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A combination of dietary ingested crosslinked molecules (due to heating our food) called AGE's here for inclusiveness and "Inside the belly fat" causes chronic slowly escalating whole body inflammation that originates and drives all  the diseases that claim our lives (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes, autoimmunity, and dementia). This chronic systemic slowly escalating inflammation is driven by over heating our "in the belly fat" that comes about from overeating and the heat cooked crosslinked AGE's. Much of this over eating is due to our pattern of eating meals that too rapidly raise our blood glucose levels that are then slammed down by massive insulin release from our overworked pancreas. Thus you get the good feeling of a fast glucose (sugar) high and then your body strains to produce enough insulin to clear this too high blood glucose level. When it does this, it often overshoots which drops your glucose level below baseline and makes you feel like you are desperate for food/energy. This is the "I have to have a candy bar to get through the afternoon feeling". Of course, after the candy bar you go through the same too high blood glucose rise and return to another crash that makes you feel tired and upset again. In short, you eat too much without gaining long term satisfaction and a slow delivery of glucose to your blood that gives you energy all day long. This is why I  invented the "Ty's ALL DAY ENERGY" technique where you get a slow delivery of glucose to your blood over a 7-12 hour period. You will have good energy and a good mood (no sugar lows!) ALL DAY LONG. This not only means you will have less strain on the pancreas to supply that huge amount of insulin, but you will not feel compelled to eat as you are not hungry. Then  you can choose better foods at lunch and dinner and still feel strong. THIS ALSO MEANS BETTER INSULIN AND GLUCOSE CONTROL. This can be gained NOW, not in some hypothetical future. The way to a Longer  Healthy Life is to have the LOWEST EFFECTIVE INSULIN LEVELS LIFE LONG and prevents needless extra intake of food(carbohydrates and fat) that ends up as fat inside the belly".  PREVENTING deposits of "inside the belly fat" drastically lowers THE RISE OF INFLAMMATORY DRIVEN AGE ASSOCIATED DISEASES. These are what claim most our lives. We can do this with little change in our normal diet, sweets are OK - but not simple sugars (substitute wonderfully flavored chocolate or french vanilla stevia or xylitol for sweetness). Not only do have energy all day long, your lipid profile gets better because you are not going through the Yo-Yo sugar highs and then numbing lows that cause lipid mobilization. I have termed this technique "Ty's ALL DAY ENERGYTM" developed by Ty Parr, Ph.D. This difference is shown in the graph below.


What we need to do is avoid the typical Rapid Nutrient Delivery, those huge spike in glucose and insulin (shown in upper left graph). The Slow Nutrient Delivery (lower left) avoids these spikes in insulin and has a slower rise in the Average Daily Insulin Exposure (graph lower left). This decline in over eating due to a slow even delivery of fuel has a longer life span consequence due to the the lower level of inflammation (shown in left graphs in BRIGHT MAUVE COLOR). This allows a Longer Healthy Life (note the  extra healthy life span as the green bar) shown in the lower right graph (compared to the upper right graph). This better handling of nutrients (with no over eating) at lower insulin levels is exactly what we see in LONG LIVED HUMANS and longer life extension in CALORIE RESTRICTED ANIMALS. The reasons behind this are discussed in the How & Why menu section. THESE EXTENSIONS OF LIFE SPAN ARE "HEALTHY YEARS OF LIFE".


