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This site is intended to be a one stop location for all you need to live a Longer Healthy Life (LHL). A completely new understanding of aging has arrived that promises a LHL. Slowly rising, self-reinforcing chronic whole body Inflammation is the underlying mechanism that encourages, and accelerates all the current major diseases that usually claim our lives (cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and auto-immune diseases). For the overwhelming duration of human existence, we died of infectious diseases. Now, inflammatory  driven age associated diseases prematurely end our lives. These diseases arise from different causes, but are all accelerated by inflammation. This inflammation theory has virtually eclipsed all the other theories of aging, but inflammatory aging is a needless and foolish detour from the normal INTRINSIC aging process. Right this minute we have the means to diminish or reverse these stupid inflammatory driven diseases - without drugs or doctors. You will learn how to do this with a tasty mug of hot cocoa (or cold yogurt ) with ginger, orange oil, curcumin or the more complete whole turmeric powder, clove oil, and cream (see free InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF). This not only tastes good, it benefits you in multiple ways that will surprise you.

After we vanquish the the inflammatory driven diseases, the INTRINSIC aging process is what we must master to massively extend our far too short lives. We are not talking about small increases but at least 30-50 additional HEALTHY years of life. The actual figure may be several times that. INTRINSIC aging processes are almost all reversible ! A long serries of independent studies of life extensions of 30-50% additional healthy life spans have been achieved with a wide variety of calorie restricted mammals, including near primates (monkeys and apes) in our evolutionary line. Excellent ground breaking scientific work has now shown us how to reverse all or almost all of the various known components of INTRINSIC aging. It is neither expensive, nor a source of hunger suffering as in calorie restricted life extension. What you have to know is presented in the new Book soon to be offered from this site  entitled "Longer Healthy Life" with the first installment of Chapter 14 Anti-INTRINSIC aging. Several free chapters and a free synopsis of the Chapter 14  Anti-INTRINSIC aging are right now only a single click away.

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Much More Details and URL Science Source Citations are in Chapter Menus to left 

#1 Death in Human History  - from infectious deaths to inflammation driven deaths now !    

#2  Human Life Span Extension - Public Health extended the human life span, now Inflammation limits it.

#3 Primates (like us) show Calorie Restriction Life Extension - Life spans of CR primates show a LHL  

#4 Sources Inflammation - These are the factors that accelerate our lives to a premature end.

#5 Longevity Factors - Longevity is not just about fighting inflammation, the other factors ! SOON

#6 Steps to Longevity These are the fundamental actions needed. SOON

#7 DIET for a LHL Best: large amounts of raw vegetables & some fruit, low heat (Boiling max ) cooked fish & eggs, beans. SOON

#8 Exercise & Z's for a LHL Only 1/2 hour of exercise per day, but you must get enough sleep! SOON 

#9 Supplements for a LHL - Only a few are needed, but crucial to gain superior benefits. SOON               

#10 Externals for a LHL - Oral care, eyes, ears, skin and hair all simple, inexpensive, & easy . SOON   

#11 Brainwork's for a LHL - Diet must provide individual needs for neurotransmitter precursors.   SOON                

#12 Ecology & Politics for a LHL - LHL impossible in ecological destroyrd 'war state' SOON

#13 Med Critique - Current medicine is mostly symptom drugging, MD's know nothing of an LHL.SOON    

#14 Repair & Restoration - Many have unwisely endangered our LHL, Repair this ! SOON 

#15 Subscribers PDF's - A list of completed and in process SUBSCRIBER  information PDF's.

When you want more information, use the Chapter menu on the left  to go to the detailed Read More... and URL cited  scientific references for each topic on this site. I have tried to organize this so that you can determine how much depth of information you want to cover                                      


INFLAMMATION DRIVEN DISEASES KILL US   A recent sea change has occurred in the understanding of our process of aging. It is now generally accepted in science that all the major diseases of age are accelerated by slowly rising chronic inflammation. Moreover, it seems that inflammation in the form of chronic slowly rising constitutive NFkB activation is also responsible for causing the epigenetic changes that are associated with these various diseases of age. Learn how to lower this process with the free:.

InflammationINFO&Cocoa/Yogurt Drink PDF

CANCER - ALTERNATIVES  Since the 1950's there has only been a 5% decline in the cancer mortality per 100,000 population (age adjusted). Every other major disease has had big falls (heart disease deaths have fallen by @ 64% in the same time) Science has learned why our DNA damaging cancer therapies fail so often, and has demonstrated how to kill cancer cells by components of long used foods and spices. All cancer types of cells are susceptible to this. These have generations of safe use. At lower levels, these foods appear to be how we normally avoid cancer by our normal healthy diet.

Cancer-Alternatives Preview.pdf

Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is running epidemic in the developed world. Even with good control over blood glucose levels, T2D is a constantly "WORSENING" disease that can only be "SLOWED".reduced calorie intake & exercise changes can end it. So can specific natural compounds that unlike drugs, can repair multiple aspects of this disease. Inflammation is massively driving this process with 8 organs under inflammatory attack. THERE  ARE 3 WAYS TO COMPLETELY  END T2D and return to normal life.  The choice is your to make, or default to "worsening" disease and early death.

Type2Diabetes (preview).PDF

ALL DAY ENERGY - Right now, you can take a whole days carbohydrates at the beginning of your day and have a very low and slow delivery of glucose from these complex carbohydrates ALL DAY LONG. This results in ENERGY all day long with no sugar highs or lows that leads to stable mood and ability focus on your goals. This is accomplished with whole grains that are soaked in water -not cooked. Instead of chewing to mush, you just gently crush and then swallow intact with water. The grains become a slow delivery 10-12 hour time release capsule that keeps your blood sugar levels low and stable ALL DAY LONGREAD MORE

YOU ARE YOUR Brother's and Sister's KEEPER - LIKE IT OR NOT ! - A recent scientific experiment used a set of well fed healthy rats from which one was chosen to undergo a diet lacking only in sufficient  selenium. Selenium is a needed element for protection of genetic material like DNA and RNA. This selenium (Se) low rat became an incubator for a wide variety of mutations in his normal pathogens. When returned to the healthy group, his new mutated diseases afflicted the whole colony - despite their health. Now imagine this individual was a human having more severe disease !  COMING SOON   !

EPIGENETICS & YOUR CHILDREN - We have always assumed that our own dangerous exposures to chemical toxins or our foolish default into type 2 diabetes will not be genetically inflicted on our children. Reproduction is a  critical time when we can unwillingly deliver epigenetic based multi-generational increased disease susceptibility to our offspring  that may last as long as 7 generations. Don't do this! Your children's children's children will continue to curse your name for doing this to them. Learn how to avoid doing this to your precious irreplaceable children. COMING SOON !

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