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Downloads will be a zipped file of all the major sections in HTML and PDF format. Just download and unzip and read in Adobe Reader or keep the whole site data for archival keeping purposes. Each new major addition of information will result in a New DOWNLOAD zip file here. I have an ulterior motive for providing individuals with these documents. If this site goes down and I am no longer able to remount it, the information is not lost to the human community. The cost of anonymously mounting a web site with the same information is very small. Many governments will not want you to live longer, because they will have have higher pension or social security costs. I am sure you are sophisticated enough to realize that real human progress is almost always opposed if it does not mainly favor the interests of the rich and powerful. Many historical cases of governments killing inventors of human progress because they though that by killing the person that they could kill the idea. A classic case is the English killing of the inventor Diesel after he made a trip to England to explain how the British Navy should change to a diesel engine powered navy.  It almost never works that way except for big technology things that can be controlled by power and capital. A more current example of this is why the US does not have widespread good, clean, fast, and costless public transport. Can you say automobile industry pressure and money. Transaction time and processing costs eat up most profit extracted from people in most current miserable transportation systems. Despite discoveries, human progress is fragile because the powerful want continued power over individuals. See the You Tube video The Story of Your Enslavement. This should be played in all High Schools ! 

The wonderful thing about this Longer Healthy Life information is that can be done without the permission of governments or medical doctors. Are they going to ban the use of some spices and food extracts? Are they going to imprison or kill people for living longer? Once the idea is out and widely spread, there is no use in trying to kill the idea (or the person). In the present state of history for the US, citizens will have to begin regarding teh US government as an enemy of progress - in the service of the evil banksters and evil corporate rich who simply want to get more resources out of you and loot more resources from the world while they are free to assissinate anyone they wish. Possibly, they also want fewer of you around and those few tightly under the security state most closely modeled on Nazi germany rather than the US Constitution. Sad to realize. People of the world must take back their rights.

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