I offer you a challenge you can test at almost no cost ! You can lower your post meal blood glucose elevation much like shown in the lower left graph AND YOU WILL FEEL GREAT WITH A SUSTAINED ENERGY AFTER YOUR MEAL FOR 7-10 HOURS. This is focused on carbohydrates as they have the most effect on insulin, but remember that you also need protein, vegetables, and fruit for a good diet. I have termed this technique the "Ty's ALL DAY ENERGYTM". YOUR COST TO TEST THIS is ABOUT $0.20-0.40 cents US. This recipe should be done with the first meal of the day to give you the "Ty's ALL DAY ENERGYTM". Go to a organic market store and buy that much of an equal mixture of whole grain Hard Red Winter Wheat + Oat Groats(uncrushed whole oat grains -NOT ROLLED OATS OR INSTANT OATMEAL), and hulled (or pearled) barley whole grain. Do use all three grains as they have different hardness-delayed delivery timing. These can be purchased from such suppliers as Whole foods and other organic markets that sells bulk grains. They need not be organic, but can't be treated with pesticides and herbicides as are some seeds for planting. As part of your morning meal, put 1 to 2(enough) heaping Tablespoons of the mixed grains (as little as 1/2 to 3/4's of an ounce or 14 grams to 20 grams of grain mix) in a well insulated thermos or mug (or several nested Starbucks' vente (largest) Hot cups). Pour in about 16-20 ounces (about 500 mil liters - about a pint) of boiling hot water (don't use milk as much slower to penetrate grain), cover tightly and set for about 15-20 minutes. Then test a sample of this heated grain mixture every five minutes after the 15-20 minute set. Withdraw a small sample to taste if just "past" crunchy (you can hear it in your ear) to "hard chewy". (Chewy can also be relatively hard, but not tooth crunching hard). When just at hard chewy eat the rest of the grains (to just chewy should not take more than 30 minute from time you poured in the boiling water). An alternative method is to put the grains in a microwave compatible bowl with cool water and heat at high power until you just pass the 'audible' crunchy to 'hard' chewy transition (times vary with microwaves, try 1 minute and taste, repeat till reach just past crunchy to ear to "chewy"). Eat the grain mix with minimal chewing - you just want to break the chewy grains into LARGE "slow delivery chunks" to delay the delivery of glucose. Wash the just broken chunks down with some water or other fluids. Do not chew to mush - you will not get the same slow delivery. Eat this with some protein (poached or hard boiled eggs or sardines/wild caught pacific salmon and some vegetable because these delay stomach clearance and active absorption. Raw or lightly steamed kale or spinach is super high in B Vitamins and carotenoids for eye function. Settle back into a 7-10 hour period (or more - as much as 12 hours) of sustained energy with out sugar highs or crashing insulin driven sugar lows. Naturally, this is best done at the beginning of the day - then Ty's ALL DAY ENERGYTM will carry your through your busy day without the sinking feeling of lack of energy. This test requires you not eat any sugary stuff, forego other carbohydrate foods to test this. I

You can also set this up overnight without the boiling water. Just put the 1-2 heaping tablespoons of grain in a glass and pour in cool water. Let this stand for 8-12 hours. Spice as wish, then eat by only gently crushing  the swollen grains(not completely crushing) so that there are small holes in the grains that make them a time released capsule that will take some 8-12 hours to release the starch inside as glucose. This technique is far superior to the boiling water method because it does not heat the grains to cause AGE's. The Boiling water technique is for times when you have not planned ahead.

In the RECIPE section, you will find a variety of ways to spice & sweeten these grains without sugars. Avoid altering this recipe by adding milk instead of water in heating (takes much longer) or substituting broken grains or some other grains till you confirm that this works as suggested! Then experiment - if you find something new, I will give you credit in the User Comments section ! Overcooking or over chewing will lessen the long delivery period - ruining the profoundly lower glycemic index value (slow rate of glucose delivery). This should not be undertaken by people allergic to wheat gluten (wheat, oats, & Barley have gluten like proteins). Most people with gluten allergies are usually not allergic to short grain brown rice which lacks the protein "gluten". Short grain brown rice will require 30-40 minutes of soaking starting with boiling water (much faster in a microwave - again only cook till hard chewy). Diabetics or others with medical problems should consult with their doctor before doing this test, but this is a type 2 diabetic's dream with respect to very slow blood sugar delivery. Since this is such slow delivery, no large glycemic excursions occur with minimal stress on the pancreas because this is slowly absorbed over the 18 hour transit through the entire small intestine. This small intestine is 16 ft (5meters) long taking at best 12-18 hrs to transit. The upper left "normal " glucose-insulin pattern has to absorb high glucose levels in 2-4 hours using only the first portion of the small intestine. This places a huge  burden on the insulin stores in the pancreas Type 2 Diabetics should try a small amount first (say 1/5 or less of 2 heaping tablespoons of grains) to be sure this is not adversely affecting them. Some type 2 diabetics cannot handle almost any carbohydrates. Don't be surprised if your doctor has never heard of this, I have not found any scientific or even casual use references to this in simple searches. SUBSCRIBERS to this site get a PDF "Type 2 Diabetes - Live Normal Again" that shows that most can escape the relentless progression of this needless killing disease. Type 2 diabetes is a excess blood glucose problem, but was generated and continues to worsen because of self- amplifying inflammatory events. YOU MAY PREVIEW THIS PDF by clicking HERE ! For the first time, we have a new scientific understanding of the underlying inflammatory mechanism of this seemingly inevitable progression in Type 2 Diabetes and thus, the ability to prevent it AND REVERSE IT. THE USA having an epidemic of diabetes with the latest findings from NIH (Nat. Institutes of Health) showing that Type 2 diabetes is NOW present in 35.3% of the population of the USA (over 100 million Americans!)(35.3% of US population is diabetic by std Fasting Blood Glucose Measurement(two measurements of Fasting Plasma Glucose over 126 mg/deciliter) or undiagnosed diabetic defined as fasting plasma glucose ≥7.0 mmol/l(> 126 mg/deciliter)). Please escape this miserable fate.


