.9 percent .  This while usually not blocking the shorter wavelength untraviolet-A solar radiation which is much more dangerous to DNA in your skin surface cells.  Absent pre-existing conditions like already present skin cancer, a small amount of sunlight during the high Ultra Violet B  noon time period is probably overall good for your health. In most mid-latitudes of the northern or southern hemisphere, this would only take 20 minute around the noon day peak. You can calculate how long of exposure under year timing and climate conditions you would take to get sufficient Vitamin D from sunlight . This allows the creation of partially matured Vitamin D formed in your skin. Generation of Vitamin D by sun exposure is a much more "natural feedback limited" way to get our healthy requirement of Vitamin D. The body will cease making Vitamin D when it has enough by a normal feedback mechanism.The next best is taking supplements of Vitamin D3. Unfortunately, as one gets away from the equator toward the poles of our earth, the amount of Vitamin D creating ultraviolet B (UV-B) radiation falls off rather rapidly. In Winter, at the latitude of Seattle (USA), you could sunbathe naked all day without getting any Vitamin D precursor  formation.  Winter is a relatively dangerous period having the highest incidence of influenza and colds (a C-virus). Many leading researchers in the field of Vitamin D  call influenza a vitamin D deficiency disease .   Sunscreen by preventing Vitamin D production, may actually increase the risk of cancer. There is a epidemic of too little Vitamin D protection worldwide, but especially the further away from the equator and in more developed countries where people get less sun exposure. 

Cleaning Skin
Our skin accumulates various sebum (short chain fatty acids inhibitors of bacteria) from our sweat glands and hair follicles and gradually sloughs off the top layers of cells that have comprised the epidermis (outer layer of our skin). Additional to this are all the dust and dirt we collect when moving about and working in the world. On top of all this, we have a small universe of diverse bacteria living on and in our skin.
The world is filled with bacteria, they are the largest number of individual living things on earth and comprise a huge percentage of  biomass of life on earth. We are constantly exposed to huge numbers of these creatures. This  excludes the most pathogenic bacteria which our public health measures have worked to deplete from our human environment and especially from our food and water. During our childhood period and throughout all of life, our immune system is constantly monitoring for potential dangers from these. Again with the exception of the nasty pathogens (examples being cholera, syphilis, anthrax, leprosy, bubonic plague, typhoid, typhus), Healthy humans are mostly well able to control any possible threat this diversity of less dangerous bacteria pose to our life. Despite this major public health success in handling the bacteria and fungi that live on our body, soap & detergent manufacturer's has convinced many Americans to buy "antibacterial soaps" that are now the highest selling group . This "patently stupid" FEAR MONGERING type of misleading advertising is mainly about PROFITS and is contrary to the best health of humans and the ecosystem we live in.

The evolution of drug-resistant bacteria is not just the result of prescription neglect. Antibacterial and antimicrobial soap, and other cleaning products you have in your bathroom and kitchen, are also responsible. Just as antibiotic prescriptions can be misused, so, too, can antibacterial products.  Should antibacterial soap be outlawed?   by Josh Clark    

Antibiotics are like a shotgun in killing beneficial or just harmless as well as "minor" level nasty bacteria. When you do this, you expose huge expanses of your skin to alternative colonization with potentially worse bacteria or fungi. The shotgun analogy of killing may be giving too much credit, as you don't kill them all. Some become gradually able to resist the antibiotic (shotgun) that you use. Now we have antibiotic resistant bacteria that can be a much greater problem if they manage to produce some real problems for us. Those real problems are much more likely as we have massively disturbed a dynamically stable population of skin bacteria that have harmlessly colonized our skin and gut to exclude the many dangerous bacteria. Foolish IMMORAL PROFIT MOTIVE and FEAR MONGERING are at work here, don't fall for it. Worse yet, this will be dumping great levels of this antibiotic into the environment where it will similarly disturb established equilibriums between different bacteria and lead to new instabilities in the populations and safety of the natural environment. Clearly, this is not solving our problems, rather it is creating huge levels of new ones.

Reports have suggested that the common deoderant and soap additive 'triclosan' can combine with chlorine in tap water to form chloroform gas,[19] which the United States Environmental Protection Agency classifies as a probable human carcinogen. Triclosan

This gets even worse when we consider the "antibiotic" in these "antibiotic soaps'". If you read the labels, you find that the common used antibiotic is "triclosan" . Triclosan has a molecular formula close to that of "Agent Orange" that the US sprayed in Vietnam for defoliation purposes. Unfortunately, "Agent Orange" also produced massive increases in birth defects and skin diseases. Triclosan can interact with chlorine in the public water system to form chloroform (CHCl3), another organo-chlorine molecule you want no acquaintance with.  Worse yet, one of the degradation products of triclosan released into the natural waterway is the carcinogenic and toxic dioxin . Dioxins are endocrine disrupters or more graphically "gender benders" who mimic female estrogen. Did I mention that dioxins are extremely long lived chemicals in the the body and the environment where they accumulate ?  I hope by now you realize that this COMMERCIAL INSANITY is not in the best interests of you or your children, let alone our only earth.

Triclosan is used in many common household products, including Clearasil Daily Face Wash, Dentyl mouthwash, Dawn, the Colgate Total range, Crest Cavity Protection, Softsoap, Dial, Right Guard deodorant, Sensodyne Total Care, Old Spice, Mentadent, and Bath and Body works hand sanitizers. Should antibacterial soap be outlawed?   by  Josh Clark       

Anti-bacterial soaps are also detrimental to the environment, despite being the best selling "soaps" because they are  shotgun weapons that injure good as well as dangerous bacteria, and usually the dangerous grow back faster! Antibacterial Soap: Do You Need It to Keep Your Home Clean? WebMD

We all have some 10 to 20x times as many bacteria and other living microscopic critters on our outer skin and in our gastrointestinal track (mouth to anus, but topologically outside our protected body) relative to the 10-100 trillion cells in the human body (10-100 x 10^12  ) . Since no one has actually counted all the cells in a human body or bacteria on it, these are estimates. As you know by now, most of these bacteria are relatively harmless under normal conditions and may even be beneficial for production of needed components in our gut. Some are not, and are kept from damaging us by our immune system. Animals that are kept free of bacteria and viruses (called "germ free" animals ) do not develop a healthy immune system nor absorb their food well. Get over the silly fear of bacteria and viruses, we do a relatively good job of stopping most pathogens. Almost all of our protection is not primarily by "antibiotics" or for that matter vaccines. With good public health measures against the few real bad pathogens and a healthy robust immune system we remain healthy. See the IMMUNITY section for more details.

Subscribers  to this site (SUBSCRIBE here or menu item in MENU section) get  information about how to non-medically suppress autoimmunity and allergies  in the   AUTOIMMUNITY & ALLERGY. pdf . You will also benefit from the IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PDF for SUBSCRIBERS that will help you handle any dangerous bacteria or viruses. Subscription is $ 30/year ($ 2.50/month).

If this was all the bad substances put in soaps for your skin, we would both be happy. Unfortunately, this is not so. Some soaps have Titanium dioxide for a sparkling white color, some put toxic metals like Aluminum (Al+3) for it's antibacterial effect, some put in Silver (Ag+) and Nickel. The list goes on.  Our best choices are soaps with long history of promoting human health without these "better living through chemistry" mistakes.

Soaps are considered cosmetics and have virtually no requirement for safety testing before sale. While soaps do not meet the Dr. Mercola ideal of "nothing on the body you would not put in the body", this is one necessity of a civilized life.

Instead of a variety of less well defined (or undefined) additives, I favor a long human experience with simple soap that has no "Better living through Chemistry" additives.  Why am I emphasizing such old technology as "soaps"? Because humans have lived with soaps since the ancient world and we know the relative safety and the lack of horrific environmental consequences that our 'so' modern, poorly tested chemical stews - that also wreck havoc with the environment. We must understand that plain soap is just as protective as the more dangerous chemical laced non-biodegradable environmentally destructive ones.

Soap has a long safe record of use by humans that stretches back to ancient Babylon . This is not true of what is now being merchandised as ever "better living through chemistry". Instead, our industrial and personal products are leaching into our water supply and damaging the ecology of the world. Better to sacrifice a sickening  "whiter than white" to leave a world our children can live in with delight. Ordinary soap is very biodegradable. At diluted concentrations, bacteria eat it for food. It simply does not stay around to poison the environment.

Common chemicals in body soap can cause the following health risks:
    •    Benzaldehyde: Depresses the nervous system, brings on dizziness, vomiting, and sudden drops in blood pressure if inhaled.
    •    Benzyl Acetate: Eye and lung irritant, and known carcinogen that has been associated with pancreatic cancer.
    •    Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS): Breaks down fats, and impairs the skins ability to maintain moisture. Classified as a "mutagen" meaning it can alter genetic material in cells.
    •    Ethanol: On the EPA's hazardous waste list! Can irritate the respiratory tract and cause vision impairments and loss of muscle control
    •    Linalool: Narcotic substance that can harm your respiratory system and motor activity. Can also attract bees, which would be a problem for those of you allergic to bees.
    •    Again, this is just a short list to give you an idea. The good news is, you have plenty of healthy natural soaps to choose from!
    •        The Dangers of Typical Body Soaps and The Body Ecology Recommendations

Ordinary soap is made by the  alkaline (NaOH) hydrolysis of vegetable oils. This produces negatively charged carboxyl groups of longer chain fatty acids and glycerin,  The hydrolyzed fatty acids precipitate out and are compacted to produce bar soap or dissolved up using some emulsifying compound (the hemp seed oil in the later mentioned liquid soap from Dr. Bronner). Soap can be made from either animal tallow (fat, lard) or from various vegetable oils. The best of soaps are usually made from vegetable oils, often olive oil. and often have some of the unhydrolyzed fat left to produce the "super-fatted soaps" that are delightfully creamy.

Soap is   normally an anionic surfactant which means that it is a negatively charged but still a long chain fatty like molecule that interacts to break up grease and fat films by forming soluble colloids (multi-molecule microballs of dirt and associated soap molecules that are soluble unlike the original dirt, oils and grime). It an also be a saponin derivative of soap that removes the negative charge by placing a saponin group (high solubility) to make it more adaptable. This is purpose of washing our hands, hair or body. Then we rinse away any unnecessary accumulation of bacteria, viruses, or dirt that has stuck to our skin. This is primarily what we need to get rid of recently exposures to bacteria and viruses or dirt  that has found a way to stick to our skin. We are not trying to do the insanity of sterilizing our skin with antibacterials, it can't be done without damaging our skin. We cannot generate aa healthy human who does not have a huge diverse assortment of bacteria.

My first choice of an excellent and low cost soap is Dr. Bronners universal use lightly scented liquid soaps or mild hypo-allergic/baby liquid soaps . It is my choice of soap for myself, my laundry, and almost anything else. The wonderful thing about Dr. Bronners soap (almost all real soaps) is that it is easily biodegraded with no great problems for the ecosystem. I tend to put about 5% (by volume) of additional Jojoba oil into the liquid soap I use on my body and hair. Jojoba oil an easily biodegradable oil from an American southwest desert plant. It has been used for centuries by the American indians for skin care . I think you will find it very pleasing. Below is the list of ingredients in Dr. Bronner's liquid soaps. Don't worry about the hemp seed oil as this is just an emulsifier - all very legal. You will find that a little bit goes a very long way.

Dr. Bronners Liquid soaps INGREDIENTS:
Water, Saponfied Organic Coconut Oil*, Saponified Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Glycerin, Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol (Vit. E), * Certified Fair Trade by IMO

Dr. Bronner's soaps are also a recommendation of the Body Ecology site quoted above. They suggest several other soaps that are also healthy and ecologically friendly choices .

How do we care for the Delicate Skin Tissue around the Eyes?
The region around the eyes has very sensitive tissue that is also easily loses moisture with consequences of not looking your best (black circles under eyes). You should splash water on this region of the face several times a day but avoid using harsh soaps more often than necessary. Some skin lotion here may be appropriate. Soaps that are used should have 5% jojoba oil that will act to improve the skin quality of this area. (I use Dr. Bronner's soap with 5% extra jojoba oil for all washing of body and hair). MAKE SURE YOU RINSE THIS SOAP OFF SEVERAL TIMES. Some of the jojoba oil will remain, but you must get rid of the soap. Otherwise irritation and inflammation or rashes could occur.  This also goes double for allergies, wash that pollen off ( imagine those plants trying to have sex with you !  )

What about Ear Wax?
Ear wax is a protective and antimicrobial substance put out by a gland in our ear canal. We should never use cotton covered Q-Tips or the like to try to get this out as we may damage our ear drum. Normal soap and water usually suffices. It you can't succeed with that, a little gently warmed (not much above skin temperature) olive oil put into the ear canal(tilt head to keep it in) and left for a few minutes should loosen and dislodge it. After this washed this out with soap and water. Don't needlessly injure the delicate ear drum.


Nails are a specialized keratin formation that are very sensitive to all nutritional deficiencies ! 

Virtually every nutritional deficiency can affect the growth of the nail in some manner. Nutrition and nail disease. Cashman MW, Sloan SB. Clin Dermatol. 2010 Jul-Aug;28(4):420-5.

Nails can also be damage and grow improperly, be infected with various pests (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.). To solve these problems Read More...  COMING SOON.

Hair is somewhat peculiar in that gentle brushing several times a day with a natural boar bristle brush (avoid harder nylon) will stimulate blood flow. Don't over do this to the extent of causing irritation or inflammation.

Brushing hair is more beneficial than combing since brushing stimulates the scalp and thereby promotes blood circulation.  All Hair Loss Treatments Combing vs Brushing .

I find that the use of the single soap from Dr. Bronner works both as a body cleaning  and shampoo cleaning (as well as a general cleaning agent without the extra Jojoba oil).  We will have more to say about why this eco friendly approach best suits living on this world without despoiling it.

The author has developed a non-medical treatment for Male pattern baldness and another for reversing the gradual greying that comes with age. The components for this simple non-toxic mixture are readily available commercially.  The mix is vigorously rubbed into the scalp before sleep. The mix has no odor and can be left on all day or can be removed by showering in the morning. Two applications a day are more effective. It has taken me takes several months to repopulate the areas of male pattern baldness with the growth taking place from the edges inward. The composition and instructions for this mixture are available only to subscribers. I retain the right to patent this mixture, but will provide the information so long as subscribers will honor secrecy in this matter. These techniques are based on well established scientific understandings. This is low cost with no health problems. Try it, it may work for you too.

I do not know yet if this works for female loss of hair, but suspect it will because nothing is male specific about the mix, and nothing is harmful.

Subscribe now by the SUBSCRIBE menu item in left MENU section ( $30/year with all current and future PDF's including the HAIR RESTORATION?.PDF sent to your email box for a period of 1 year ($ 2.50/month).)

The critical word here is BEWARE. Women's cosmetics have been and continue to be a source of toxins and poisons for centuries. No only has that not changed, but the massive INNOVATIVE IGNORANCE of our modern time with far more chemicals introduced has made this much worse for more people. Many cosmetic products of even "health food stores" like Whole Foods have been found to contain the carcinogenic and tetragenic (produces birth defects) dioxane that formed due to the interaction of components while sitting on the shelf. Some companies (Oreal) offer the insanity of nanoproducts (covered in next DON'Ts section) in their cosmetics. AVOID ALL OF THESE. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has required a listing of all ingredients in cosmetics, but still does not require safety testing of cosmetics. As you already know, this is just more REGULATORY CAPTURE of the oversight agencies by corporate interests. Dr. Mercola has detailed a variety of products found in beauty care that are very toxic.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does oversee cosmetics, but it's an after-the-fact kind of oversight, where unsafe products can be taken off the market once they have been proved to be unsafe. Unlike drugs, cosmetics don't have to go through clinical trials before they go on the market.”  Teresa Riordan, author of “"Inventing Beauty: A History of the Innovations That Have Made Us Beautiful ".”