In a nut shell, whole grains are rich in a large variety of micronutrients that have beneficial effects and modulate the speed of uptake of carbohydrate (especially  with Ty's ALL DAY ENERGY). This protects you against a variety of diseases that are driven by high sudden bursts of simple carbohydrates that strain body homeostasis (stability despite changing conditions) and destabilize our fundamental insulin control.

Epidemiological studies find that whole-grain intake is protective against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Potential mechanisms for this protection are diverse since whole grains are rich in nutrients and phytochemicals. First, whole grains are concentrated sources of dietary fibre, resistant starch and oligosaccharides, carbohydrates that escape digestion in the small intestine and are fermented in the gut, producing short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). SCFA lower colonic pH, serve as an energy source for the colonocytes and may alter blood lipids. These improvements in the gut environment may provide immune protection beyond the gut. Second, whole grains are rich in antioxidants, including trace minerals and phenolic compounds, and these compounds have been linked to disease prevention. Additionally, whole grains mediate insulin and glucose responses. Although lower glycaemic load and glycaemic index have been linked to diabetes and obesity < low glycemic index and load are protective against diabetes and obesity > , risk of cancers such as colon and breast cancer have also been linked to high intake of readily-available carbohydrate. Finally, whole grains contain many other compounds that may protect against chronic disease. These compounds include phytate, phyto-oestrogens such as lignan, plant stanols and sterols, and vitamins and minerals. As a consequence of the traditional models of conducting nutrition studies on isolated nutrients, few studies exist on the biological effects of increased whole-grain intake. The few whole-grain feeding studies that are available show improvements in biomarkers with whole-grain consumption, such as weight loss, blood lipid improvement and antioxidant protection.  Why whole grains are protective: biological mechanisms. Pavin J (2003). Proc. Nutr Soc. 62 (1), 129-34.http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12740067

Whole-grain intake was inversely associated with homocysteine and markers of glycemic control... The results suggest a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease in persons who consume diets high in whole grains. Whole Grains, bran, and germ in relation to homocysteine and markers of glycemic control, lipids, and inflammation 1 Jensen MK, Koh-Banerjee P, Franz M, Sampson L, Grønbaek M, Rimm EB .Am J Clin Nutr. 2006 Jun;83(6):1443

In the future you can spice and sweeten these grains(without simple sugars) as suggested in the RECIPE section "Sauces". This can be a very tasty healthy and delightful component of your diet. A additional  benefit of this "Ty's ALL DAY ENERGYTM" is that your mood is good for this entire period (your body continually during the day has the energy it needs - no sugar highs and then crashing sugar lows - no need for a disastrous candy bar "fix"). Of course you should eat this grain at your first meal so  that it extends this delivery over your whole waking day. This reduced insulin level driven aging and diabetes problems favors longevity. WHY GO BACK TO SHORT LIVED SUGAR HIGHS AND THEN CRUSHING SUGAR LOWS ? That was the "NORMAL" diet displayed in the upper left of the above graphic. Whole grain bread (a relatively slow delivery of carbohydrate sugars) does NOT have same profound effect of delayed delivery as the grains - because it is more finely divided and more immediately available.