Great resource to find out what is in various Consumer items (NOT JUST COSMETICS): cosmeticsdatabase.com

Teeth of some primitive modern modern day hunter gather groups are often a marvel of pearly white and strong dentition. This is not true of any groups that consumed an increased amount of  simple sugar carbohydrates.

A diet high in simple sugars is the principle cause of dental decay. When Dr. Weston Price went around the world looking at native peoples who had large numbers of healthy elderly, he found that the teeth of these people had very little decay. At the time, there were no dentists to repair damage in these isolated locations, so this was what was normal for them. This is described and documented with photos in his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" . Price found less than 1% tooth decay in the native peoples he examined. More over, their teeth were straight and white, no need for dental efforts for the Hollywood smile. More astonishing was the fact that they practiced no dental hygiene - they had never even seen a toothbrush. Foods they consumed were seasonally available natural and organic (no pesticides, etc.) with little or no simple sugars. Some cultures ate unpasturized dairy products and all of the cultures ate some sort of fermented food. Raw food was the rule, with little "cooking".  All of these cultures consumed animal food including organ meat.

This near absence of tooth decay is hardly ever true of people in the developed world who have multiple cavities and often highly inflamed gingiva (gum) tissue surrounding the teeth. This often leads to further tooth loss.

Dental health is an important indicator both of oral and of general health.  The  most accessible dental health indices in archaeological skeletons are carious (cavities) lesions and ante-mortem (before death) tooth loss.  The former result from a disease process characterized by the focal demineralization of dental hard tissues by organic acids produced by bacterial fermentation of dietary carbohydrates, especially sugars.  In the modern era, the introduction and general availability of refined sugar caused a huge increase in dental decay.  In the more distant past, the adoption of agriculture led to a general increase in tooth decay, especially from the introduction of maize .  The agricultural shift and the later use of increasingly refined foods have resulted in an increase in periodontal disease, caries, tooth loss, and abscesses.  The patterns of tooth decay and linkages with dietary and lifestyle changes have been studied in the Western Hemisphere but few have examined the timing and scope of regional differences in Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Eating a diet with low glycemic index foods and little or no sugar (can use stevia or xylitol as sweeteners!) will massively alter this needless injury to our species. AND  IT WILL LENGTHEN LIVES.

Tooth Care
First, as the joke among dentists goes, only "floss the teeth you wish to keep". Flossing is very important as it gives you the opportunity to gain access to tight regions that would be other wise unavailable.

We all know that we should floss our teeth at least once a day, but how many of us really understand the range of flossing benefits? Using dental floss not only prevents tooth decay between our teeth, but it also plays a role in preventing gum disease, guarding against bad breath, and keeping our teeth clean and healthy looking. It is an integral part of good oral hygiene that many of us don't pay enough attention to. Flossing Benefits  R. Drysdale


Aside from the usual commercial appeals for some great toothpaste that will also improve your sexual appeal, the reality is that we need to clean off the remains of our meals that impacted food particles in depressions in our teeth. I have found that the least expensive and most potent technique is to use about a half a teaspoon of baking soda (NaHCO3) and two drops of "tincture of oregano" (an alcohol extract of the spice oregano, NOT oregano oil that is much too harsh). As you know from the Spice topic in the DIET  & ANTIOXIDANT sections,  oregano is one of the great wonders of antimicrobial protection. It was used in ancient Greece as a rItual cleansing of the feet and hands before entering Greek temples. They had no idea of antibiotics, but it was protective none the less.

This brushing with a fine soft toothbrush using the wetted & shaken out brush to gather up the NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate or baking soda - NOT baking powder which contains aluminum ! ) and then adding two drops of the Tincture of Oregano (alcohol extract of oregano leaves) and gently brushing with a variety of motions to access as much of the difficult to reach regions a possible. Make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles as you don't want to wear away your teeth near the gum line. After brushing both inner and outer teeth regions, I just swallow the mix (not something recommended for someone who is very sensitive to levels of sodium!). This is consistent with Mercola's dictum of nothing should be used on the body that you would not want in the body, This small amount of bicarbonate will not massively increase your whole body Na+ (sodium) levels, but it will provide a small element of balancing the acid-base balance covered in the DIET section toward the base side. The amount of spice extract oregano will be diluted by other fluids. In less than a week, you will feel how much cleaner you mouth feels. If you had gingivitis infections of the gum, you will notice they are greatly diminished then gone.
Sources       Arm and Hammer Baking Soda
        Oregano Leaf Extract GAIA Herbs 333 mg/ml 1 fluid ounce in 55-65% grain alcohol (ethanol)
                  (one bottle of this will provide 450 brushings  at 2 drops per brushing) - available Whole Foods or order direct from GAIA Foods. DO NOT USE OREGANO OIL AS THIS IS FAR TOO HARSH AND WILL DAMAGE YOUR GUM AND MOUTH TISSUE ).
WARNING  There are a very very small number of people with Bartter syndrome or Gitelman syndrome. These people should never take NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate),

For people with the rare illnesses of Bartter syndrome or Gitelman syndrome, bicarbonate may be contraindicated. These rare sufferers may add a few drops of Real-Lemon juice concentrate to any bicarbonate-containing beverage to neutralize it. [Bartter's is listed as an orphan (rare) diseases with the National Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD); they don't even list Gitelman's, but include it under Bartter's.] .

What you will find after doing this for a few days is that your mouth is astonishingly clear of a wide variety of bacteria. You will have cleared out a major source of secondary infection via the oral cavity. This will not fix bad teeth, but it will massively lower the chances of a mouth bacteria delivering bacterial endotoxins that create inflammatory events by delivery to the whole body . This rise in whole body inflammation is believed to set up an inflammatory tone leading to  many disease problems especially including various form of heart and circulatory diseases.

Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria in plaque infect the gums and bones that anchor the teeth. If left unchecked, these bacteria will creep below the gum line, where they produce toxins that create a chronic inflammatory response that triggers the body to break down the tissues and bone around the teeth, leaving pockets of space that can become infected. Previous research has found that people with periodontal disease are more likely to suffer strokes and coronary artery disease -- both conditions that may be associated with inflammation of the blood vessels. These findings provide additional evidence for a link between the bacteria present in the mouth of those with periodontal disease and inflammatory reactions linked to heart disease, the authors conclude. Around 15% of adults aged 21 to 50 and around 30% of people over 50 suffer from severe periodontal disease.

Peroxide and Fluorine are routinely added to commercial toothpastes, but should be avoided,  Peroxide is routinely used in biological laboratories to induce not just free radical stress to cells, but also to actually age cells at very low concentrations of 300 micormolar. Do you think this is a great idea for your mouth cavity? Check the concentration of the peroxide in your tooth whitening kit (if they will tell you).  This understanding of the dangers of peroxide tooth whitening is gaining much wider acceptance.
As you will see when using the baking soda (NaHCO3) and tincture of Oregano, your teeth come out sparkling white.

Fluoride in tooth paste is as much an menace as it is in water supplies. Fluoride is a metabolic poison that blocks a critical step in the energy generating glycolysis (splitting of the 6 carbon glucose sugar  into two 3 carbon pieces that are then fed into the mitochondrial Krebs cycle for energy production). This not a minor problem, but a major neurotoxic problem.

My investigations of the neurotoxicity of fluoride started in 1987. Using a new computer pattern recognition system capable of a sensitivity and objectivity other behavioral measures did not possess, we studied an animal model first developed for the study of dental fluorosis. Frankly, we expected to find nothing. The results from the first experiment we thought must be wrong, so we kept repeating the study with more animals, different doses, sexes, ages and methods of administration. Like quicksand, every effort we made sank us further into the realization that brain function was impacted by fluoride. Scientific integrity dictated that we publish our results (2,3), but employed at a dental research institute made us weak in the knees to do so...More recently, another laboratory investigation found that chronic exposure to fluoride (I ppm parts per million) in drinking water of rats compromised neuronal and cerebrovasculature integrity (blood brain barrier is a barrier no more) and increased aluminum concentrations in brain tissues (8). Another study found that fluoride in drinking water of rats decreased membrane lipids important to proper brain function (9). Moreover, the latest studies have shown that fluoride accumulates in human and animal pineal glands where it impairs melatonin production (10, 11), a finding critical when it is considered that melatonin is an agent that protects the central nervous system from radiation by scavenging free radicals (12). Finally, there is a recent study published which reports that silicofluorides in fluoridated drinking water increase levels of lead in children's blood, a risk factor that predicts higher crime rates, attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities ( 13).
Unfortunately, the link between fluoride and the brain does not end with the above mentioned studies. In 1993 while studying the neurotoxicity associated with the treatments of childhood leukemia, we demonstrated that the fluorinated steroid dexamethasone disrupted behavior in rats to a greater degree than did its non fluorinated counterpart prednisolone (14,15). This finding prompted a clinical study of children treated for leukemia, where it was found that the fluorinated steroid was more detrimental to IQ than the nonfluorinated steroid, in particular reading comprehension, arithmetic calculation and short-term working memory deficits were greater (16). In short, this finding has fueled a growing concern about the contribution of fluorinated pharmaceuticals to the total body burden of fluoride... In summary, my opinion is that there are no advantages to water fluoridation. The risks today far exceed the hoped for benefit .Phyllis J. Mullenix, Ph.D. 

Fluoride was encouraged for human use under a now recognized as bogus science paper from the Carnegie Mellon Institute in Pennsylvania because of the huge amount available Fluoride from Aluminum ore smelting which requires AlF3 and huge electricity to produce Aluminum metal. This left very large amounts of very toxic "left over" fluoride (F- flouride ion).

At the end of the Second World War, the United States Government sent Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, to take charge of the vast Farben chemical plants in Germany. While there he was told by German chemists of a scheme which had been worked out by them during the war and adopted by the German General Staff. This was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water. In this scheme, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. Both the Germans and the Russians added sodium fluoride to the drinking water of prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile. Fluoridation Mind Control of the Masses  By Ian E. Stephens  http://befreetech.com/fluoridation.htm

The Mellon family were the founders of the original Mellon Institute whence came the "amazing (but totally fallacious) sodium fluoride/dental caries prevention discovery" - the discovery that literally turned 'garbage into gold'. The Mellon family also founded the American Aluminum Company (Alcoa), the largest producer of the waste toxin, sodium fluoride, which, up to this point of 'caries discovery', had relatively little known commercial or industrial value, was an environmental hazard of great public concern, and was very costly in terms of safe disposal. Fluoridation Mind Control of the Masses  By Ian E. Stephens  http://befreetech.com/fluoridation.htm

I hope by now you are getting the pattern of attempts to merchandise any surplus however toxic to humans for profit, even if it turns out to be detrimental to human health. This is the kindest interpretation of this behavior. One could imagine that intents were much darker. This is just more IMMORAL PROFIT MOTIVE tha
t is maintained by refusal to accept the scientific evidence of human damage. You will see that this is also true for "silver amalgam" fillings in the next section.

Dental work

Silver fillings in teeth are some 50% mercury (Hg). In the next section on DON'Ts, you will become experts on how bad  mercury (Hg) is for your health. Here it will suffice to know that mercury is a neurotoxin with multiple other organ toxicity. Mercury in fillings is already banned in several countries in Europe and elsewhere (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan). More are almost certain to follow. Dental mercury has been identified as a source of two-thirds of mercury in the human population. It has been linked to impaired kidney function, adverse neurological effects, infertility, Alzheimer's disease, and others.

If you wish to see just how easy it is to volatilize this silver amalgam Mercury, see the visualization of mercury vapor after drinking a cup of hot coffee If you doubt that what you see is really mercury, see this, Just drinking hot liquids will cause volatilization of mercury to greater than 80x the industrially allowed U.S. Government Standards .  After you see this video, I can't imagine you would want your child or yourself to be subject to this continuing toxic nightmare. Again, an IMMORAL PROFIT MOTIVE that was largely backed by INNOVATIVE IGNORANCE that is then defended for continued profit flow.

Silver fillings are small batteries. Mercury, silver, copper, tin, and zinc generate electrical currents when bathed in fluid - your saliva. The chemical reactions which generate electricity produces mercury vapor as a by-product. Fillings five years old have been shown to contain 28% mercury - which means that half the mercury has been released into your body. Unfortunately, the body cells retain much of the mercury. To make matters worse, scientific research shows that certain bacteria in the mouth and intestines convert mercury into methyl mercury, a substance 100 times more poisonous than ordinary mercury (already a toxic poison!). The older the silver fillings, the more methyl mercury can be formed by the bacteria in your body.  Toxic Teeth: is there poison in your mouth? 

If a female is pregnant, the baby protects the mother from mercury at the expense of itself. The concentration of mercury in the blood of the newborn is an average of 28% higher than the mother's blood. Where did the newborn get the mercury? From the mother. Research shows that mercury freely passes the placental barrier and can cause physical and mental birth defects in the newborn. Many future mothers have opted to get the mercury out of their mouths with a minimum one or two year detox afterwards before becoming pregnant to avoid exposure to their babies. If you are already pregnant, many researchers advise the mother not to have dental work done unless absolutely necessary, to avoid exposure to the unborn fetus.

Especially beware of having your silver fillings removed and replaced with some other material. Make sure that the dentist understands and takes precautions to avoid the dangers in volatilizing mercury you will absorb during the removal process. Additionally, the type of replacement is very important.
    When choosing a less toxic tooth repair, be aware that there are other dangers associated with them. One of the problems of UV cured "plastic" or polyacrylate fillings is that most of them contain bisphenol-A (BPA) which is known as a "gender bender" because it mimics female estrogen and is active at extremely low concentrations. This is an even greater worry for the use of this compound to "protect"  infant's or growing children's teeth from decay. This is important for both males and females, but very important for males. Dentists have argued that bisphenol-A is not a problem   . We have heard similar arguments from the Tobacco interests. So little support for the mercury amalgam can be generated, the even the US government now admits the dangers of mercury .   (Finally!). A similar campaign is being waged by some dentists to continue using BisPhenol-A  polyacrylate dental fillings.  A picture should emerge in your mind that our "Better living through Chemistry" has some real problems. We are biological creatures who cannot take certain chemical insults, we need tests of biological consequences of actions (short & long term and multigenerational in animals) before we injure ourselves again and again. We need to gain some social control over this needless iNNOVATIVE IGNORANCE. We will return to this in the later DON'Ts section.
Some Good sources for Further Reading
   The Toxic Time Bomb  Sam Ziff 
    Are Your Dental! Fillings Poisoning You?   Dr. Guy Fasciana, D.M.D 
    Toxic teeth: Is there poison in your mouth?  