We also wish to protect ourselves from dangerous reactive molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are unstable and reactive molecules, having an unpaired electron that steals hydrogen atoms from other molecules(damaging them). A healthy diet and intake of supplemental suppresses these. Controlling FREE RADICALS are secondary to MINIMIZING INSULIN EXPOSURE, but are CRITICAL IN CONTROLLING INFLAMMATION that leads to all the MAJOR AGE ASSOICATED DISEASES in the last half of life (AND THUS EXTENDING YOUR HEALTHY LIFE SPAN)

Even if you have gone down the road toward a lower insulin sensitivity ( = higher daily glucose and insulin exposure levels), you can greatly improve your insulin sensitivity and lower glucose levels. YOU CAN RETURN TO HEALTHY  LEVELS OF BOTH.


HIstorical Context : Why this WAS Not INVENETED Long Ago
On a practical basis, religion, language and food preparations are strongly conserved in most cultures. The almost universal human experience of too rapid a mobilization  of glucose from our food to result in too high a blood glucose and insulin that then leads to both insulin resistance and the nexus to diabetes as well as the strong activation of TOR gene that misdirects cellular activity toward cell divisions that are not possible. This was almost certainly caused by the historical acquisition of fire cooking methods that drastically alter the generation of simple sugars from various complex carbohydrate rich tubers and later grains. This allowed humans to exercise their craving for sweets(simple sugars), despite the severe shortage of such simple sugar sources in the environment (wild fruits are much less sweet than human selected domesticated varieties and honey was not as easily found or made off with). It seems clear that the rapid reward of rapidly rising blood glucose with the feeling of being well fed has interfered with understanding subsequent more gradual development of negative consequences. This would explain why people rarely have employed methods to slow delivery of glucose with meals.

What it does not explain is the absence of intellectual analysis and strong recommendations for altered behavior among the scientific establishment. Scientists are profoundly aware of the very bad longer term health consequences of rapid meal related  blood sugar rises. All that was required to solve this problem was this "incomplete cooking of whole grains and incomplete mastication" to profoundly slow and prolong the rates of delivery to our blood. Naturally this only works with highly dense packed whole grains as it is much less effective with other processed (more readily available ) forms of carbohydrate. Thus, our heavy cultural preference for processed carbohydrates (rapid glucose highs) prevented clear sighted approaches to this problem. Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller of the University of Sydney has long sought to disseminate important information about the benefits of shifting diet toward low glycemic index foods that clearly lower these unwise rapid elevations of blood sugar and the long term ensuing disease states. This  work should be justly recognized as first rate science and first rate preventive health. Studies under her direction have established data on much longer periods of satisfaction by using whole grains to generate slow long term delivery of glucose to the blood stream. I only found out these earlier findings after analyzing and formulating my own method to accomplishing this same task. My interests were to keep insulin levels low to keep the Insulin driven TOR gene activation levels low for a Longer Healthy Life. This may well turn out to be a major improvement leading to Longer Healthy Life and profound postponement of the age related diseases. If Insulin driven TOR gene activation is the underlying control over the intrinsic rate of aging, then a drastic lowering of glucose/insulin elevations by this VERY LOW GI technique may be another mechanism of life extension. Additional to this is the high glucose rapid intakes that increase the likelihood of repeated period of 'yo yo' satisfaction and then compelling hunger in a typical high glycemic meal that leads to over consumption of food, obesity, accumulation of "in the belly fat" and then increased systemic inflammation that drive all the diseases of age and is a detour from normal aging to a rapid age associated death that afflicts almost all people who have the resources to over eat. This slow delivery of carbohydrates may even be an underlying casual factor in Calorie Restriction life extension due to the prolonged stomach dwell and transit times and slower rate of absorption. The profoundly lower blood glucose/insulin and consequent TOR levels during the fasting period may still be required to gain the profound benefits of altering intrinsic rates of aging and also the autophagy. Much more work will be required to determine these relationships, but a VERY LOW Glycemic Index (SEE DIET Section for GLYCEMIC INDEX) process shows every indication of affecting the intrinsic rate of aging that would postpone the age associated diseases which are a hallmark of this Calorie Restriction slow intrinsic rate of aging.