Our eyes are the highest information input into our brain. Without them, we are massively reduced in freedoms. Overall, average visual function declines significantly over human and animal life spans. Calorie restriction (CR) generally retards this loss , but vision is one of the few organ functions that is not as well protected by CR as are other organ systems. This is probably due to the low dietary range of by carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidant protection afforded by most CR diets. Along with a good diet and as low a blood sugar-insulin as possible, dietary and supplemental antioxidants and specific carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) are the most critical nutritional factors avoiding visual decline and pathologies of vision . What is now clear is that we have very considerable control over protecting and extending our vision by attending to these needs. As stated before, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN TREATMENT.

Among aging disabilities, the one associated with the progressive decline of vision is functionally most disadvantageous. Cataracts are one of the more common causes of such visual disability. Several predisposing factors have been identified in the genesis of this disease. While it is perhaps a multifactorial process, significant developments have taken place in recent years suggesting that oxygen radicals are involved in the development of this aging manifestation and can be prevented by antioxidants.   Prevention of cataracts by nutritional and metabolic antioxidants.

Age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the elderly, is a degenerative condition of the macula characterized by death or dysfunction of the photoreceptors. With the aging population growing, the incidence of age-related macular degeneration is expected to increase. This raises concern about the future of visual dysfunction related falls and the resulting injuries in the elderly population. Lutein and zeaxanthin are macular pigments that may play a role in reducing the development and progression of age-related macular degeneration. Evidence is accumulating on the consumption of lutein and zeaxanthin (in whole food or supplemental form), the resulting concentrations in the serum, and tissue distribution throughout the body, particularly in the retina. Lutein and zeaxanthin intake increases serum concentrations which in turn increases macular pigment density. Associations between declines in lutein, zeaxanthin, and age-related macular degeneration are now well dcumented. 

Additional to this dietary and supplemental antioxidant protection, a major contributor to maintenance of excellent visual acuity (ability to have good focus and thus clear images) is eye exercises we undertake to strengthen and improve eye muscles (for better focus or sharpness of detail) and eye movement range and coordination exercises (to ensure easy scanning of our visual field).  The combination of excellent nutritional and antioxidant supplements and efforts to maintain and improved muscle and the range and flexibility of smooth eye coordination movements appears to be the cause of excellent visual maintenance with age.

When evaluating the performance of older persons, there is extremely wide variability, and even though average performance may decline as a function of age, many older adults maintain excellent visual function throughout their lifetimes.     

The huge age related loss of the sharpness of vision (acuity) is not just something that you are inevitably fated to experience. The sequence of gradual loss of acuity and need for more increasingly powerful glasses is in part a consequence of lack of eyeball muscle strength and movement coordination over a broad range. Another part is the starvation for zeaxanthin and lutein and a rich supply of other dietary and supplemental antioxidants. This is not an assertion that each of us have perfect eyes and need only attend nutrition and muscle exercises. Biology does not build perfect structures, usually good and  varying between individuals, but never perfect.

Constant use of glasses without gentle exercises to strengthen eye muscles and coordination serves only  to passively accommodate your needless decline in visual abilities . Recent findings have indicated that playing computer games that require sensitive  visual discrimination lead to improvements in visual abilities for older individuals . What we need is life long modest challenges to our visual system that keep it functioning well. The same can be said for needless declines in the frontal lobes of our brain. Adults who have to think and strategize while doing computer searches show increased blood flow to these frontal lobes. This is exactly the same as our similar need for muscle exercise for our whole body. USE IT OR LOSE IT !

 We routinely protect our eyes  from bright sunlight with sunglasses that exclude dangerous sunlight sources of  UV-A & UV-B irradiation.  What few in our culture realize, we all have a real need to be exposed without sunglasses for a short time to a small amount of ordinary sunlight. This can be direct or indirect day light that is needed to entrain our light-dark alternation that leads to elevation of the dark period synthesis of our own protective antioxidant 'dark' hormone 'melatonin'.  NEVER EVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. Moreover, exposure of young children to enough sunshine seems to lower the incidence of Myopia (nearsightedness). Eating large amounts of sugar or grain can have negative effect on the health of your vision . Since you well know this, we won't go over the dangers of sugars again.

My recommendation is to avoid LASER KEROTOMY  vision correction as we do not have a long enough history of this process to know what will happen 20 years or more after the operation. The operation itself can have an overall average of 10% failure . Almost 3/4 of a million Americans undergo this operation each year. We simply need longer periods of time to ascertain the life long safety of this operation. First adaptors of any technology may profit, but very often they also discover the down sides that develop only over time.  We will find this to be common place in our society in the DON'Ts section.

What Nutritional Improvements?  What Type of Eye Exercises?
We need to know that there are basically two levels of visual information about the world that we get from our eyes. The first can be called a overall picture with low acuity detail  - that we fill in with conceptual details to make it seem more complete. This first type of information is called peripheral vision and is obtained by most of the eyeball. The second is a very narrow angle of visual viewing that is capable of very high detail that we need for various careful examination such as the words you are now reading. This second is called "foeval"  vision or photoreceptors resting of top of a pigmented yellow disk (rich in carotenoid antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin). This foeval vision  is critical to any fine work we wish to do. It is largely this detailed vision that allows us to read, to work with any precision, and to have excellent recognition of patterns like faces and such. This is the most important part of our visual acuity.  UNDERSTAND WHAT IS COVERED NEXT IS NOT ABOUT ANY MEDICAL SITUATION OR ANY MEDICAL RELATED ANYTHING. IT IS MERELY AN UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT PROBLEMS ARE ENCOUNTERED IN AGE RELATED DECLINES IN VISUAL ACUITY IN OTHER WISE HEALTHY PEOPLE. ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS MUST BE HANDLED BY MEDICAL DOCTORS. Please note that serious problems with eyes (Cataracts, advanced macular degeneration, and even eyes that cannot converge (strabismus, astigmatism) are medical problems, needing medical assistance.

The first thing you should do is determine the relative balance of causes of your declined visual acuity with age. Loss of visual acuity can occur from an intrinsic loss of visual sensors or sensitivity in the foeval photoreceptor/nerve system at the back of your eye or can be from a lack of muscle tone and free radical damage to the lens/cornea/muscle  system that changes the shape of the eye and the lens to accomplish focus of the image on the photoreceptors at the back of the eye. The easiest way to do this is to buy a very inexpensive pair of "pin hole glasses" on the internet (should be under $10). These glasses are not treatment, and have not been shown to improve your vision long term, but they are useful in diagnosing the lens/muscle vs intrinsic loss of photoreceptors in your acuity problem - this same conceptual system is used by professionals to assess the same things. If you have a significant improvement in visual acuity with pin hole glasses - you have an opportunity to greatly benefit from increasing the muscular tone and strength as well as massively suppressing (or even reversing) the occlusions of light and inflexibility of the lens/focus  systems with powerful antioxidant intake. This essentially means much of your problem is in the lens and muscle focusing system at the front of the eye.  Even the intrinsic problems (age related photo receptor loss or decline related to age related problems with the retina and fovea) may still be diminished by high intake of nutritional supplements and much more fresh raw vegetables and mineral rich sprouts as well as some fruits and supplements. Don't overeat sugary fruits as this will cause other problems related to excess fructose and glucose ( with systemic inflammation and problems with higher free radical levels). It may be better in this case to  use supplements comprised of the flavonoids  and carotenoids as well as balanced antioxidants targeted at restoring visual health to your system. An excellent example of this
is in VISION RETENTSION & RECOVERY .pdf  for SUBSCRIBERS.. Since you may be able improve both intrinsic and muscle/lens problems with a  combination of antioxidants and vision exercises, this is much less a separate problem. Overall you want to improve both if possible.

Loss of vision is the second greatest, next to death, fear among the elderly. Age-related cataract (ARC) < cataracts are progressive eyeball lens clouding > and maculopathy (ARM) < advanced macular disease - damage to the foeval center of fine acuity > are two major causes of blindness worldwide. There are several important reasons to study relationships between risk for ARC/ARM and nutrition: (1) because it is likely that the same nutritional practices that are associated with prolonged eye function will also be associated with delayed age-related compromises to other organs, and perhaps, aging in general .Nutritional antioxidants and age-related cataract and maculopathy Chiu CJ, Taylor A.  Exp Eye Res. 2007 Feb;84(2):229-45.    < current authors clarification >

Since we have covered the supplements to improve visual health, we will now deal with what is needed to improve the focusing capabilities. You must know that many professionals in the vision field just assume that you are stuck with things as they are. This is usually not true. In fact, it is the worst of profit seeking self interest. As we will learn in  the section of MED CRITIQUE, modern medicine and its incestuous relationship with pure PROFIT MOTIVATED drug companies is filled with profound conflict of interest toward patients. After all, why should a drug company or a doctor encourage a partial or complete fixing of a problem if they can expect to make money for a long time with expensive treatments without fixing the problem? This really is the bottom line PROFIT MOTIVATED calculation of our modern drug companies.

Turning now to what we can do to improve our vision by exercises, these methods fall in to several categories.


1. Improving flexibility and operating range of whole eye ball movements (extra ocular muscles that orient whole eyeballs) - the idea here is to gain flexibility in moving our eyes as far around in their sockets as possible. Try moving both your eyes in the widest rectangular box you can manage, then try rapid up and down movement as you go from right to left and reverse, finally try to move you eyes together in the largest horizontal figure 8 you can do - then reverse the direction of the figure 8. Do this several times and see if you can improve over time. Tight focus on objects here is not the object, rather range of movement.

2. Training eye muscles to appropriately focus the lens (eyeball internal cillary muscles attached to the lens) - exercise to pull the the lens system into a best fit mode that maximizes acuity by greatly improving focus of the image on the photosensitive region of the eye. For this we will focus on a near object then rapidly focus on a far object and then reverse. In each case we want the very best sharp focus possible. Repeat in the reverse and then do the same for each angle of your field of vision. Use both eyes for this. Try using objects with writing so you can exercise best feedback. Moving eyes to a different direction is also useful between near and far objects. This exercise requires use of both eyes to focus on objects - here we are exercising muscles that pull on lens so that they get a full distant range focus workout.

3. Coordinating the muscle and eye movements (called saccades) that allow us to greatly improve visual acuity by a means that basically overlays multiple short term visual photos to extract higher resolution.  Part of this build up of a better image is done in the eyeball itself, then sent through the optic nerve. With a fixed text sample on a  screen or a paper or book that you find moderately challenging in size (too small for comfort, but not too small to understand over time), focus along the reading line with rapid successive saccades near each other (say 1-2 inches apart) , can even go backwards as well as forwards. If you do this again and again, the small type will seem easier to read. Practice for a few minutes. Each of us has developed a unique saccade style, but we can greatly improve acuity by trying alternative saccade movements that we might not have explored in our habitual use. This should over time allow much clearer small point text recognition and thus improve our vision by doing overlapping saccades that improve acuity. After a few says of this you may need to lower size of the type to remain challenged.

4. Maintaining Focus on an object moving in and out at arm length ensuring use of both eyes. You want to  ensures you are using both eyes (not suppressing one while relying on the other). A simple way to do this is to focus on a vertically held inexpensive round white pen (blunt end for focus) that is moved gradually inward or outward. This pen must be moved out and in the center line between your eyes. The pen must be round, not angled or beveled (hexagon(6 sided) or octagons(8 sided) )as in a polygon structure. On this white pen you draw a single black marker line down the central axis of the pen from the blunt end. This is your  center of your focus. You then make sure you are using both eyes by carefully using a dark marker to mark the right side of the pen with a continuous solid dark line like the center line only it is 90o rightward (at a right angle to center of focus). Similarly on the left side of this pen, you mark a widely separated dashed line along the axis that are 90o leftward of the central focus line. When you hold this pen (vertically and centered between eyes) up to look at the central focus line, Check to confirm that you can only see the solid dark line on the right side when you close your left eye. Closing the left eye should remove sight of the dashed line. Repeat with closing the right eye and confirm seeing the dashed line but not the right hand solid line. Now you can move this pen in an out while focused on the central focus line and you will only see both the dark right line and the dashed left line if you use both eyes. Use this to focus on the center focus line as you move the pen in an out in the middle plane between your eyes. This is a little bit of an effort by has real rewards as you are  also forced to see both sides of the pen to confirm that you are using both eyes as you go in and out.

5. Intentional challenging of your near term visual focus and acuity (sharp recognition) by reading type just at the edge of your ability. This can be accomplished by down loading a PDF file you would like to read. Just Google a subject you are interested in and go down the list until you see a PDF (pdf) available. Click to down load a then open this in the free Adobe Reader which has a magnifying glass icon in section just above the document. Next to this is a square nub that when clicked on drops a  pull down menu that allows you to increase or decrease the type size to suit your needs of being just a little hard to read. Don't over do this, no benefits accrue from giving yourself eye aches. Try to read type that is just below you comfort range. Use your eyes to move up an down and back and forth on the line (saccades) of text in small steps that allow you to build up a better acuity of the text. Different humans have differing saccade choices, and we can improve ours.

Please note that our objective is not to be constantly straining our eyes, but to gain a stronger muscles that will find it's job much easier and have better understanding of how our rapid eye movements lead to higher resolution than some static holding position.


Sound is a vibration that disturbs air (or other medium) by alternating compression and rarefaction (absence of disturbance) waves that we register by our ears (and some with our bones).  Our sense of hearing is at first a completely mechanical (analog) transmission of complex vibrations into the eardrum and then amplified by the smallest bones in our body to a much smaller (thus amplified) pressure point on a fluid filled cochlear organ. This cochlear organ is filled with fluid as this is a far more responsive media than air. These amplified complex vibrational patterns then excite a small number of the roughly 16-20,000 sensitive vibrating hairs in this organ. Each hair has a specific resonance frequency that it can vibrate at and is driven in amplitude(intensity of sound at that frequency) to excite and fire nerves that take this information to the brain for processing. Each single  cochlea in our ears has only 16-20,000 hairs and they are lost across life, but undergo massive loss when subjected to abusive high levels of sound. This contrasts to each eye with some 125,000,000 photoreceptors for vision. Since this hearing sense system is vulnerable to loss, we should take care to avoid high level of input noise - because this will make us deaf over time.  If you want the lifelong joy from music, you must avoid too much loudness as it will slowly make you unable to perceive this joy. One in three americans over 60 years has substantial hearing loss. Many rock musicians are also affected much earlier. Much of this is avoidable, but once lost  - is mostly permanent - but there is some new hope.
Excellent source of clear understanding of this process of hearing: How Sound Works

Sound loudness (amplitude) is rated in units of Decibels(abbreviated dB)  which is a logarithmic scale that reflects the exponential range of human hearing. The scale starts at zero (0 dB) which we just cannot recognize as sound. This is much like the logarithm chart we used to classify ORAC values in the ANTIOXIDANT section.  In this case each single increment of 1 higher in decibel number ( 1 dB) approximately corresponds to the smallest increase in sound we can distinguish. A ten fold difference in sound intensity would translate into 10 decibels ). Thus from this you will realize that from our threshold of 0 dB to the 160 dB of a nearby jet engine is some a huge number of range of sound intensity.

Any sound over 85 decibels for any prolonged period of time (a hour or more) is liable to lead to some permanent loss of some of these fine sensing hairs in your  cochlea. This gets much worse at higher values as it requires much less time. This is a cumulative process, meaning that we just keep killing off these sensory hair cells in our cochlea until we have no functional hearing. To avoid this, we must keep noise exposures below 85 dB. A few seconds passing a lawn mower is not a problem, but  seconds are important around noisy jet engines.
Some Decibel Values for Various Sound Exposure
No Sound Perceived                   0      dB
Noisy Vacuum cleaner              40-60
Noisy restaurant                         80
Lawnmowers & motorcycles      90
Garbage Disposals                    95  
Rock Band                               100
Thunder                                   140
Passing Jet                              120-160 (closer to jet) decibels

The good news is that at lower than 85 decibels, music that stimulates or soothes people also lowers stress and improves human immunity (antibody production) and the like . Our long human connection with both human voice and instruments is probably more emotionally powerful that even more complete media experiences like movies.