Sometimes, good science is very slow to solve simple problems that lead to grave health consequences. I suspect this is due to the overwhelming predominance of our "stupid" emphasis on maximal profit extraction via a not very good treatment modality. We need to turn from a "treatment mainly" model to a "prevention mainly" model and from a "prevention model" to an understanding of "the causes of aging model" . As each of you know right now, this will step on the toes of powerful interests that have economically vested desires to see a continuation of the present profitable but failing "medical treatment" system. We will cover this in more detail in the MED CRITIQUE section. I have been astonished to learn how little the scientific community has systemically thought this through. Science is not about just personal professional advancement or seeking to align with well paying interests, its about benefit to the species and the maintenance of a viable ecological system.

What are the Downsides to Only Partially Cooking Grains ?
To protect seeds before they sprout, biologically important minerals (Magnesium ,Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper, & Manganese etc.) in seeds are complexes with the principal form of phosphate storage used in plants. This is a poly-hydroxyphosphate compounds called inositol hexakisphosphate (abbreviated IP6, with IP5 and IP4 also occurring due to 5 and 4 phosphates rather than 6 on this same molecule). This IP6 family  is also called "phytates". Minerasl complexed to phytates are unavailable to absorption by our bodies. When you only modestly cook the grains or just slightly heat them, or even just soak in water, these phytates continue to bind the biologically important minerals. This situation would by itself result in mineral deficiency if this was our only source of minerals (as it is for many third world people). There  are three simple solutions to this problem of  mineral release:
1. Supplement with a multi-mineral capsule to insure we have enough minerals. I do this normally to ensure that I am getting enough minerals. Many to most people already do this with a multivitamin and mineral supplement.
2. Ensure that you have a healthy functional gut flora (beneficial bacterial in the form of probiotics) that will partially destroy  phytates  by producing the enzyme phytase and thus release the minerals so you can absorb them.
3. Supplement the diet with a phytase enzyme containing supplement that breaks up the phytate and releases the minerals  and phosphate for absorption.
The best solution is to do both 1 & 2, as we probably don't need #3 - but can always use it.  

Phytates are not a major problem as it has become clear that phytates are one of our strongest protections against colon cancer and are neuroprotective as well as immune stimulating. Another high protection against colon cancer is the high molecular weight darkly colored typically berry source proanthocyanidins that are not disassembled back to flavonoid type antioxidants until located in the colon. Phytates and proanthocyanidins are part of the general balance in protective plant compounds that modulate activation events for plants and also for the animal consuming them.  Phytates can be mostly destroyed by prolonged boiling of grains, however, this would reverse the very "slow delivery of glucose " benefit and lead to a much higher short term surge in blood glucose and a following insulin spike as we already experience in our rapid delivery of HIGH Glycemic Index foods now.

Ruminant mammals like cows and sheep have bacteria that hydrolyze phytates in their more anaerobic (lacking oxygen) gut system. Non-ruminant mammals (humans are also non-ruminant mammals), like pigs and fowl (birds) are routinely fed phytate rich soybean and less phytate rich grain feeds. These animals routinely excrete most of these phytates intact as they have other sources of minerals and phosphate in their diet. This would be much like what humans would experience if we were to use the very slow delivery of glucose by this technique. With the mineral supplement and probiotic bacteria, there is no reason to expect any nutritional problems. The only major ecological problem in this case would be a very phosphate rich excrement that could lead to some high phosphate related eutrophication . Eutrophication is aqueous system excess nutrient (phaophate) driven overgrowth of photosynthetic bacteria the use up all the oxygen until their populations crash.This using up of the available oxygen makes this a dead area for animals that require oxygen. This would result from leaching higher phosphate levels into the ocean. This human sewage contribution is rather unimportant relative to the magnitude of agricultural and animal wastes that are already draining into the oceans. Our major problem is to find safe ways to use our waste streams for the benefit of ourselves and the the healthy biology of our planet. This will almost certainly be via biological interactions, not stupid blunt chemistry of poisons. By biological interactions, I mean a system where cycles of one groups waste products become the needed nutrients of another groups metabolism. The easiest example of this is the production of primary food (carbohydrates and proteins by plants) that are only partially consumed by animals (so plants continue to live and produce more). The animals burn this food and produce wastes that provide excellent fertilizer for plants. This natural balancing biological "cycle" system is very far from our mono crop GM farming where the whole soil and other plants and insects are merely destroyed to allow the GM plant to grow in partially sterilized soil. Health soil is rich in biological life that contributes to the ability of the plant to grow. Franken food (GM food) is making a Frankenstein environment of our earth. More on this in the DON'Ts section.


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