Listening to music can give your immune system a boost and may help fight off disease, researchers have discovered. They also found that stress hormone levels, which can weaken the immune system, decreased after being exposed to the music Dr Ronny Enk, a neurocognition expert at the Max Planck Institute, who led the research, said: "We think the pleasant state that can be induced by music leads to special physiological changes which eventually lead to stress reduction or direct immune enhancement.  Stress reduction probably plays an important role, but the stress reducing effect seems to be different for various types of music   They found that levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, decreased significantly in those listening to the dance music compared to the control group. After listening, the levels of the antibody immunoglobin A, the immune system's first line of defense, were heightened other studies have shown that personal preference for music can also influence the stress reducing impact it can have.
Dr. Enk added: "We'd expect that different kinds of music might show different physiological and immunological effects. Not only the music itself is important but probably the personal appraisal of the listener will also be important. We did not use relaxing music, but rather exciting music that were joyful dance tunes from different centuries.

One of the "human factors" important in music to reduce stress is a beat structure not too much faster than the human heart beat (65-75 beats/minute). Infants almost always calm immediately when placed skin to skin with mom in part because they sense her heart beat and also the warm of the skin. These reassure infants, and this probably carries over to our adult lives. The only thing better than delightful non-stressful music is the combination of music and message. The most stress releasing experience is that of trust and deep bonding with other people. Much of our stress hormone levels is about social/psychological insecurities and unrewarding environments and interactions. Worse yet, this unneeded stress also feeds back into higher levels of inflammation that we know to be KILLING US WITH ACCELERATION OF AGE ASSOCIATED DISEASES. This is covered in the SUBSCRIBER only BRAIN WORKS II.PDF.

Another piece of good news is that some of hearing loss may be recoverable because it may not be due to loss of these sensitive hair cells in the cochlea. Some to much of this loss may be due to how your brain processes information. Some evidence is pointing toward the mineral retaining hormone aldosterone as a critical brain requirement for processing. Minerals may be absolutely necessary for brain cells to process information that allows perception of sound. Aldosterone is a steroid that regulates sodium and potassium as well as other electrolyte (mainly metal ions) in our body and also regulates blood pressure and bodily fluid levels. Insufficient levels of aldosterone leads to profound loss of needed metal ions because they are not retained by the kidney and pass into the urine. This work has been done by Dr. Jonnathan Wright. Low levels of aldosterone have been indicated in the cause of Type 2 diabetes (adult or late onset diabetes). Much of type 2 diabetes pathology is driven by this abnormal loss of required minerals. Another correlation noticed by other physicians is that women who take a common form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in menopause have experienced hearing losses of 10-30%. This represents  as much as a decade early loss of sound perception.

This understanding that a portion of hearing loss is due to poor brain processing of intact ear and nerve  hearing function is very important. We have two indicators to give us an idea. Difficulties with isolating a particular speaker within a complex cacophony of other ongoing conversations and other ambient noises is an indication of problems with  brain parsing. An additional indication is the reception of sound data that seems to have been transferred through narrow pipe or a tunnel leading to a slurring or drawing out and overlapping of the sound pattern. This makes it hard to separate words in what is called parsing a vocal stream. Since we can take supplemental minerals as a protective mechanism, this may be a not so serious problem.  Without injuring yourself, you can find out if a complete mineral supplement (available at various health food stores) improves your hearing. Do not take unlimited amounts of this complete mineral supplement. Many important minerals (Zn, Cu, Fe, and many more) have a beneficial range and it is unwise to have too little or too much of them. You must use the WISDOM OF YOUR BODY to assess if this is doing you any good. More research will be needed to clear this up, but I am beginning to suspect that many diseases are initiated due to some deficiency in various mineral levels.

Other studies have found that a combination of Vitamins A, C, and E as well as magnesium ingested before highly damaging sound can protect rat hearing from permanent loss due to otherwise partially deafening sound exposure . Protection was found even for noises as high as the high value of jets taking off (160 Db). This benefit was only obtained when the synergy between the Vitamins and the Magnesium was present. Neither alone was protective. This amount of antioxidants was not a sustainable everyday level but designed to counter extreme trauma. The experimental intakes are considerably more than those already suggested in the similar but reduced suggestions in the SUPPLEMENT section. Since this experimental extreme treatment is a preventive for very damaging levels of sound, we should need far less if not experiencing such extreme trauma. Supplemental Vitamin E intake may also be able to prevent the unusual sudden hearing loss that occurs to over 4000 Americans yearly . A slower but extreme healing loss is often much worse in rock musicians . It is clear that free radicals are involved in some of this damage, so our recommendations for free radial protection in the ANTIOXIDANTS & SUPPLEMENT sections apply here. These benefits appears to require sufficient continued intake of these vitamins and magnesium. This is already suggested in the SUPPLEMENT section., This protection is especially important for individuals who regularly listen to portable music players at the typical 91 to 121 decibel levels over earphones that further channel these dangerous levels of sound . Take care to keep the sound below 85 Decibels or you will have much less joy in this world. Imagine a world of silence or just internal buzzing. Avoid this!

We may have some help with this loss of hearing by age related or occupational exposure to excessive noise. This is coming in the form of adult stem cells. Each of us produces (life long) a group of undifferentiated (not set to final tissue type) adult stem cells. These are delivered to the blood from the blood forming tissues of the interior of bones. These cells circulate in our blood until they get a local signal of cell damage and then they leave the circulating blood to enter the damaged tissue. When there, they begin a complicated set of steps that causes these adult stem cells to differentiate into the damaged tissue and conduct repairs so that tissue function is preserved. So far as we know, these adult stem cell can repair all tissues in the fetal to adult body.

This stem cell process would be wonderful if we could rely on this process when ever we needed a repair or replacement of some damaged cells in a tissue. The problems are many but are being solved now. First we rarely have very large numbers of these adult stem cells in our blood, secondly they often are difficult to get to respond to signals of damage, and finally there is the problem of getting them to  differentiate in the damaged tissue.  The younger the person, the greater ease of adult stem cell function in repair of tissue. This may just be a temporary impediment.

A Japanese research group has shown that when a group of bone marrow cells (precursors to the adult stem cells) are injected in to the  inner ear, they speed up the recovery of experimentally hearing damaged rats.    Hearing damage was inflicted by chemicals that are known to damage the sensitive hair cell structures of the inner ear. The cells forming these  cochlear "hair cells" are known as cochlear fibercytes. As is typical, some normal recovery occurs over a multi-week period, but the high frequency sensing cells are least replaced or repaired. This is why one sees a typical loss of high frequency response in most damage.  These injected stem cells moved away from the site or original injection and located at the site of injury where they divided and formed the components needed for sensory function and appeared to become normal cochlear hair cells where they located (in the damaged area). Rats so treated showed much faster recovery of ability to sense the high frequency sound of these areas than the untreated (natural) repair process. Over 23% of the treated rats recovered sensitivity to the high frequency 40,000 Hertz (cycles per second vibration) that is typically lost with this treatment.

While just a beginning this suggests the potential to repair not just these difficult sensory hair cells, but all adult tissue cells (except the reproductive cells). This is a major potential improvement in our opportunities to gain a longer healthy life. We will have the ability to repair old damaged tissues. This does not involve any outside tissue, only our own normal cell mechanisms.

What makes this even more exciting is that multiple formulations exist RIGHT NOW that claim ability to increase the number of circulating adult stem cells. If we can up this number, we can do much better repair of almost any tissues. These efforts are rather new and need more confirmation in other labs, but if they are confirmed - we will be in a new era of repair - to say nothing about a potential new era in LONGEVITY.

Elevation of blood circulating adult stem cells with elevation of repair levels has been claimed by several different techniques in the scientific & commercial literature. Much more work needs be done to firmly demonstrate these claims, but the possibility exists for major health and longevity improvements in age declining adult health by elevation of the blood levels of our adult stems cells. Additional to the use of preformed - already existing adult stem cells ready to differentiate into a particular target organ type, we have moved into a very remarkable time where we can  now take vast numbers of mesenchymal adult stem cells and transdifferentiate them into other tissue type adult stem cells. This is almost more appropriate for LONGEVITY.PDF than mere elevating circulating adult stem cells for tissue repair, but info on this is included in both the STEM CELLS.pdf and the LONGEVITY.PDF.  Subscribers to this site will receive the names and availability information on these stem cell elevating formulations and evaluations of their benefit  in  STEM CELLS.pdf as well as the LONGEVITY.PDF as part of the $30/yr subscription Fee ($ 2.50/month). Select the SUBSCRIBE here or the SUBSCRIBE menu item in the MENU section.

I am sure you would not believe the level of various additives to almost everything in your household. Most of these things you are unaware of, but many others you have chosen because it "works" in some fashion for what you want to achieve. Unfortunately, this is a stew of potentially dangerous and toxic exposures that you don't need. Instead of my detailing each, I will cite internet references to easily understood sources of this information. Among the best detailed information, I often cite Dr. Mercola for his continued emphasis on awareness of this area. More importantly, I generally agree with his rather simplified "green" solutions . The consequences of this bombardment with dangers we aren't even aware of can even curtail our ability to have children. This weeding our of dangers  is a process, not something you can do in a single day. What you need is to become aware, then slowly institute change that will improve and protect  your health and especially that of your children. Further good sources of awareness are:
Consumer Law Page Household Chemicals
More on Green Living
How these household poisons affect pets
My Personal Household cleaning Chemicals includes: Dr. Bronners soaps, Sodium Bicarbonate for mild abrasiveness
, vinegar to remove calcium buildup, and scotch brite nylon abrasive pads to clean pans and such. I do not have or use bleach as this is too toxic for most biological applications. I do have a small bottle of saturated potassium iodide (Dr. Wrights Clinic Pharamacy, Tachoma WA) if I need to clear bacteria out of water for drinking (in place of the more dangerous water sterilizer chlorine.)

Dry Cleaning Garments
Most Dry cleaning in the US uses perchlorethylene solvent with well established health problems for the dry cleaners and possibly for the clients. Various wet cleaning or liquid CO2 cleaning systems are being tried, but few are inexpensive or greatly desirable. The best solution to this problem is to only buy clothes that are able to be washed and dried without the need for these potentially dangerous cleaning techniques. For the present, shoot for the greatest ease in cleaning your clothes with ordinary soap and water and drying as hot as the clothing permits. Drying heat also sterilizes, something that the soap treatment cannot do without much more dangerous detergents. Additionally, failure to completely remove from our clothes the  detergents or soaps can lead to surface rashes or worse. Simple, not too tight clothing, elegant, long wearing, and easy to clean is the long term green solution here. Keeping our cleaning to as simple and the minimum harm to the environment is the green way to solve this problem. More sophisticated unique chemical baths for our clothes (and ourselves) is just not wise.

Gardens and House Hold Pests
Everyone should have at least a small ability to grow living plants and especially spice or food plants. We need to remember that this is what at bottom keeps us alive. Primary productivity of the land and sea is the base of a food chain leading to us. This  understanding will make us much less willing to allow fools to poison our planet for some idiotic concept that we can just exterminate healthy soil and plant  biology and yet 'magically' raise only what we want for food.

Like our comments about repelling insects, we can protect delicate extremely nutritious growing food like strawberries, spinach, and tomatoes against aphid and mites by the use of spice-based commercial insect repellents composed of rosemary, thyme, clove, and mint. These plants can even be grown in a garden to do this. These are intelligent and limited rather than the current poisonous insecticide slaughter off all manner of useful insects and soil microbes to control the bad.

Pets add much to the joy of growing children and the comfort of most of us. Mostly we know how to take care of our dogs and cats mostly take care of themselves. Ever tried to give a bath to a cat?
A recent major pet related problem is the spread of multiply antibiotic resistant germs such as MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus ).  Ordinary Staphylococcus aureus is a normal bacteria at very low levels on our skin and that of other mammals. MRSA is a nasty human created problem 'beastie' from over use of antibiotics. This problem has gotten around to our dogs and cats. Both dog and cat scratches or bites can now deliver MRSA to us. This is important because scratches or bites break the skin barrier that our immune system uses to mobilize and fight this bacterial invader. When the MRSA is inside our body due to a break in the skin, things can get serious relatively rapidly.
We have to be aware of such minor injuries so we monitor possible serious infection. It is unlikely that once a dog or cat gains a MRSA microbe, that you will be easily able to help them completely get rid of it. Just  like you, a good immune system will go far to protect them as well as you. It is very important you follow the suggestions in the section on IMMUNITY to elevate your immune competence during these dangerous times.  Another wise choice is to know the information in the
IMMUNE ENHANCEMENT PDF for Subscribers. Animals may also need to get the benefits of an elevation of immune function.


The very broad band of the distribution of various electromagnetic energy that varies between cosmic rays on the left side to radio waves on the right hand side is shown in the figure below. Wavelength (physical distance before wave like character repeats amplitude oscillation)is listed on the top with frequency (cycles or Hertz per second on the bottom scale).Humans have long known that certain regions of this very broad range of electromagnetic energy are dangerous to their DNA. Most scientists until recently thought that the danger came only from the ability of 'sufficient " energy to displace an electron from a molecule called 'ionizing' radiation. This difference is highlighted by the lower interrupted black bar. Between the ultraviolet and the visible spectrum of light that we all take in as sunlight was this boundary.  For some time it was assumed that exposure to the non-ionizing range only caused heating and thus was only harmful by heat damage of molecules (typically denaturation of proteins and such).

We now have scientific evidence that this concept that only ionizing radiation can give rise to DNA damage (and especially cancer) is not valid. Non-ionizing radiation is now well established to cause cancer. Moreover, a very wide range of minor to major ailments are being linked to a high level of microwave exposure that is occurring from cell phone towers to microwave communications towers. This includes vision, impaired sleep,  male fertility, increases Mercury release from silver-amalgam fillings, kidney problems, breaking down the protective (exclusionary) Blood brain barrier, and possible contribution to various dementia. You can take simple actions to protect yourself from this danger, but beware that this field in filled with a huge number of outright hoaxes and unverified claims.

This detailed report will be available to SUBSCRIBERS. As a serious scientist who wishes to see all humans enjoy a Longer Healthy Life, I strongly recommend that you become aware of the magnitude of this little examined problem. As you will see in later sections, this is just another case where regulatory oversight has been absent in favor of commercial interests. You will encounter far more of this in the next DON'Ts section. This one like many in the DON'Ts section is crucial to your health and longevity. Europe is curtailing various WIFI and actually facing up to the enormous problem of cell phone radiation. Sweden is in the process of banning WIFI. In the USA, financial interests are greatly impeding progress. In the USA, REGULATORY TAKEOVER by the so called "regulated industries" has occurred with complicit action of our Congressional and Executive branches.  Science and health are not winning this one. Instead of waiting to become a victim, learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. This is a major under the radar (pun intended) heath threat that will only be recognized when disease and cancer rates go super high. This is a major but silent threat to your health and longevity.  We need to keep our ability for local and global communication, but the present system is damaging.
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